As the political/media assault on AR15 rifles and those of us who own them continues, we need to articulately defend why we have them and have the right, and indeed the need, to keep them. 

I offer you this video, from our friends at Wilson Combat.

Or watch video here.

At this writing, it has logged more than three-quarters of a million views, and has garnered thousands of comments.  I would like to see it spread more widely.  Feel free to link and pass it around.

One additional point in favor of the AR15 as a home defense tool: “If these guns are so scary two sitting Presidents and an entire political party wants them to be banned, then they must be so intimidating that if I point one at a dangerous home invader there’s a good chance he’ll run away and I won’t have to kill him in defense of my family and myself.”

In the aftermath of the Uvalde atrocity, a BBC producer asked me why an ordinary citizen would need an AR15. I suggested he ask a Ukrainian. 

As always, discussion is welcome.  Please spread the word, because the lies of the prohibitionists are reaching tens of millions more ears.


  1. I once saw a tube video from a former policeman from Australia saying, “We buried our guns”. I wonder if the folks from down under would have done things differently if they had a second chance. He was trying to warn the U.S. what he thought might be coming our way.

    • they BURIED them instead of “Mr. and Mrs Austalia, TURN THEM ALL IN”, didn’t they? That means, they COULD go find their shovels and dig them back up again.

      Rebels, all!!!! (Good on em’. too, mate)

  2. As I remember, something like three quarters of registered Democrats say they would not take up arms against a foreign invader. It looks like they really don’t need AR-15s.

    • Fine. Those AR’s are better off in the skilled hands of they who appreciate and will wisely use them.

      Some folks think they need an 800 horsepower twin turbo engine in their little tuny sports coupe. Fine. Let them. I know what I prefer, and will continue to flog that down the road. But I ill NEVER say they don’t need that”. If you wanna FEED that beast, have at it.

      Either we are a free country or we are slaves. Ponder that one for a nanosecond or three.

      • Tionico,

        “Either we are a free country or we are slaves.” Lately I’ve been thinking about the American approach to laws and issues. Since we were indeed created as a “free” country, I believe the default setting for American laws should be “freedom.” (Or, “liberty under law”). We need laws, but we need just the right amount, and they have to be enforced. But, when pondering whether the law should be strict or loose, should permit this or that, we should say, “This is America. We will have as much freedom for law-abiding adults as we can.” Fewer laws, not more laws. Those who don’t like freedom can move.

        “The best government is that which governs least.” Attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but the source I checked on the Internet says it is spurious. They do state Jefferson’s followers have used that quote and attributed it to Jefferson for a long time. It first appeared in print in 1837, Jefferson died in 1826.

    • Would that POS Mitt Romney call those liberal anti-American cowards “traitors”? Of course not, since he’s one of them! At best, Demoncrats and RINOs should be called “collaborators”.

      Maybe those Demoncrats prefer the Soviet designed AK-47 over our American made AR-15 because they feel more attached to something Communist?

  3. In the aftermath of the Uvalde atrocity, a BBC producer asked me why an ordinary citizen would need an AR15. I suggested he ask a Ukrainian.

    As someone else pointed out:
    Democrats: These weapons of war have no place our streets!
    Also Democrats: We need to send these weapons of war to Ukrainian streets!

    Another possible response to that BBC producer’s question: It’s not a “Bill of Needs“; it’s a “Bill of Rights“. However, given current events, “Ask a Ukrainian” is probably a viscerally-stronger answer. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the British people were asking for donated firearms to protect their own homeland from Nazi invasion (real Nazis, not the normal folks the Woke call Nazis for dramatic effect). Surely they still have some folks there who remember that from having lived it. Perhaps the BBC producer could interview one of them, as well.

    • …and then they dumped them into the sea after the war, because it would be ridiculous to put them back into civilian hands, or even scrap and recycle them for their high-quality steel.

      Few if any of those people who donated their valuable personal property to help a national ally are still alive today, but the memory of that F-U lives on.

      • Blogger David Codrea ( reminds his readers of this frequently. The WWII-era posters asked, “Would you send a gun to defend a British home?”

        The answer these days, is a resounding, “No.”

        It’s sad, really. The whole of the British people did such amazing things to survive WWII. National defense volunteers, troop monitoring, radio reporting, converting land to gardens and farms to support the war effort. And all that is on the civilian side; their military was an entirely separate effort. They rightly saw the Nazis as an existential threat and responded accordingly, showing unreal courage and resolve.

