1. The possible legal ramifications of using a firearm in self-defense is probably the most overlooked aspect of defense training.Irregardless of the circumstances or if it appears that you were justified in the use of deadly force to defend yourself,THERE WILL BE A POLICE INVESTIGATION to determine whether or not you acted according to the law in using your firearm.So,it would behoove everyone to study up on what their State & Local Laws are or even get some professional training.
    Even some very prominant “gun schools”do not fully address this issue as well as they should.One of the instructors at one of these schools was critical of Mas,saying “he is too overconcerned with all the legal aspects” and they(his school)were “only interested in teaching people how to win gunfights”.
    That’s all well and good and of course everybody wants to learn the most effective techniques and strategies to defend themselves and loved ones,but I don’t believe anyone would want to spend years or even the rest of their lives in prison simply because they didn’t know the law inregards to what constitutes a justifiable shooting.