When I was teaching in New Hampshire recently, an old friend showed up at the range to present me with a gift.

A week or so later, another friend called to see how I had reacted to the “joke present.” I still don’t get where the joke is.  I thought a doormat for my carport was a very thoughtful gift.

And an appropriate one. Joe Biden has been using us law-abiding American gun owners as a doormat for years.  Turnabout is fair play.

By the way, Joe’s latest announced intent is to let us only have “smart guns” that will employ sophisticated technology so that only the legitimate owner can make them fire. Of course, no such gun that actually works reliably has been shown to exist. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/joe-biden-smart-gun-technology-safety .

Joe Biden would be less of a hypocrite if he required his own bodyguards to carry only unicorn “smart guns.” But Democrat politicians care more about their own safety than yours: https://www.nraila.org/articles/20200831/political-elite-value-their-own-safety-not-yours?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ila_alert .

I would write more, but what I’ve written now has brought an unpleasant smell to my nostrils. I fear I may have stepped in some Biden BS.  Therefore I have to leave you now, and find my new carport doormat so I can scrape it off my shoes.


  1. Several years ago I called into CSPAN where the then governor of Maryland was stumping for a “smart gun” law. I actually got through to ask my question (surprise!) and I asked him if he would demonstrate his leadership by having his protective detail be first to adopt the new technology.

    He didn’t like my question very much. Imagine that.

  2. I will just take my comment from the blog about restricting magazine capacity and update it for so-called “Smart Guns”:

    These left-wing firearm-prohibitionists don’t give a rat’s a$$ about smart guns. Their arguments to mandate that people purchase only so-called phantom smart guns are just so many lies and distortions. They want the public disarmed and any rationalization that they can dream up (stop mass murders, limit crime, fight racism, take unsafe ‘dumb’ guns off the street, limit armor-piercing ammo, limit lead ammo for environmental reasons, etc. etc. etc.) that allows them to chip-away at firearm ownership and our 2A rights is GREAT in their book.

    These leftists are TOTALITARIANS. All they care about is obtaining more POWER, WEALTH and CONTROL for themselves by centralizing more POWER in the STATE. Armed American Citizens are an EXTREME ROADBLOCK which is impeding their plans and desires. They mean to eventually remove that roadblock. If you defeat them today on any gun-control issue, they will simply be back tomorrow with some new rationalization (such as phantom Smart Guns) designed to fool the weak-minded into putting on their chains. To them, failure simply means that they must lie, cheat, steal, and indoctrinate harder in the future!

    Since these leftists continually recycle their anti-gun proposals and seek to “word smith” them into sounding new, I figure that I can just recycle my comments too! 🙂

  3. FIRST OF ALL, correct the cracks in your garage flooring!

    Secondly, I would fly that flag on my golf cart or lawn tractor. I wear a tee-shirt that says “Biden Harris/hands on president”, with the graphics of him having his hands on Harris’s shoulders, sniffing her hair. I would fly a Biden flag any day, without the fear of repercussions of vandalism or arson.

    A Trump banner on the other hand…


  4. Stepping on a red, white, and blue color scheme bothers me, though. Feels unavoidably unpatriotic. One might simply prefer a fluorescent green doormat with a likeness of Mr. Biden, underscored below by a ballot envelope next to something like “Remember Me Often in 2020.”

    “Smart Guns” already exist, but only in the hands of smart, sensible people. A demented,child-molesting, pyromaniac, chemically-impaired cop-hater could instantly dumb down a Star Trek faser set on “Stun.”

  5. When/if a so-called ‘smart gun’ did/does exist, the anti-gun crowd would then require using a ‘smart bullet’ that would only fire if directed at a target that needed to be hit. One requirement makes as much sense to me as the other…
    The sad thing is that these bad ideas keep coming up and the ‘whack-a-mole’ technique to defeat them eventually results in a miss. It then becomes law – at least until/unless an intelligent and neutral higher court that actually understands our Constitution strikes it down.
    There are times when I’m really glad that I’m 72 years old.

  6. Why did Biden interview Cardi B? Why did Joe Biden visit Jacob Blake in the hospital? Because both Joe and Jacob Blake like to stick fingers in WAP (allegedly). LOL

  7. That looks more like the flag of a corrupt village idiot with brass grommet holes to hang it up.

    Dumb people carry smart guns.

  8. On the off chance anyone wants to read the Biden ‘crime prevention’ proposals:


    They range from pointless to oppressive to redundant and misleading. Example:

    “ Prioritize prosecution of straw purchasers. “Straw purchasers” buy a firearm on behalf of an individual who cannot pass a background check. Biden will end those loopholes by enacting a law to make all straw purchases a serious federal crime…”

    He’ll also make ‘universal’ background checks mandatory. I expect the Crips and the Bloods and MS-13 will immediately change their bylaws to require all card carrying members to abide by the Biden laws.

    ARs would be regulated under the same NFA 1934 which regulates submachine guns. Expect transfer taxes, fingerprinting, FBI background checks, and twenty years all expense paid vacations for failure to comply.

  9. I suspect a smart gun will operate much like my fingerprint reader on my smart phone. After pressing it 3 times without recognition it locks me out until I enter a password. Then when it’s in my pocket and locked it magically turns on and calls a person I dont know. Imagine a gun that did that. Wont shoot when you need it and then goes off while in your pocket. Perfect solution to a non existent problem.

  10. It makes an acceptable doormat, I suppose. I was given some t-shirts with garbage printed on them. It turns out, when you cut them up, they make nice gun cleaning cloths. I even cut some pieces small enough to use as patches.

  11. What you smell Mas is unicorn s***. It smells almost exactly like Biden BS and Biden is spreading it around like a manure sprayer at a cattle farm. His intent is to cover all of us with it, not just your shoe.

  12. Using it as a doormat seems appropriate, but like its namesake, I’m afraid it’s not up to even that lowliest of tasks, as it would simply aid in creating an even bigger, more widespread mess. So, for those with neither shame nor pride, that ugly rag could be used for its created purpose–to hang limply from a pole, awaiting the first wind to come along, and then to follow that wind in whichever direction it prefers to blow, at least until a wind aimed in a different direction happens by. As for the Biden BS–it is a shame to insult hearty farm animals in such a way–I prefer to think of the BS associated with Biden to represent B ernie S anders. But take heart–under a de facto Kamala Harris presidency, our lives will certainly be simplified, for we may be allowed possession (or more aptly “stewardship,” considering the ensuring politico/religion that will be ushered in) of three basic tools: a hammer, a sickle, and–if we are particularly good boys and girls and are “lucky”–a side-by-side in 12 gauge. God bless and have mercy on us all, comrades.

  13. The Trump flags I’m seeing around Wyoming say, “Trump 2020” and directly under that the words, “NO MORE BULLSHIT”
    Word up, as the homies say.

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