Perhaps appropriately, the Evil Princess and I were just pulling up to a gun shop when we listened to the Wisconsin v. Kyle Rittenhouse verdict announcement live on Court TV, streamed to the car: not guilty on all counts.

As I’ve been saying since the video of this incident first became available, this multiple shooting is a classic example of justifiable use of deadly force in self-defense. The kid had literally fought off a lynch mob by the time it was over.  With the verdict, he and his defense lawyers fought off a media lynch mob as well.  

As some have noted here in the comments section of the blog and elsewhere, this case is a textbook example of an unmeritorious prosecution. They didn’t use every dirty trick in the book, but they came close.  They had kept out the fact that the first attacker to fall, Joseph Rosenbaum, had done several years in prison for raping little boys. The hospital he had just been released from with his plastic bag was a psych ward, where he had checked himself in because he was suicidal.  (Yes, this may have been a case of suicide by armed citizen.) Rule of Evidence 404(b) precludes mention of prior bad acts by the attacker you had to harm, because they were not known to you at the time you shot him and thus were not formative to your decision and your action. At least the jurors did get to see the video of Rosenbaum trying to chest-bump armed men and screaming repeatedly, “Shoot me, nigga!”  Now, out of information isolation and able to read the full story, they’ll perhaps discover the whole truth. Following the rules is one thing, but then – at the end of the trial – the prosecution tried to paint Rosenbaum as a hero. It was too late to object, to say “he opened the door,” and bring in Rosenbaum’s real background. But in this element, the prosecution’s strategy was akin to murdering your parents and then pleading the court’s mercy because you’re an orphan.

There were more pages in the prosecution strategy that were torn from the Book of Dirty Shyster Tricks.  For many years I was a certified police prosecutor in the New Hampshire system, and what that team did, in my opinion, disgraced the prosecutorial bar.

It was enjoyable to listen to some of the CNN people who had led the media lynch mob walking back their commentary after the verdict, but some still spewed the lies about vigilante justice, taking guns illegally across state lines, and the rest.  I was disappointed but not surprised to see ACLU and New York City’s anti-gun mayor babbling lies and smears after the verdict, but was both disappointed and surprised to see the Liberal Gun Club do something similar.

Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t smart to go into danger as he did, but he was a brave and caring kid to do it.  Kyle has a free class from me any time he wants it, though he’ll have to listen to an old guy warning the students to stay away from those situations.  I think he’s figured that out already, though.

My faith in the justice system I’ve served for so many decades has been reinforced once again. Your comments, as always, are invited.

I’ll be sitting here sipping some “post-verdict schadenfreude.”  This particular batch is especially sweet.


  1. The prosecution was an effective threat to anyone who would dare resist the Democratic riots and looting. They may not be able to convict you, but they will drive you to bankruptsy with legal fees. The Prosecutor probably didn’t want to look like the fool but he played his part. Kenosha had been Democratic but swung to President Trump, so they had to be punished. If it wasn’t because of the moron Jacob Blake, it would have been something else.

    Know the law and be careful. The savage is just the tool of the Leftist behind him/it.

  2. The way the jury deliberations went on it seemed to point to one or more jurors holding out for a guilty verdict–hence the defense asking for a mistrial at one point. So hearing about the complete exoneration was great news.

  3. I feel compelled to go to the well again and quote Carl Sandburg:

    “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell”

    The persecutor (excuse me, Prosecutor) in this case did his best to follow the advice of Carl Sandburg. He had neither the facts nor the law on his side but he choose to file charges against Kyle Rittenhouse anyway for political and ideological reasons. Without the law or the facts on his side, all he could do was “pound the table and yell like hell”.

    Well, he pounded and he yelled. He also lied, withheld exculpatory evidence, introduced questionable evidence, engaged in flights of fancy while expounding theories about this case, trampled on Mr. Rittenhouse’s Constitutional Rights and, generally, made an ass of himself.

    Thank God, none of his antics, lies, and dirty tricks worked. He could not obscure the truth no matter how hard he tried. Clearly, the jury was not composed of the ideologically insane. They still had a concept of Objective Truth that no ideology could muddy.

    It took them four(4) days to reach a verdict that should have taken 40 minutes (just time to elect a Jury foreman and hold a vote to acquit) but, in the end, they delivered Justice.