        And now, barely two generations later, they willingly give up any tools that might help them survive new existential threats.

        Very sad.

    • and now they can’t even toddle on down to their local store and buy a chef’s knife to take home and cut up their carrots and rutabegas.

      • They can, as long as they show proof-of-identity and -age, and the “knife” has a rounded tip so it won’t stab. Not what I would call a “chef’s knife”, but it’s the closest the government allows its subjects to have.

        Meanwhile, the violent “immigrant” invaders are re-grinding their blades to have tips again. “Mass stabbing” is becoming a thing, even in an island nation (read: should be stupidly easy to control entry of people and goods) that banned stab-able weapons.

        Almost like the violent jihadis moving in don’t follow “no stabby” laws, while the good people are hamstrung by them. Funny how that works.

  4. I agree with everything.
    As Mas points out, the AR rifle was first sold to the public in 1963. It was a civilian firearm before it was adopted by the US military, or the police. The military adopted a fully automatic version of. So much for claims that “this is a weapon of war that does not belong on our streets!”

    • Custer’s troops were armed with shiny-new military-issue Springfield single-shot rifles. The Indians were armed with a motley collection of civilian rifles.

      In Sitting Bull’s words:

      “They fired with needle guns (single-shot carbines). We replied with magazine guns, repeating rifles… They could not stand up under such a fire.”

  5. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Supremes expand gun rights after they rule on NY. This country is fragmented beyond repair, I think, might be better as a bunch of city states like ancient Greece.

  6. I watched that video a few months ago. The political fight has nothing to do with guns per se. It’s all about control.

  7. Although you, and I, and We, agree with your statements, the media, the anti-gun liberals, and the politicians, that WE elected, do not, nor will not, ‘research’ to find the truth.
    Once ‘representatives’ are elected, they have almost always, forgotten their roots, and become the elite, and wholly base their ‘duty’ on public opinion, and getting re-elected. Just as the ‘daily diversion’ has driven the current administration, and Congress.
    If they pull this off, we are about to see one of the biggest impacts on our security, and independence, in our lifetime.
    How many of the 20 million AR/AK owners will be federal criminals, if or when the left enacts a ban on their firearm, or magazines size. Will 10% turn them in? —— 20% ?
    There are still 5 months to the mid term elections, that may or may not be legitimate, or flip the control, and 959 more days til a hopefully, newly elected president takes over.
    We’ve all seen the destruction of our rights, and truly idiotic anti-American policies of the last 17 months. What more will we see before sanity returns to our country ?

  8. It’s simple….We the People don’t need a reason!
    Every single gun law, background check, permit and ban is unconstitutional and illegal. The police who enforce those unconstitutional and illegal infringements on our natural inalienable rights are the domestic enemies and standing army our founding fathers warned us about.

  9. I was told by an acquaintance I had no chance against the government since they had nuclear weapons. I told him that a government willing to use nuclear weapons on it’s own people was exactly the reason I “need” an AR-15.

    • “Yeah, there’s a Deplorable that needs to be taught a lesson. Let’s nuke him!”

      “Cool. Where is he?”

      “Our files show he lives in the District of Columbia.”

      “No problem. We’ll send a bomber out later this afternoon.”

      Sort of makes me wonder if the Swalwell types actually have any idea of what a “nuclear weapon” is…

    • Jup Dey gots nukes, alright. but have you stopped to consider how many individuals are essential for the deployment and use of those devices? If even ONE specialist “happens” to not report for his duty, the nuke is useless. If a nuke dropped from a plane needs two hundred folks to make it work, and only five of those need to “not show up” for duty, how long will it take before all tose nukes are useless scrap metal cuz there ain’t nobuddy to make em go?
      Assymetrical warfare. First used in America on 19 April 1775 on the road back from Concord to Boston. The Brits hollers NO FAIRRRRRRR but our boys carried on. Gage’s fierce well equipped excellently trained overkill fighting force barely crawled back to Breed’s Hill, they could not even make it all the way back to Boston. Gage’s report was so negative he delayed sending it back to London, and when he did, he selected a very slow merchant ship as his courier. He had to eat crow as he allowed as to how those hertofore scorned untrained, unskilled, undisciplined colonials had bested him badly, and had men amongst them “who know very well what they are about”.

