Kenn Blanchard with rifle
“Kenn Blanchard explains racist roots of gun control in his book ‘Black Man with a Gun.”

The gun prohibitionists have long played the race card. 

For anyone with logic and a sense of history, it’s clear that in this game, the race card is not a winning hand.Some of the Woke are lately comparing contemporary American police to the slave patrols (slave catchers) of the antebellum South.  The police are not amused. 

And here we have a race card that’s both backwards and upside down. Do people not read actual history anymore?

Our friends at GunFreeZone amplify with historical evidence here.


  1. Excellent articles! I love reading the old news, especially those comments by the congresswoman.

    Since GUN CONTROL IS RACIST, we should be able to win this battle. I am a pessimist, and cringe when I see how powerful the Left has. Of course, the media amplify their message. However, we have had so many victories beginning with right-to-carry in Florida in 1987, that I am beginning to feel a small sense of hope. I can remember when Vermont was the only state which had Constitutional carry.

    Many people, including women and minorities, are not too thrilled with the idea of letting criminals out of prison to avoid the Wuhan flu, lax bail requirements, and defunding the police. That is not the kind of environment in which to tell Americans to start turning in their guns. I’m glad not all Americans are as dumb as Communists.

    Look at those rich, idiot Democrats who voted for the idealogies which produced Detroit, Portland Oregon, Seattle, San Francisco, Lost Angeles, the District of Colombia and New York City. Now they are fleeing the policies they voted for. Their money protects them. The poor Democrats have to stay in the mess they created. The DemonCats never learn. Liberalism is a mental disorder and a bad religion. It cannot tolerate ideas, and facts, which challenge liberalism’s doctrines. They must look at Venezuela, and then shut their minds to the possibility that we could become like Venezuela. They can dream about utopia, but they create dystopias.

    • You literally take offense at differing ideas and claim anyone with a belief other than yours is an idiot. All in the same breath.

      • justin dillow,

        Maybe I mis-communicated. I do believe that if someone puts Democrats in office for decades, then decides they don’t like what the Democrat leaders brought about while in office, and then they leave in order do avoid the consequences of their votes, that would be idiotic behavior.

        For instance, Detroit was the richest city in the world in 1960. Democrats ran it for decades, and it decayed. New York City is similar. deBlasio was elected mayor twice. Now many people are fleeing the city. I can only assume some of those who are fleeing voted for deBlasio, Schumer and Cuomo. Some are fleeing to Florida for a better life, but they would never vote for Governor DeSantis, who is partly responsible for the better life in Florida.

        Venezuela used to be a successful country, but the people voted for both Maduro and Chavez. Venezuela is now ruined.

        Locusts fly into a fruitful field, eat it up, and leave. “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1 KJV.

  2. Reference the “Race Card” tweet:
    If “Right wing White supremacists” are the problem, why are all the current “uprisings by people of color” happening in cities that have been run by Democrats for a half-century or more?

  3. You cannot tolerate ideas or facts that challenge your beliefs. You are what you hate most, your just to ignorant to see it

    • Hmmmm.. sorta got a chip on yer shoulder it would seem. I read both of those posts and did NOT get what you claim is in them. Could you take a few moments of your precious time and be specific about your observations? I live between Seattle and Portland, and have for forty years, My own town is rapidly descending into the same cesspit those two democrat run cities have become. I HATE going into Seatle, Portland is tolerable because of the east side freeway that keeps you well away from Portland proper. Seattle you are trapped, no alternate route, except going to the West Sound and farrying accross slightly nirth of Seattle proper, but the north suburbs are far worse than Seattle was ten years ago. Iknow people who have been displaced from their homes from the violence, takeovers, destructioin. One family of four I know well had to flee their own home because the rioters were clearly threatening them at three ayem….. they took refuge in a mutual friend’s garage loft, not even a kitchen or full bath. They’re thanful to be out of the riot zone. And yes, the problems DO stem directly from the Democrat party “values” and policies and methods. I have kept close track of WHO is running for office, and who gets in. Decent folk ARE fleeing both of those cities.. many of them infesting nearby more rrual areas and bringinng THEIR politics/values with them to corrupt those areas. Again, I’ve watched this develop over the past forty years. So don’t tell me I dont know what I’m talking about.
      Details? Your turn.

      • Tionico,

        Wow! What a first hand report you bring. I get my news from talk radio, FoxNews, One America News, NewsMax, a local newspaper and the Internet.

        I have heard very little about violence outside of major cities. Last year my own county had three Black Lives Matter marches, but there was no violence there, so they were not newsworthy. What you describe should have been headline news, just like the McCloskeys in St. Louis was.

        Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Slavery officially ended, in the United States, more than 155 years ago. It ended when the required number of States ratified the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This occurred on December 6, 1865.