    The lies and dirty tricks of the persecutor (uh, Prosecutor?) might have slowed them down but it did not stop them from reaching TRUTH and JUSTICE.

    A bitter disappointment for the insane Left. They will have to re-double their efforts during the next Political “Show Trial” that they stage!

  4. Friend Mas, your mention of “suicide by armed citizen” coincides with thoughts I was having about the essentially kamikaze attacks on Kyle Rittenhouse by the not-worth-mentioning-the-names-of the aggressors. “Suicidal” is common enough an attitude held by criminals with what might be called “guilt complexes.” I have listened in person to such people explain themselves. They tell you that they hate themselves for being “bad,” and they will often seek relief via destruction. Kyle need not feel any guilt at all for what he did in Kenosha. We who esteem his courage commend him for the good he did in preserving his own life and well-being. Kyle accomplished no end of good everywhere by saving himself.

  5. Defense attorney Richards said today that “if you don’t put your client on the stand, you’re going to lose”. As you say in your classes Mas, who better to tell the jury why and how you acted in self defense. That D.A. likely lost all credibility with the jury with his first (of many) dirty tricks. A just decision was rendered today.

  6. My concern now is that Democrats are taking things further by calling on the Biden DOJ to consider federal charges against Rittenhouse. Rep. Jerry Nadler, who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, tweeted his call for a federal review just hours after the jury’s verdict was announced.

    • Yep. Jerry the Fox is manager of the chicken coop, the animals run the zoo, and the lunatics operate the asylum. All US voting areas have to simplify the voter qualification process and eliminate any and all opportunity for election fraud, because Murphy’s Law will always insure that what can happen will happen, and crooks will prevail. We may have to unplug all the computers and go to hand-counting every ballot. Absolutely no excuse obtains for practicing or supporting terrorism. No way is legal self-defense actually terrorism. Plowing through a Christmas parade with an SUV is not anything like self-defense. It is criminal lunacy.

    • seems to me that would violate the Consttuional prohibitioin agaisnt double jeopardy.. cannot twice be put on trial for the same actions. He has been acquitted, unless there is an appeal of THAT verdict based upon its “merits” they cannot charge him again for the same actions for which he has been acquittd.

  7. Justice prevailed?
    Injustice thwarted.

    There was no justice from the State, only from those courageous men and women of the jury. Remember during these times that the difference can come down to an individual(s) just doing the right thing. We need more of that….everywhere.

  8. As always your comments are on point. Your reasoned and simple explanation of the rule of law and court procedures are greatly appreciated.

    My concern with the media and the misinformed public reactions is Kyle will most likely be facing the same issues that Zimmerman has with his family being harassed, employment issues, overwhelming legal fees, (he should of had ACLDN) and a constant and active threat to his life.

  9. Should KR have been there, defending a town he had family and friends in, though it was a few miles over the state line from where he lived?

    Two points:
    First, 10USC246 defines the “unorganized” U.S. militia as all able-bodied male citizens between the ages of seventeen and forty five(plus a few other groups). That’s not the enlistment criteria; you survive our school systems for seventeen years, you are a militia member by default.

    And there is this, by Sir Robert Peel, founder of Scotland Yard [my paraphrase] The police are the people and the people are the police, the police being only citizens paid to attend full time to the duties incumbent on every citizen.

    Finally, courts at every level of jurisdiction in America have ruled, repeatedly, that the police have no special duty to actively protect their fellow citizens.They cannot be ordered into harm’s way, as the military can.

    My sense: Kyle went to the sound of the guns, as was his right and self imposed duty as a citizen, prepared to aid or defend as needed. (and indeed, he rendered aid to the surviving rioter). He has my full support, and if more of us citizens acted as he did–to say nothing of the Kenosha mayor apparently forbidding the police to act even if they wished to–the Antifa and BLM cowards wouldn’t have started the riot in the first place.

    Badged or not, Mr. Rittenhouse defended all of us, and should inspire all of us.

    • Good one, Dave Moore. Thanks for this bit of history. I have always felt that “private citizens” had the right to do much the same things that the often-uniformed police do regarding dealing with criminals. Glad to see that a great pioneer of “the police” saw it that way. “The police are the public, and the public are the police.” Donuts happen to be my favorite treat with coffee, too.