      Gage sked for ten thousand more troops (he had fewer than 3000 on that day, and a good third were out of action by the end of it) or even twenty thousand. I think they sent another two thousand……

    • Doc Dean,

      Our government has been beaten, or at least successfully resisted, by North Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Notice how it took us three and a half years to get Hitler, but nine years to get Osama bin Laden. We had satellites in the sky when looking for bin Laden, but not when we were looking for Hitler.

      Our government can’t do anything right (maybe just the Post Office and NASA). I don’t know what a nationwide confiscation of guns would look like, but Spielberg ought to make a movie about it. “Red Dawn” may be the closest. Back in 2002, it took our government three weeks to find the two D.C. snipers, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo. Satellites, drones, devices which listen to gun shots and point in the direction from which they came, and yet the snipers still had a three-week killing spree in a city.

  10. Last week, there was a WSJ article concerning the Uvalde shooting:

    I posted several replies to the ill-informed comments provided. Still not being able to convince folks as to the appropriateness of the AR 15 in a home self-defense role, I posted a link to this exact video into the comments. No further comments received!

  11. The same people that wish to deprive you of a simple semi-automatic rifle left about a half million “machine guns” in the hands of terrorists in Afghanistan. The same people that want to ban your standard capacity magazines are sending billions of dollars of advanced anti-armor & anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine, some of which will be used against our troops in the future, along with the reverse-engineered Chinese & Russian copies. F… those people.

  12. Sen. Joe Manchin is gone be Ar15 friendly. He vote for ever thing left witch part belong to.

    Democrats are pushing the “Protecting Our Kids Act,” which would ban large-capacity magazines and raise the age at which people can buy semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21. Yes, in America, you can legally purchase a weapon designed to explode human bodies before you can buy a White Claw.

    In a primetime address last week, President Joe Biden timidly called for an assault weapons ban: “We need to ban ‘assault weapons’ and high-capacity magazines. And if we can’t ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21.”

    Sen. Joe Manchin (“D”-West Virginia)—a man who not once but twice fired a bullet into a bill for a political ad—told CNN today that he not only supports raising the semi-automatic purchasing age to 21 but that he’s also “open” to the idea of banning assault weapons. Manchin also told a local outlet last week that he wasn’t opposed to a ban, but rather “open to a discussion.” That local outlet, WV Metro News, wrote that “Manchin is a long way from supporting a ban, but the fact that he is not opposed to the possibility is significant.”

    These statements were music to my ears for about one second until I remembered that Manchin doesn’t support ending the filibuster, so any gun control bill would need 10 Republicans to vote for it in order to clear the 60-vote threshold.

    It’s a lesson ripped from The Susan Collins School of Saying You Support Something That You Know Has a Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Passing.

    Put up or shut up, Joe.

    • That guy is such a lazy thinker, could be ignorant or a liar, perhaps both. I have no respect for him whatsoever. All he does is mislead and emote.

  13. Thanks for linking the CNN article. Somehow Michael Fanone spent two decades as a cop, trainer & gun salesman & remains remarkably ignorant of ballistics. If you agree with his reasoning, all of the millions of centerfire deer rifles in this country should be outlawed & confiscated. The vast majority are more powerful than 5.56 NATO, they will defeat soft body armor & will likely shoot through a human body, though penetrating multiple walls may be problematic. If for some reason this fall all the deer hunters become raving homicidal maniacs, the police will surely be outgunned. You see Michael, the hardware is not the problem, it is the software in the minds of a small percentage of young people that our society has produced.

  14. Are our AR-15s “weapons of war”? Possibly. M16s certainly are, but Americans need “weapons of war” because we ARE at war, with vicious and insidious criminals, both domestic and foreign.

    • And AR-15 may *look* like an M-16 or M-4, but it’s not the same thing at all. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms makes a very precise distinction of the difference between them, and with regulations that involve licensing, tax stamps, and felony charges.

      To the best of my knowledge no military uses the AR-15.

      In the case of the AK, there was a rare Romanian model issued to guard/police units that was semiauto-only, but in the greater scheme of things that entire production run rounds down to zero.

      • TRX, the first AR-15s were select fire and offered to the U.S. military. The USAF purchased a bunch of them for their air base security forces. The AR-15 only became the M16 when the U.S. Army adopted it. Colt then made a semi-auto version called the AR-15 for sale to the American public.