    Yet, there is a group of people who have a vested interest in keeping slavery alive even though it has been (legally) dead for more than 150 years. These powerful people actively work to pour salt into the old wounds caused by slavery. They work to stoke the fires of racism under the guise of fighting it.

    It is a very clever tactic. To promote and grow something by pretending to fight it. It is rather like working to start a rumor by actively denying it (a tactic that Joseph Goebbels and the Nazis used to great advantage)!

    Why would a group of people actively work to stoke the fires of racism? The answer is simple. To sow division among the people. There is no better way to divide people then to play on their tribal instincts and pit one race against another.

    So, the question then becomes, why would anyone want the American People divided? This answer is also simple. To secure power and wealth for the rich, elite class. Since the dawn of time, every tyrant, dictator, and petty King has followed one simple principle. It is this:

    “If you keep the people disarmed and then keep them divided and fighting each other over petty quarrels, then the ruler will never need to fear that the people will revolt against him. He may exploit the people and milk them for tax money and for their service to the State in perpetuity. He may sit on the throne of power and wealth in comfort and security.”

    The U.S. Constitution specifically forbids the granting of “Titles of Nobility”. Despite this, we are plagued by a ruling class who sees themselves as the “nobles” of America and who see the rest of us as their “Serfs” and “Peasants”. To perpetuate their rule over us, they have adopted the above tyrannical policy.

    They are striving mightily to disarm us although, so far, with only modest success. However, their efforts to sow division among the American People has met with great success. They have divided the American People not only by race, but they have also pitted male against female, old against young, poor against the middle class, naturalized Americans against native-born Americans, gay against straight, etc. This ruling class has gained control of the news media and uses it to push their narratives and to stir up the discord that they want to promote amongst the People.

    Mas sometimes provides examples whereby some criminal picks the wrong person to exploit. Sometimes this gives rise to situational comedy but sometimes it is also tragic. Mas calls these episodes “Failures of the Victim Selection Process”.

    Well, the American People are also caught of in a failure to recognize reality. In this case, it is a failure to recognize their true enemy.

    The true enemy of the American People is not “Systemic Racism”. It is not “Covid-19”. It is not some vast Right-Wing conspiracy to incite an “Insurrection” in Washington, D.C. It is not some mythical link between Donald Trump and the Russian “boogeyman” Vladimir Putin. All these things (and many more) are “Red Herrings” that the ruling-class media drag before the people to keep them confused and unsure of their enemy.

    The true enemies of the American People are the “Ruling Class” of political and big-business elites who have stolen the U.S. Government from the American People.

    President Lincoln ended his famous Gettysburg Address with these words “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Unfortunately, his dream of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” has, indeed, perished from the earth. Our ruling class has turned it into a “government of the ruling class, by the ruling class, for the ruling class”. We, The American People, increasingly have little or nothing to say about how the government runs in Washington, D.C. nor in the laws and regulations that are passed.

    As long as the American People remain divided by the lies of the ruling-class media, as long as they fail to recognize their true enemy, this deplorable situation will continue. It is deeply tragic although, Lord knows, our ruling class certainly provide comedy too. As an example, see this link:

    Our only hope for the future is for the American People to wake up, to recognize our true enemy, and then to unite to take our government back for the People. Until this happens, this nation will continue its slide into the dumpster of History.

    • Now you can include another group of folks pitted against each other……the vaxxers vs. the anti-vaxxers… will be interesting to see how that one plays out with the these new so-called vaccine passports that governments and the liberal elitists are pressing hard to implement to participate in society.

    • Thank you Tn Man. You have provided a complex and very accurate descriptioin of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, particulary the one about dividing into factions on any basis, setting any multiple of factions one against another, stir the pot, and watch the chaos develop. Then, when all seems lost, step up and “offer” the “Final Solution” to come in and fix it all, just trust me”.

      • Cloward & Piven Strategy for Taking Over America

        1. Overwhelm the system (capitalism).

        2. Break the system.

        3. Blame the system (See? Capitalism doesn’t work).

        4. Tear down the system, and set up a new one ruled by Leftists.

      • It behooves all of us to read Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Herbert Marcuse, and the history associated with Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and the rest.

        The road map and game plans are all there, laid out in black and white.

    • > Slavery officially ended, in the United States, more than 155 years ago.

      Look again:

      13th Amendment
      Section 1
      Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      All the 13th does is reserve the right to create new slaves to the courts. Any court, from the lowest municipal traffic court to the Feds. Actually, “duly convicted” doesn’t necessarily require a court, or even that it be American.

      • No U.S. Court has the power to reduce a free person to slavery. This would imply the power to buy and sell the person to others. Rather, the courts do have the power to sentence a person to “involuntary servitude” during their time of imprisonment for a crime.

        This is what is meant by this “exception” in the 13th Amendment. It reserves the power, to the State, to sentence an individual to “imprisonment with hard labor” for commission of a crime. This was a common punishment at the time.