      • Thank you!
        I believe that if this principle were more widely known and exercised, respect between the police and other citizens would greatly increase.

    • I wonder.. has anyone else taken note of the plain FACT that, after these three dirtbg rioters were taken out of action by the accurate application of about a dllar ahd a half worth of 5.56 ball ammunition, the riots magically ENDED?

      So it would thus appear that Kyle, singlehandedly and over the space of five minutes and an approximate cost out of pocket ENDED the wild spree of destruction in that city. One YOUNG man accomplished what the entire police force and city government of Kenosha had FAILED to perform for three full days and nights.

      HE was “well regulted”, and as indicated accurately above, a member in good standing of the local Kenosha militia. In this case, the militia did indeed re-establish “the security of a free state”.

      That trial was, on its own poor merit, a travesty of justice that never should have happened. And thejudge Schroeder did NOT move as he should have to protect Kyle’s rights. He allowed Dirtbag Binger far too much leeway, should have had him ejected from the courtoom on multiple occasions, but h\let him prettle and connive on, nearly infecting the jury with his lies. HE should be indicted on multiple accounts, and prosecuted.

    • Dave Moore,

      Kyle Rittenhouse is my hero, as are all the troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      The rioting and looting continue because the law has been changed so that one cannot defend property with deadly force. In other words, “You loot, we shoot,” is no longer legal. If it was legal for either the police or the patriots to get tough on rioters, the riots would be over quickly. Same is true for the southern border. I wish all fifty states would defend their own borders, and practice civil disobedience when the federal government tells them they can’t do that.

      Most of the problems we face as a nation are fixable, and Donald Trump proved that. In former times, if a nation’s leader was stupid or evil, the people suffered, because the nation was not well led. America is upside down, on purpose. We are a government led by the people, and the politicians are our servants. However, if the people become stupid or evil, the nation will not be well led either. That is what we see today. Half the voters are deluded idiots. If a smart person favors Marxism, it is because he is evil, greedy for power and control.

  10. This is, of course, wonderful news. Especially that the jury managed to withstand the threats made against them (if they knew of them: not sure about that).

    What’s less heartening is that we hear the Feds are going to go after him now. On the other hand there are plenty of people he can sue the arse off for defamation.

    Poor sod. He’s already gone, and will probably now have to go, through more than most of us could easily handle at his age. But absolutely the best of luck to him, and may the gods be with him.

  11. Mas,

    Now that the Rittenhouse Case is legally decided, do you intend to “Write it up”?

    To my mind, there is no better case (in my experience) to teach lessons on Self-Defense. This case, literally, has it all:

    1) Being tried in the “Court of Public Opinion” by a biased, lying media.
    2) Use of a long arm (AR-15) in self-defense.
    3) Wisdom (or lack thereof) in dealing with riots.
    4) Situational awareness and the need to not be cut off and isolated by criminals.
    5) Every possible element of self-defense including innocence and the ability to regain innocence by retreat and communication (“Friendly, Friendly, Friendly”).
    6) Dealing with multiple attackers and disparity of force.
    7) The use of both firearms and other weapons (shod foot, skateboard, etc.) by the attackers.
    8) Ammunition selection and the impact it may have in the field and at trial.
    9) Dealing with the police after a shooting(s).
    10) Political influence in the decision to bring charges by a Prosecutor.
    11) The use of video evidence during trial.
    12) The decision of a defendant to take the stand during a trial.
    13) The effect of a Judge’s decisions at trial.
    14) The use of “Dirty Tricks” by a Prosecutor. Indeed, Binger and his team gave a Master’s Class on this topic.
    15) Jury selection, jury instructions and jury deliberations.

    The above just scratches the surface. I am sure that entire books will be written on this case.

    Indeed, there is so much material here that I don’t see how you could fit it into a single “Ayoob File”. Maybe a multi-part “Ayoob File” series?

    Just curious. However, if you do choose to write it up, I would greatly look forward to reading your analysis of this case!

    • TN_Man,

      I would add an 16th item to your excellent list: “The need for CCL insurance” (not really “insurance,” but pre-paid legal services plans).