    • Tom606,

      I will state the obvious. We all know that on today’s battlefields, any weapons which can be lifted off the ground by a human being are called “small arms.” Compared to the immense firepower of modern weapons mounted on trucks, tanks, ships, helicopters and aircraft, “small arms” ought to be called “microscopic arms.” Even Ma Deuce is a pea shooter compared to artillery. If the AR15/M16 is a weapon of war, it is one of the least consequential weapons of war.

      Rifles can hurt a lot of unarmed people, but rifles and even rocket propelled grenades are nothing to an Abrams tank. I suppose they scratch the paint.

      • I wouldn’t be too surprised if Crooked Joe will proclaim in the near future that a 9mm full metal jacket bullet would penetrate a M1 Abrams tank and blow the poor lungs out of the unfortunate crew’s bodies.

  15. What was it that Thomas Jefferson said of and when the the watering for liberty should began??

  16. The AR is not being attacked as a result of what it is. Semi-Automatic rifles have been on the American Market for more than a century. Reference that the Remington Model 8 semi-automatic rifle was first offered in 1905 and that Winchester also introduced the Model 1905 in, yes wait for it, 1905!

    The Leftist gun-grabbers will target any segment of the market that appears vulnerable. Any segment wherein they can “craft” a good “narrative” to paint that segment as a threat to the public. Fear is the base tool of the left and fearmongering is their basic approach to everything they push.

    The AR looks like our common military rifle. It has been used as a prop in thousands of movies produced by Hollywood. Therefore, its looks make it a good target to attack. Notice that the Ruger Mini-14 (especially in its wooden stock version) has never been targeted like the AR despite being functionally an equivalent firearm.

    If the Left perceives that they have a change to craft a narrative and attack any segment of the firearms market, they will go for it. It literally does not matter the segment. It can be certain types of ammunition (Cop-Killer Bullets!), or Bump-Stocks (supposedly used in the Las Vegas mass-murder), or so-called Ghost Guns. If there is a chance to spin a narrative and buffalo the public and/or congress into new restrictions, they will go for it.

    Their goal is to DISARM the American Citizen. Ultimately, we must be disarmed in order to be transformed from empowered Citizens into helpless Serfs of the State (Subjects of the all Powerful Central Government). The Left will seize upon any trail that offers a path toward that end goal.

    The actual characteristics of the particular firearm, type of ammo, or other firearms-related product is actually “beside-the-point”. The gun-grabbers don’t give a flying flip how useful an AR may be or how effective it can be for self-defense. From their point of view, those things simply add to its negatives.

    To them, it is an “Assault Weapon”. What is the definition of “Assault Weapon”? According to Cam Edwards:

    “I can define assault weapon in one sentence: ‘a firearm gun control activists want to ban.’ ”

    Cam is correct. His definition should open the eyes of everyone on this blog. For the American Left, ALL FIREARMS are “Assault Weapons”. Even my single-shot H&R 12-Gauge shotgun.

    What do these leftists want? Feinstein told us that way back in 1995: “Mr. &. Mrs. America, Turn Them All In”.

    The end goal is FIREARMS-PROHIBITION and UNIVERSAL DISARMAMENT of the AMERICAN CITIZEN. All this debate over the details and characteristics of particular firearms does not matter a whit. As I have said before, you can’t reason with or bargain with the American Left. This course of events will end in only one of two ways. The Left will, ultimately, disarm us and we (and our children) will be indentured serfs to the All-Powerful State (as are the people of China currently) or else we will defeat the Left and take our Republic back. There is no third way.

    When the American People wrap their heads around that, we will finally make some progress. I just hope it will not be too late!

    • I am not the only one who sees the truth that I outlined in my comment above. See this opinion piece:

      Our problem is that the American Left controls about 95% of the Media in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. With that megaphone in their hands, they spew a constant stream of propaganda 24/7/365. The weak-minded among us (AKA low-information voters, useful idiots, pick your term!) resist (or are incapable of ) analysis and independent reasoning.

      The propaganda and indoctrination techniques of the Left works! It is effective on them.

      How else can you explain leftists being voted into office? Don’t get me wrong! I don’t believe, of even one tenth of a nanosecond, that Old Joe Biden ran a campaign from his basement and racked up 80 million votes. President Trump would hold a rally attended by tens of thousands. Old Joe would hold one attended by six reporters all wearing masks!

      Yet, Old Joe supposed got more American Votes than any human being that has ever lived? No, I don’t believe that. I have seen 2,000 Mules and I know better. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that tens of millions of Americans DID VOTE for demented Joe. How do you explain this demented vote?

