1. This is shaping up to be a real election!

    I wonder how many of the Hillary voters she will bring to McCain? I think we may actually be able to keep our guns a bit longer if McCain and his running mate get in to office.

    I base all of my voting on the Second Amendment, everything else is just frivolity.


  2. With McCain surviving 4 bouts with skin cancer and at the age of 72, he picks someone who was 20 months ago the mayor of a town of less than 10,000. Her only national security experience is being head of the Alaska National Guard and having a son about to ship off. She is not at all qualified to be President, and therefore not qualified to be Vice-President. I wonder what the heck he was thinking. There had to be better choices than her.

  3. I’ve had a hard time embracing McCain…

    But I think I might be able to put a Palin ’08/’12 sticker on my Prius!


  4. What are the odds Palin and McBush swap places? I want a Presidential candidate that I’d feel good about voting for!

  5. Nello, You summarized my thoughts exactly. Palin has my vote. As to Palin’s experience… ‘asuteke’, at least Palin has 20 months of EXECUTIVE experience. Obama has only 143 days in the Senate – non executive experience. McCain has something like 26 years.

    I’ll take 20 months of exec experience over the pinko who’s only executive experience comes from flying around in his ‘executive jet’. In fact, I think Palin also has some ‘executive jet’ experience… when she took office, she sold the last governor’s ‘executive jet’ on ebay and made money for the people of Alaska as her first action as the gov.

  6. here in the uk most papers and media are talking about obama as though it were the second coming.

    personally the blandness of the man concerns me he has no policies or track record.

    were i able to vote in the usa i would pick mc cain he wouldn`t be my ideal choice but at least he has done more with his life than ride the gravy train. i do like palin though she seems forthright and not yet coruptted by the system.

  7. There are no perfect canidates , but I would rather have Sarah as a possible successor to McCain than another east coast lawyer insider. Go McCain/Palin !

  8. Well thank you Jon-Boy! that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone actually say, at least Miss Sarah didn’t ride her husband’s coat tails.

    Best I can tell whatever she is she did it on her own good, bad or indifferent.

  9. “Not qualified????” I believe Regan, Carter, Clinton and Bush were all governors. (I might add as Presidents they ranged from one of the best ever to one of the worst ever!) Furthermore, “Sarahcuda” has done more in 20 months than some of our “professional policitians” have done in their offices in more than 20 years! She is the first thing that I have found exciting about this election because of what she has accoplished and what she believes in.

    I am a (married) working mother, an educated professional and I train people – more than 90% men – for employment in energy related fields. I hold a technical degree and an evironmentally based Bachelor’s Degree. I shoot and hunt and can cook up some of the best pheasant you have ever eaten. I have helped deliver and doctored more foals than most horse owners have seen born. Palin is a go getter – let her go!

    I might add my voting decisions are based on issues NOT emotions or what “my share” of the latest offerings of government “handouts” will be. Unfortunately there are too many self described “educated female journalists” who support liberal candidates based on their emotions; not on what is best for the country or founded in our Constitution. I personally find Boxer and Pelosi huge embarrassements to the female gender! When it comes to energy issues (California power shortages for example) they have no comprehension of how the grid works. Their ignorance when speaking publically about it would be commical if not so sad!

    Go McCain/Palin!! I want to keep shooting too!

  10. First of all Mass, welcome to God’s Country! I’m a few hours West of you down I-10 but rural North Florida is just a fantastic place to live! As an LFI-III I’m an proud you chose our part of the world to live in cause I know you’ve seen it all. Now back to business.

    My wife thought I was going to have a heart attack listening to Palin speak. I was hootin and hollerin and just wishin I could see Osama’s face. Palin is now my hero! Just think, woman that can field dress a moose, makes my heart all flutterey like.

    As for McCain vs Osama (pre-palin) the only difference I saw was McCain would pick better supremes. Biden is a miserable little cockroach but as democratic running mates go he’s average. Palin is the heart of this race in book.

    Maybe she can keep John away from those tennis shoe throws next time. I know for a fact she can take ’em.

  11. I was having a hard time finding a good reason to vote FOR McCain until he picked our Governor. She is for real….maybe a little too real for the mainstream media but if enough regular Americans hear what she has to say there could be some real change I can believe in in Washington……I’ve been spending some quality time with my Rockchucker just in case the media wins the propaganda war…..

    –One of We in Juneau, Alaska