Having just finished three non-stop Shark Week months, I find myself where many others are now: Good Lord, it’s Christmas shopping time! 

Testing assorted gun-related products as part of my work, I run across some pretty cool stuff now and then.  One line I’ve had great luck with is the Scott-e-Vest series, at www.scottevest.com.  Since being introduced to this stuff a few years ago, I’ve found myself wearing pants, shirt, vest and jacket and just bought a new vest for my Significant Other, who prefers this design to anything else on the market.

Top-quality material and manufacture combine here with ingenious hidden pocket designs. The Scott-e-Vest line began, as its name implies, with gear for geeks.  Pockets for all your iSfuff…and, it turns out, useful pockets for gun stuff.  These garments have tunnels for wires and other cool features.

Check out the website.  We pistol-packers find much of interest, but for even the non-gun people on your list, the whole techno-pocket theme will appeal to giftees who share my Significant Other’s ethos: “ iPod, iPad, iPhone, therefore I am.”


  1. I remember your post about this gear when you first wrote of it . That your still wearing and liking it speaks volumes.

  2. Let me get this right. before finding this vest, you weren’t wearing any pants or shirt 🙂 ?

    On a more serious note ; it says 35 pockets. I have trouble with all the pockets in my range bag.

  3. My wife and I own several of their products – the Pack Windbreaker was our first buy, and it replaced carry on luggage for our trip to Las Vegas (as well as simplifying the usual security routine at the airport). These are too thin to conceal our carry pistols, but fanatstic jackets in any case.

    We bought the Expedition coat next – they have a military look to them because of all the external (magazine sized) pockets, but they remind us a great deal of our old M65 Field Jackets in the Army. Heavy, hard working coats that we love. These have no trouble concealing pistols.

  4. I bought one of Scott’s vest for my wife, even though it cost double any of my own vest.

    The first time she tried it on, the zipper stuck so bad she had to step out of it! A $120 vest that uses CRAP zippers is expensive crap.

  5. I will confess to having to Google ‘Shark Week’ . . .

    Hmmm . . . now ScotteVest looks really cool, I mean anything with a product range including the “Brad Thor Alpha jacket” has got to be cool.

    However there is the problem of flexibility. I mean suppose ipad upgrades to maxi-pad (although they might choose a different name for this hypothetical upgrade) and it will no longer fit into your “Tropiformer” jacket? (Another awesomely cool name.) Well then you are pretty much buggered.

    IMHO what ScotteVest really needs is a MOLLE compatible version. 😉

  6. Thanks for the article, Massad! We are very excited to be receiving an additional shipment of Alpha Jackets this week just in time for Christmas!

  7. Old NFO,

    I’ve been trying to figure out what “NFO” stands for. I give up. What does it stand for? Thanks.

  8. To those questioning the pocket count on the scottevest products:
    The manufacturer is counting everything that can remotely be called a pocket, including slots for pens and spair change. Many of these pockets are nested inside eachother. I own a fleese, revolution+ jacket, and windbraker. My wife has one of their tropiformer jackets and absolutely loves it.
    I’ve had good success with their products as long as they’re used reasonably.
    They are nice casual-wear with decent utility—I’ve found some of the features more smoke than bang, but your milage may vary.
    If you’re a hard wearing kind of person, I’d suggest looking at the 5.11 tactical line of clothing instead. Scottevest products give plenty of storage without the tac-ti-cool look that the military centric lines tend to convey.

  9. UNFORTUNATELY all their clothes are manufactured in CHINA.

    So i wont be buying

    I do like their designs, but we need to start letting U.S. manufacturers know that we dont want our stuff from Slave labor camps from Communist countries that fix the exchange rate and pirate our designs !

  10. I’m writing this on December 7, 2013, Pearl Harbor Day. Thank you to all the members of the “Greatest Generation” who were present at Pearl Harbor on that fateful day. We’ll always remember your service and sacrifice with gratitude.