      Brainwashing of Americans via propaganda and indoctrination techniques goes a long way toward providing the answer.

  17. Mas, This is probably the only time I’ve ever disagreed with you. I agree with raising the age for AR-15 purchases, and violent video games–do them together–to 21. The 18 year old who wants to learn the AR platform and enlist and get the best training. Yes, Alvin York took years of experience with him to Europe, but he wasn’t an 17-21 when he enlisted. He was born in 1887. Audie Murphy got his experience with a .22, not pre-training with an M-1. Nobody wants to focus on the violent video games that inspire these cowardly acts, or the publicity these sick cowards get every time the media repeats their names instead of just referring to them as sick cowards.

    • Millions of people own ARs, play violent video games and take psychiatric drugs. Only a tiny fraction shoot places up. I think all the shooters wore shoes too. Ban them?

      • Only the dreaded “Assault Shoes” or maybe the “Shoes of War”.

        These can kick the lungs out of a person’s body. Don’t mention this in public because Crooked Joe will plagiarize these words, just like he does everything else

    • Left-wing thinking. It is not the evil SOB’s that are at fault. It is “things” in the environment or in society that are at fault. It is the availability of AR-15’s to people who are too immature to handle them. It is exposure to violent video games. It is the glorification of the killers by the media. Everything is at fault but the POS that pulled the trigger! Left-wing thinking!

      It is left-wing thinking that has gotten this country into the mess it is in today. The American Left has spent the last century pushing their policies upon the American People by means of the Federal Government. From the income tax (to grow the government bigger), to FDR’s “New Deal” (which expanded the Government), to LBJ’s “Great Society” (which expanded the welfare state and destroyed the American Family), to Carter’s Dept. of Education (which set up the system of left-wing indoctrination at our schools and universities), to the Clinton / Bush further expansions of Federal power, to Obama’s corruption of our Federal Law-enforcement / intelligence agencies, the Left has built a “Police State” brick-by-brick”.

      They have also built and promoted the sick, morally-depraved, sexually-perverted, and violent culture which consumes our cities and our media today.

      We will not get out of this mess by repeating more of the same folly. Left-wing thinking got us into this mess. We need to engage in “Non-Left-Wing Thinking” to get us back out again. To continue to repeat our failures is the mark of a fool. Or, as the Bible puts it:

      Proverbs 26:11 – “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”

      Please let us not return to lick up our own vomit. Let us reject “Left-Wing Thinking” as the dangerous, destructive folly that it truly is! Only by doing so can we move past the failures of the Left and set out upon a path that restores our Republic and lifts our People out of the muck of the Left’s cesspool.

  18. The present growing foreign occupation of the USA is too much of a diversionary power -politic strategy by irresponsible office holders. The federal government has no right to expect its citizens to support foreign invaders. May I suggest that all the counties along the southern border in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California declare martial law for the best legal reasons and forcibly expel any and all non-US citizens. That ought to stem the tide. Might be more feasible than for any of the states to secede.

  19. Next time you buy ice cream might boycott ant guns Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

    Ben & Jerry’s galvanizes customers to lobby for tighter gun laws after Texas, New York mass shootings
    Brian Schwartz – 3h ago

    Ben & Jerry’s jumping into the latest national debate on guns comes after business leaders have come forward to insist on changes to firearm laws since last month’s mass shootings.
    The House of Representatives is set to vote this week on a gun safety bill.
    The ice cream maker also plans to cut ties with vendors who have worked with the firearms industry.
    Ben & Jerry’s brand ice cream sits in a supermarket freezer.
    © Provided by CNBC
    Ben & Jerry’s brand ice cream sits in a supermarket freezer.
    Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s is galvanizing its millions of customers in a new lobbying push for tougher gun safety measures after last month’s mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York.

    2018 Ford F-150 (from $36500)
    2018 Ford F-150 (from $36500)
    Christopher Miller, the head of global activism at the ice cream company, told CNBC in an interview that the company has called on its 8 million Facebook fans and 515,000 Twitter followers to lobby lawmakers for stronger gun safety laws.

    Ben & Jerry’s activism on guns comes as business leaders press Congress for changes to firearm laws following multiple mass shootings, including one that took the lives of 19 children and two teachers at a school in Uvalde, Texas. Billionaire Elon Musk told CNBC he wants “tight” gun background checks. In an open letter published in the Dallas Morning News, other Texas-based business leaders have called for more background checks, red flag laws and to raise the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21.

