1. I never would have known this movie existed if you hadn’t mentioned it here. Thanks Mas, definitely a must see.

      • Me either. I love true accounts of black men who were born into abject poverty, somehw decided that life was not for them, and were able,often with the help of a hero like his Grandpa, to GET OUT, then make a place for themselves and affect society overall for the better. I also love that nearly all of these stories have anunderlying aspect of the individual coming to a working faith in God, rearranging their “priorities’ from what they grew up with.
        This is a story that needs to be told nationwide, partly as it flies in the face of every one of the “solutions” offered by the progressives, democrats, elite, nanny state types.

        No showing within four hundred miles of my home, so I put in a request to find space in a theatre within perhaps a hundred miles. I’d figure out an “excuse” to get there to see this one.

  2. I guess you won’t be seeing the previews for this from any mainstream news, or any of the big channels,huh?

  3. I saw this movie. Everyone should see this movie. It is inspirational regardless of your political views. I found interesting and insightful. You get an overview of the his life and the events that shaped Justice Thomas’ politics and philosophy. It is not a political movie. I would like to think anyone could watch this without getting their political dander up.

  4. Can’t view the referenced review due to C.T. restrictions. I won’t pay to subscribe to a newspaper that I would never care that much about.

  5. Mas, your emails never have a link to go further, as for this movie, or the article you are speaking of. At one time, there were such links. Now, your emails take me nowhere. I keep looking. The last time I wrote to you was when you were planning the cataract surgery. Hope all is well.

    • All’s reasonably well on this end, Bob, thanks for asking; hope it is on your end, too. Tell me what it is you need a link to if it wasn’t in the blog post or the comments and I’ll do what I can to help.

  6. Sadly, “Created Equal” is only being released in a few theatres at this time. I think this documentary would do well, draw a large audience, and make plenty of money. Most of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentaries made good profits. Could it be the movie industry would rather spike this film than make money from it? Will they put their worldview above profits? They could use the profits from this film to make more Leftist garbage.

    Seems to me only a few conservatives can succeed by going against the Left. Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump come to mind, and Donald is probably not a true conservative, although he is close enough by now. Most of his life he was a Democrat with NYC values.

    Clarence Thomas is a great American. The world should know his story, like they know about Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson.

  7. I recall seeing something some time back about this movie being made. After that, deafening silence. Forgot all about it.

  8. No showings by me, but I’m not a theater person much, especially since discovering most around here are Chinese owned. I anxiously await the DVD — I’d pre-order if it were available to do so.

    Thanks for the tip, Mas.

  9. I’ve been wanting to read his book for awhile now so this is further impetus to do so. I don’t generally do movie theaters either so I’ll wait for the DVD. I wish African Americans could see that the Democrats are still enslaving them with promises of free stuff.

    • It is going to play in more locations in the next two weeks including Grand Rapids. Please check the