        I will grant that the difference between being a “Slave for life” and being sentenced to “life imprisonment with hard labor” may not be all that significant with respect to the impact on the individual subject to it.

        Nevertheless, slavery implies total ownership of the person as property. It includes the right to buy and sell that individual just as you would a car, or house, or any other piece of property. This certainly does not apply to court-appointed involuntary servitude which limits control to the State and which will end when the individual completes the term of his or her sentence or is, otherwise, pardoned.

        Slavery did end, in the United States, in December 1865. Court appointed involuntary servitude, as punishment for the commission of crimes, is not the same thing.

      • I agree with everything TN_MAN wrote, but I just want to point out a few things about slavery. Some people have viewed the military draft as a form of slavery. The government tells you that you will serve in the military for a period of time, and for that period of time, you must do what the government tells you to do. I buy the argument that the military draft is a form of slavery, but it is also different from chattel slavery. Chattel slavery means the human slaves are considered to be the property of their slave owners.

        The Bible has rules for slavery, but the slaves were usually conquered nations who became slaves instead of being slaughtered in, or after a battle. So, in that case, slavery could be looked upon as practical, and maybe even merciful. In some cases, slavery may be preferable to poverty.

        In the United States, slaves were brought from Africa by slave traders. If I am correct, African kings kidnapped Africans from other tribes, and enslaved them. So, the slaves who were brought to America were already slaves in Africa. It might be possible to argue that it was better to be a slave in America than to remain a slave in Africa. I guess it depends on the character of the slave’s master, as well. I read that slavery in Brazil and on Caribbean Islands was more cruel than slavery in the United States.

        Also, American Communists want us to believe that most white men were bad, and most black men were good. We never hear about the concept of free black men. And the most shocking thing about free black men was that SOME OF THEM OWNED BLACK SLAVES.

        This topic is too big for here. I just want to point out that the past was not as simple (should I say black and white?) as American Communists want to paint it.

        From the point of view of history, slavery is totally normal. Any nation which does not practice slavery is odd. And, as Stefan Molyneux says, “White people ended slavery!” See William Wilberforce.

    • I had read that Paul Joseph Goebbels adopted his effective propaganda tactics from the Woodrow Wilson regime. Seems there’s quite a few bad “Joes” in history, among them Goebbels, Stalin, Kennedy, and Biden. G.I is OK though.

  5. I met Kenn here in Maryland while attending a Maryland Shall Issue (MSI) meeting in 2013. Nice guy, an okay book, but his proofing staff let a few errors through in the final print. Overall, was a tad distracting, but his message was on point.

    Hopefully he will know he made the Ayoob Files!

  6. Dear Justin,
    Tolerance means we are able to express our thoughts and feelings publicly, even though we may offend someone else. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Religion. Right to Bear Arms. Freedom of Peaceable Assembly.
    You are not required to listen, read, watch, attend or agree. Just move on. That’s FREEDOM of choice. Your views are in fact TOLERATED here. No one has attempted to censor your post or shut down your ability to use this forum, which would be an example of INTOLERANCE.
    God Bless.

  7. I live in Canada, and the Liberals up here are also trying to enact stricter gun control than we already have. All this against only the law abiding citizens, yet they become lax in both countries with the criminal class. the reality is simple. The elite know that the criminals assist with keeping the peasants fearful, and that you cannot control an armed lawful population without their consent. Hence their need for gun control and confiscation.

  8. As Kenny said.. “Know when to hold em know when to fold em.” As long as their bluff keeps the pot growing their chip and a chair will last only so long as the woke loose the nerve to raise them.

  9. A little more than a year ago, police officers, along with fire fighters, nurses, etc… were touted as “heroes” by the media & left-wing members of Congress. This support & admiration for the police by the public must have truly alarmed the “elite” because they almost immediately flipped the narrative & began labeling the police racists & nazis from the summer forward. We truly have an evil ruling class in this country that will do anything to anyone to retain power and control. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer lie to our faces every single day & don’t even care as long as 51 percent of the public believes it & Big Tech prevents the rest from talking about it.

  10. Speaking of distortions in the media….Yahoo is currently boosting a poll on “Should Biden ban assault weapons”? The poll is being hosted by an outfit that calls themselves Civic Science. I’m somewhat familiar with their polls and the “science” part is over reach.

    At any rate, should you be inclined to participate, follow the Chicago motto: “Vote early, vote often”.

  11. A whole lot is riding on the elections next year, if we make it that far. Rational persuasion just needs to conquer over brainwashing and doublethink. Every time I hear a congenital liar like Joe Biden decry the “Big Lie” and see him tolerated or even supported by the cynical presstitutes from the Media Mob, I wonder how far the demented “Marxist” gangs can go to further their plundering agenda. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, etc. have to be totally fearful of appearing in public anywhere in the expectation that their evil ways will come right back at them. I do not advocate any violent retributions, just being active in supporting the rational persuaders while we organize our defenses and keep our powder dry.

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