    Ben & Jerry’s was founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in the late 1970s, and is headquartered in Vermont with store locations around the world. Since then, Cohen and Greenfield have been vocal political advocates on a wide range of policies, including gun laws, voting rights and health care. Unilever is their parent company. Financier Nelson Peltz, a Republican backer, recently joined its board.

    When “legislation comes to the floor, we will certainly encourage our fans to contact their policymakers to support [gun safety] legislation,” Miller told CNBC in explaining the company’s plans to back the gun proposals being discussed in Congress.

    The House of Representatives is set to vote this week on a gun safety bill that lifts the purchasing age for semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21, limits the size of gun ammunition magazines and provides standards for safe gun storage. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has yet to set a vote on gun safety legislation.

    Miller also said the ice cream maker plans to cut ties with vendors who have worked with the firearms industry.

    “We’ll make sure moving forward we’re not working with enablers of the industry,” Miller said after being asked about one of its outside law firms, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, that has a large tobacco, alcohol and firearms practice. “I think we certainly will be more thoughtful on the kind of service providers that we work with going forward.”

    Representatives for Shook, Hardy & Bacon did not return requests for comment. After reaching out to the law firm about its work for Ben & Jerry’s, sections of its website showing previous work for the Vermont company and details of its larger tobacco, alcohol and firearms practice appeared to have been removed.

    Ben & Jerry’s publicly criticized lawmakers for inaction after the deadly shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo.

    “This kind of gun violence in America must be stopped. But our leaders are more responsive to the gun lobby than to the grieving families of countless victims. Their inaction to address gun violence is, itself, an action and an act of violence,” the company’s statement said after the Uvalde shooting. The shooting in Buffalo left 10 dead and three wounded.

    Ben & Jerry’s called on customers to contact their “congressperson and demand action to stop gun violence,” and encouraged them to ask lawmakers to support a ban on assault-style military weapons and high capacity magazines, according to the statement. The company plans to keep up the lobbying pressure online as bills and solutions are debated in Congress, Miller said.

    “We have a digital action platform that allows people to make calls to Capitol Hill. That allows them to send emails to their governors, their state legislators and members of Congress. It allows people to tweet at and post messages on social to their elected officials,” Miller said.

    This isn’t the first time that Ben & Jerry’s has gotten political in its fight for stronger gun laws.

    Miller told CNBC the company supported the gun laws passed by Vermont state legislators in 2018. At the time, Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed into law measures that tighten Vermont’s firearm laws, including buyers having to pass required background checks.

    The company’s political activism has come with some costs.

    After Ben & Jerry’s decided to stop selling ice cream in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration moved to stop contracting with parent company Unilever and its subsidiaries.

    • Ben & Jerry’s have been vehemently anti-gun for some time now, and I have boycotted their products for just that long.

      • Nancy Pelosi doesn’t buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream either. She will not consume any frozen treats that doesn’t cost at least $10 a container.

        When the liberal House Leader was told her constituents don’t have any bread, she replied, “The let them eat ice cream!”

    • Patrick,

      I used to really enjoy eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. A year or two ago they decided to boycott Israel, as the end of the article states. I boycotted them then, and it is still in force.

      Haagen-Dazs is really tasty, also. But, with prices rising, I have been staying away from what I consider to be “gourmet ice cream, ” like those expensive pints.

      Ben & Jerry, the men, are odd. They are Communists and Capitalists at the same time, and self-hating Jews.

      Both politics and religion are very important to me. Even so, if I ran a business, I would stay away from both, and be as neutral, and as customer-pleasing, as I could be. “Customer Service” is the most important principle in business. Don’t choose sides, and tick off half your customers.

      It must be nice to be stupid, make bad choices, and yet still be lucky enough to make lots of money. Some financial success really is luck, not brains. They stumble upon a product which a lot of people like, and will buy no matter what.

  20. The Leftists fear that the SCOTUS will throw up new roadblocks on their path to disarm the American People and then to install themselves in the seat of permanent political power. So, they turn to their SOP. Propaganda that pushes FEAR. Fearmongering is their standard “Go To” tactic. Here is an example:

    Notice that the Political hacks who freed harden criminals from prison during COVID, who eliminated bail in NY, and who seek to defund the police now say we must be disarmed and give up our 2nd Amendment Rights. Why should we do it? To REDUCE CRIME! (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha…)

    Oh, the irony! Do people really swallow this propaganda? If so, then they must truly be the “Stupid Idiots” that the Left believes to make up the mass of the American Population!

