America’s courts had already been backlogged before the pandemic, which made things exponentially worse.  Zoom trials worked out horribly. There was postponement after postponement.

In 2023, all that backed up pressure seemed to burst the dams of the court. February is usually my first teaching month of any given year. This year I didn’t teach a single class that month: court matters tied up all of February. So many of them postponed that I only took one case to trial that month. We won…ending a five-year-ordeal for the defendant which had begun the day of the shooting, March 18, 2018.

And if you think it’s bad from my end, wait until you see the horrible delays in the courts of Cook County, IL, as described recently in the Chicago Tribune, here.

It’s probably behind a paywall. If that’s bothersome, one take-away is a person who has been in custody for nine years, presumably innocent until proven guilty, awaiting trial for murder.

Justice delayed is, absolutely, justice denied.


  1. Sounds like it plays right into the hands of the anti’s. Anti-gun states seemed to have decided to pass knowingly unconstitutional laws after the NYSRPA victory at SCOTUS last year. Why not? Who will stop them?

    They can continue to deprive the people of their rights- knowing that it will take years to resolve (if ever) through the court system. Of course, there is always the chance of the Court flipping liberal in the interim- then it’s probably over for those of us over a certain age.

    Glad we are moving out of NY this year. This place is a horror show in so many ways.

    • Leftist lunacy is spreading EVERYWHERE. They ruin a location, pack up and move somewhere else, vote for the same ignorant policies and ruin a new location. Leftists don’t have enough sense to stop voting for policies that ruin their neighborhoods. So, they turn “here into there” when they move in!

    • I’m glad to hear you are leaving NY. I should leave NJ. I will either leave, or stay and fight, depending on how things go.

      If anything will save this country, it is federalism. Likeminded people freely choosing to vote with their feet, so they can live with other like-minded people. It is a beautiful thing, for both sides. As usual, the Founding Fathers understood politics, economics and human nature.

      We are taught to believe that modern things are superior to things in the past. That is only true with technology, our tools. Justice was administered better in the past. Modern American justice is so bad, I’m beginning to look fondly at Old Testament justice, and even Shariah Law. At least the bad guys get punished.

      No judicial system is perfect, but we aren’t even trying to be fair now. The Left is determined to force their utopia on us. First, they will destroy our system, then build theirs on top of it. We see how that worked out for Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Guevera, Castro, Jinping and the leaders of Venezuela.

  2. State legislatures are not adequately funding the courts, which causes the delays and denials of justice you accurately refer to.

  3. I have heard about “no bail” in some jurisdictions. Sounds tough on crime, right? Wrong! It seems if you are the politically correct type of defendant, they won’t arrest or prosecute you, for almost any crime committed.
    My wife’s friend, in Missouri, whose daughter is a prison administrator, says they are being forced by the current federal administration to open the prison doors, and release inmates. She thinks the prison might be out of business eventually.
    In light of this, shouldn’t the courts would be opening up? Is anarchy being planned and supported by our current rulers?

    • The socialist paradise of Hellinois is one such state, C(r)ook county is particularly bad. A complexion darker than butter will get you unlimited “get out of jail free” cards. Hence THEY vote for idiots like Lori Lightfoot, then don’t like how bad crime gets so they elected an even bigger fool next time around

  4. Washington HB1240 is a case in point. The legislature knows full well this bill is unconstitutional but the governor will sign it any day anyway. I hear rumors that Judge Benitez in California will drop his opinion on AWB and mag bans very soon, possibly before Inslee’s ink is dry. If not, 2AF and GOA will drop injunction suits at that time. If that is the case, many FFLs will shut down or start selling aluminum siding at gun shows until the judiciary acts.

  5. The worst case is the January 6 defendants some of which have been held pretrial for two years now on misdemeanor charges. This is deliberately making the process the punishment.

  6. “For nearly nine years he had been in Cook County limbo: locked up on a murder charge with no trial date in sight.” Is that even legal? The Constitution says people are entitled to speedy trials. This is not to say that real murderers should be let out, but defendants are entitled to speedy trials in case they are innocent like the defendant cited by Massad Ayoob. We had a Black man here in Pittston PA who shot one of a group of white men who had menaced him with disparity of force. He was acquitted, and rightly so from what I read, but he spent a year in jail while waiting for trial.

  7. We the People especially those who proclaim to be “pro 2a/pro liberty” need to educate themselves on their unpunishable right to use jury nullification to stop bad cops, judges, prosecutors, laws and especially bad government in the courtroom. Our founding fathers had alot to say about jury nullification however the modern American, especially the Stockholm Syndrome infected right, somehow believes they must comply with a judges order when lying to them during juror instructions or when they comply with unconstitutional and illegal “laws” . Until We the People stop complying with tyranny and believing there’s actually a two, separate political party system, absolutely nothing will change.

    • Biker Bob,

      Right you are. I, and many people, want to “do something.” Then, I remember people who did take action, and it didn’t turn out well for them. I am thinking of John Brown in 1859, and those who entered the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. I even think about all the men and women who recently tried to bring Iraq and Afghanistan into the 18th century. They protected us from terrorism here at home, but frankly, the Middle East was safer when Saddam Hussein was a buffer against Iran. How sad.

      I think the answer to America’s problems is federalism. We need like-minded people to live with like-minded people. The governors of the states need to stand up to the federal government, and do what is right for their citizens. Each state governor should be keeping illegal aliens out of their state. I know that is a federal job, but the feds are not doing it, so the states should do it.

      I am limited because, as a Christian, all my actions have to be ethical. The Left can break rules in the pursuit of their goals, as we see with Antifa, and several other examples. I think Florida and Governor DeSantis are showing us the way to resist the Left.

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