Hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 2023 Gun Rights Policy Conference is history…but it’s history you can access. Our speakers included the best and the brightest from our side of this polarized debate, from the attorneys who bring the lawsuits to restore our rights to the people at the grassroots level winning State House victories all across the nation.

Thanks to Paul Lathrop and Charles Heller and the rest of the video team, you can watch it all at leisure. Go to and type in Gun Rights Policy Conference 2023, or you can watch it here.

Approximately four hundred people attended live in Phoenix, with thousands more streaming it at home. The attendees were male and female, every color of the rainbow, straight and gay and trans.  Yes, the society of the armed citizens is an inclusive one.

If you doubt that, catch the first half hour, the opening on Saturday morning. The next time someone tells you “Oh, those crazy gun nuts are all a bunch of anti-Semitic white supremacists,” you can answer, “Excuse me? I just watched the biggest gun owners’ civil rights conference in the country, and the first two speakers were a Jew and an Arab.”


  1. One of my few comforts in this world is the popularity of the Second Amendment in the United States. It is exercised by more, and more diverse Americans, than ever before. Just think, 27 states have Constitutional Carry! I hope Communists everywhere descend into a deep, dark, never-ending depression.

  2. Yes sir… I was there and saw Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, straight, gay, trans, white, black, Hispanic, and Asian among others. And every person in attendance was in perfect harmony with every other, because we were all united in one common political cause that we all care very deeply about, and that is our God / Nature given liberty and the right to defend ourselves with the same arms as the ones a government might use to deny those natural rights.

    This was my first Gun Rights Policy Convention, and I was so thoroughly impressed after the first day, I went to my room, got online and bought a life membership to the 2nd Amendment Foundation on the spot, and I urge anyone who might be reading this to support and become a member of the 2nd Amendment Foundation. They do more than the NRA, in my opinion, to do all that is legally possible to do, to prevent our government from further infringing upon the natural, pre-government existing right of people to keep and bear arms.

    My friend Allen L. Matter, author of “The 2A Papers: A Collection of Essays in Support of the Second Amendment,” likes to say: “You can never have unity by pursuing an agenda of diversity. But you can have 100% diversity by pursuing an agenda of unity.” And the latter is exactly what I saw happen at the 2023 GRPC in Phoenix two weeks ago. The 2nd Amendment Foundation achieved 100% diversity, by promoting an agenda of unity in support of our natural right to keep and bear the same arms, as the government who works for we the people.

    Thanks Mas for all you do here, and as President of the 2nd Amendment Foundation. And thanks also for the nice chat and the picture.

    Best regards,


  3. Gonna catch all of these. Speaking of worthwhile catching, DuckDuckGo and Rumble/Dan Bongino Show M-F. One of our best 2A proponents and the very best Speaker of the House we could ever find!

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