ISRA — 5 Comments

  1. Illinois State Rifle Association has done and continues to be the heavy lifting guns rights organization. Every gun owner should be a member. ISRA is continually in Springfield lobbying for its members and getting the word out when the Illinois General Assembly won’t stay in their lane. Shout out to evil range master Jeff. And, huge thanks to Midwest Training Group and Massad Ayoob.

  2. It’s great to hear about ISRA’s success in Illinois. New Jersey has gone backwards and gotten worse. Governor Phil Murphy will soon sign six new anti-gun bills into law.

    It’s odd how education can open some minds, but not others. Phil Murphy is great at making money, but is otherwise unenlightened. Oh well, I have my blind spots too.

    • After thinking about what I wrote, I’m sure Governor Murphy is smart and educated. He probably just wants unchallenged power. That means no guns for us peons or serfs.

      My point about education not really working so well has more to do with my thoughts about voters. Can’t they look around the world and see that “BIG” government doesn’t work as well as small government? Actually, we don’t have to look around the world anymore. We can see what Democrats did to Detroit and California. We can see that Texas did not participate in the Great Recession of Obama’s years. And we can see how the economy is doing under Trump’s leadership versus how it was doing under Obama’s leadership.

      Consider this: All Americans go to high school, and about half of us go to college too. Our educational experiences are similar to each other. Yet, there were plenty of people, like me, who were afraid of what Obama wanted to do to this country. Now, people who have been educated similar to myself, are afraid of what Trump will do to this country. This is an incredible contrast. These are two groups of people who are at opposite ends of a political spectrum. We have similar educations, and yet we view politics so differently. How can these two groups of people, Left and Right, continue to live under the same laws? Education is not a cure-all.