1. It’d be interesting simply to contrast different agency policies as they evolved over the years. NYPD on back up guns is but one that comes to mind. Thanks Mas!

  2. I have a few of Mr. Mullin’s very detailed and informative books on S&W revolvers which are also available from Collector Grade Publications. With all the numerous books he has written, I’m surprised he still has time to be a lawyer.

  3. Thanks Mas, I am always looking for good book referrals, I’ll check it out. I just finished a good book you could maybe call “pre-law”?
    Good Book: Shotguns and Stagecoaches – John Boessenecker Note: I listen to audio books.
    The title tells you the basic premise of the book. It focuses historically on Wells Fargo and the old west. Did you know the “whip” was rarely used to strike the horses pulling the stage? It was the sound made by the whip that was used to guide the animals. Have a great day

  4. Several of Mullin’s books are available from Amazon. However, I would find a different source for Training the Gunfighter. Amazon wants too much. Interlibrary loan would be a good alternative.