    I truly hope that the Leftists are wrong, and that the majority of the American Public is not really that stupid. Guess we will know come the midterm elections. Assuming, of course, that the elections are not stolen wholesale by the Left as in 2020.

    • TN_MAN:

      Several years ago, liberal heavyweight Michael Moore stated that Americans were the most stupid people in the world. Unfortunately he was right and proven so when the messiah Obama was elected, not once but twice, to occupy the White House and now we have the town fool of Wilmington, Delaware napping in the Oval Office.

      • @ Tom606 – “Unfortunately he was right and proven so …”

        It is true that the double election of Obama is direct evidence of the stupidity of the voting public. Especially, the second time.

        I don’t excuse, but I do understand, Obama’s first electoral victory as POTUS. Obama ran a slick campaign and he had the total, and slavish, support of 95% of the Anti-American Media. He spoke in vague, high-level language and (as was noted at the time) presented himself as a “Blank Screen” onto which a large segment of the American Public could project their hopes for the future.

        I saw through his tricks, media propaganda, and vague promises, and I DID NOT vote for him. Still, many were fooled and did do so.

        I do blame the American Public for his re-election as POTUS. Despite the slavish worship of the media propaganda machine, the public had seen Obama in action for four years, at that point, and SHOULD HAVE known better than to vote for him a second time. Some wised up. His margin of victory was smaller. Nevertheless, he still won and, I think, mostly legitimately.

        To be fair, one must also consider the terrible candidates that the Republicans put up against him. The dishwater-weak RINO twins of McCain and Romney!

        I don’t really blame the American Public for Demented Joe. The Democrats used COVID to cheat in that election “Six Ways to Sunday”. It was, without a doubt, the most corrupt Presidential Election in American History. I am convinced that President Trump got more “legitimate” votes in that election and was the true choice of the American People. IMHO, Demented Joe sits in the seat only through fraud.

        So, I still have hope that Michael Moore is as wrong about the American People as he is about his political ideology. I hope that the percentage of the “Truly Stupid and/or Brainwashed” in the American Population is still below 50%.

        That makes me an optimist! 🙂

      • TN_MAN:

        Maybe a “Cockeyed Optimist” as sung by the gorgeous Mitzi Gaynor in the movie South Pacific.

        As much as I hate to admit it now, I voted for McCain and Romney, two dudes I dislike greatly. I was voting for the lesser of two evils in both those elections, and unfortunately for myself and especially for America, neither RINO became POTUS.

        I remember watching the debate between Sarah Palin and Crooked Joe who was making up statistics like crazy and unfortunately Palin was not informed enough to challenge or contradict him, which would have thrown Biden in a fit and make him say something really stupid. If she did, he would have just called her a “Lying dog faced pony soldier” or something worse.

  21. Here’s substantive proof backing up Mas’ classic reply, “Ask a Ukrainian.” when he was asked by a BBC producer why someone would need to own an AR-15.

    These valiant Ukrainian partisans, armed appropriately with a variety of semi-automatic and full automatic small arms, certainly have cojones composed of solid rock to be attacking and wounding the massive Russian Bear that is occupying territory in Eastern Ukraine.

    “NY Times: Guerrilla Attacks Signal Rising Resistance to Russian Occupation”

  22. What could be a more obvious public offense than illegally trespassing into the USA? Can anyone tell me how a Presidential invitation to invade and occupy our country absolves trespassing? The Arizona Sheriffs appear to have every right to arrest a border violator. Likely the Sheriffs of every other county in the USA have such jurisdiction. They also have the Constitutional responsibility to exile under a judicial order such criminals out of the county in the direction of the national jurisdiction from which the trespassers have come. The Sheriffs also appear to have the right to request the help of National Guard troops, and any other legally sanctioned militia. We need to act to resolve chaotic international trespassing right now, before we citizens become fully persona non grata de facto ourselves.

    • The numbers need to be accurately crunched. If anybody thinks that an orderly and fair election will occur this coming November with anywhere between one and two million, or more, mail-in illegal voter arrivals every month for the next five or so, with the expertly Marxist-distributed Foreign Occupation already reaching critical mass, you have to be kidding. What is left of an economy will crumble, and real chaos will ensue. The National Guard militia can be augmented with “minor criminal” draftees if necessary. The invading masses must be confronted and turned back. Throw the clowns in D. C. out if appropriate and necessary, as we well know it is. No more baloney, no more. Molon Labe and Let’s Go Brandon!

    • Strategic Steve,

      The President, and the Border Patrol, are breaking the law. The law states that you cannot enter this country illegally. The President ignores the law. Anyone who follows the President’s lead is a law breaker. The Prez should be impeached for not enforcing immigration laws. Of course, the Republicans, as usual, do nothing.

      What if an immigrant entered this country illegally, and no one, but no one, gave him anything? He couldn’t get a job, an Iphone, healthcare, food or water. Such a person would be forced to go back. That’s what needs to happen. Illegal aliens should get nothing.

      • Roger:

        Some illegal invaders will indeed leave the USA if they receive nothing but many will turn to petty and eventually violent crime, and victimize Americans to get what they want. After all, they’re already criminals for invading our country. Why not continue to be one? You will need more than high capacity magazines to deal with them, you’ll need belt fed weapons.

  23. Quote of the Day:

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire

  24. If the AR-15 is an assault weapon, weapon of war and any other negative labels, then billions of people the world over are driving race cars (minus sponsor logos) on the street. The differences are internal, invisible and very significant. But then logic only works for people who think.

    I live in a rural area. Emergency response can be highly variable, but if violence is involved has one common yardstick unless the sun, moon and stars are properly aligned: more than enough time to bleed out.

  25. The “border counties” of the States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and especially California, with help from all the other counties, need to repel any and all trespassers coming from foreign jurisdictions. Waiting for the November elections to rectify anything is folly. The Foreign Occupation is already reaching critical mass. Millions more phony voters are coming. Enough authority from local Sheriffs obtains, with staffing to draw from the National Guard, and even drafting “minor criminals,” to stop the invasion now and send it away. Molon Labe and Let’s Go Brandon! Trump exposed the Democratic racket for what it is, and all we need to do now is confront the baloney with some authority, and it will decisively rot.

  26. This guy is who is going to be representing me if I pay US Law Shield?


    “As Congress works to find a bipartisan way to approach current gun legislation, the talk of change is a divisive topic even for those closely tied to weapons, including stores like the Palm Beach Shooting Center.

    Survivors of recent mass shootings shared their stories Wednesday during a House Committee hearing.

    “I believe in the Second Amendment, and I think that people need to protect yourself and the people that you love, but I don’t think you need to use big firearms,” said John Palacios, a self-defense attorney with U.S. Law Shield.

    Palacios represents people who have fired a weapon in self-defense and said 90% of his cases involve smaller handguns.

    He is in favor or restricting sales of guns like AR-15s.”

    Homie don’t think so.

  27. The liberal animus toward the AR15, and in particular the carbine version, strikes me as absurd. After all, these are the people who pretend great interest in ending inequities and help those who are less able.

    Let’s consider the carbine version of the AR15. It’s compact, fairly low weight, is ergonomically designed for ease of use, has low recoil and is it’s adjustable stock is adaptable to fit many body sizes. Experience has shown me it’s easy to train people to use it and use it well. Testing has shown that properly selected ammunition has less tissue penetration than most handgun ammunition commonly used for law enforcement or self defense.

    Seems to me to be a very good description of something most suitable, depending upon the situation, for a self defense tool.

    • @ WR Moore – “The liberal animus toward the AR15, and in particular the carbine version, strikes me as absurd…”

      You are applying logic and reason to the issue. That is your mistake. The Left cares nothing about either. They are driven by pure emotion.

      The “useful idiots” among them are driven by hoplophobia – Fear of Firearms and by their worldview which always seeks to shift blame, for evil, away from humanity and toward something in the environment or society.

      The other, non-idiot, segment of the American Left is driven by greed. Greed for political power and greed for the wealth that they can steal from the American People.

      So,Like the Stock Market, the Left is driven by the primary emotions of Fear and Greed. That is why their propaganda is also based, almost entirely, on motivating people with fear and greed. Especially, they use “Fear” as a motivator.

      Logic and reason don’t even enter into it. Their worldview cannot be altered by either.

      The People who can be motivated by logic and reason are, for the most part, already on our side. Those who cannot are a “lost cause”. They cannot be changed. They can only be defeated.

      That is our true task.

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