      Many people believe that “a good shoot is a good shoot,” and that’s all the protection they’ll every need. I think we’ve seen here that that is simply not the case.

      This case vividly showed the grandstanding of an anti-gun prosecutor and the lengths to which he would go to discredit a claim of self-defense. Not the least of which were the $2 million bail for an accused who presented no flight risk, impugning the accused’s 5th Amendment rights, attempting to slip-in prior statements of the accused (that were specifically excluded by the judge) to show state of mind, the mischaracterization of the deceased’s actions and motives, and the melodramatic pointing of the weapon in the direction of the jurors.

      Most of us aren’t going to have the benefit of a cherubic face and a nationally-promoted defense fund. For less than the cost of one hour of a good attorney’s time, we can purchase one of these plans to protect ourselves, our liberty, and our family’s financial well-being.

      • Speaking as a two-time MAG40 student and ACLDN member, I heartily agree. Can you just imagine how expert witness Massad Ayoob would have eviscerated that so-called prosecutor? I’d pay a lot to see THAT video!

      • MAG40 Student,

        Also, imagine if this incident had happened in a different state. Notice how different states would have had different outcomes. Different judges and different jurors would also produce different outcomes. In some states, Kyle would be guilty. In other states, Kyle would be innocent. As Spock would say, “Fascinating.” But, scary too.

    • “[I] don’t see how you could fit it into a single ‘Ayoob File.’ Maybe a multi-part ‘Ayoob File’ series?”

      Before I even read this part, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it could be done in three, but I think five would be better. The “lessons learned” are certainly abundant and the reference material alone is nothing short of voluminous.

    • Yes. All these points are demonstrative of what needs to be considered in a self-defense instance. Brilliant.

  12. Hallelujah! Thanks to Mas for telling us the truth from the beginning. As he said, and as we have all heard about before, this case proves that first, you defend yourself from criminals, then second, you defend yourself from the legal system.

    Imagine a different judge handling this case. Imagine either stupid jurors, or jurors who are intimidated by the mob, on this case. There would have been a different, unjust outcome. Also, imagine this incident, and subsequent trial being held in NY, NJ, CA or some other slave state ruled by the mentally insane. Change a few things, and this trial could have been a nightmare for patriots.

    Now, I think the owners of burned-out, looted businesses need justice, and so do their insurance companies. I wish they could simply stop paying taxes to government officials who despise them, but that is difficult. Hopefully, the business owner will move to free states, and the cities they leave will turn into hellholes.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ruined by atom bombs, then rebuilt. America’s cities are being ruined by Democrat leaders. But, it must be remembered, stupid voters put them there, and kept them there.

  13. Rittenhouse a free class……….. I would like to see that idiot Binger take a basic NRA Firearms Safety class after his stunt pointing the AR15 at the courtroom audience.

    • As an NRA-certified instructor, I agree that Binger desperately needs some good firearm-safety training. He also desperately needs some training in self-defense law and firearms law. But, I suspect the guy is untrainable in the knowledge, skills and attitudes applicable to firearm safety. He therefore would never be accepted into my classroom.

      • the absolute best (and only just ) thing that can befall Binger would be to find himself disbarred and criminally charged. HE violated at least one of WI’s gun laws as he ppointed that rifle at individuals around the courtoom. As he has given, so should he receive. In spades and piled high.

      • Tionico,

        I agree with what has been written about Binger’s unsafe action in the courtroom. No one on this blog needs me to point this out, but I would point it out to non-gun owners. The AR-15 Binger pointed at the jury had no magazine inserted into it. So, I’m guessing that to Binger, he thought of it as “unloaded.” However, as every trained gun owner knows, there could have been one round in the chamber, AND THE IDIOT HAD HIS FINGER ON THE TRIGGER. So, one shot could have been fired, as Alec Baldwin found out. To repeat, we know the gun could not have been fired repeatedly, but it could have fired one shot, and, by looking at the gun, there is no way of knowing if it had a round in the chamber or not, unless we were to open the action. Even so, even pointing a truly unloaded weapon at a person is a violation of firearm safety rules.

        Why did Binger do that? Did he think pointing that devastating, assault weapon at the jury would scare them? Did he want them to be afraid of the gun, and of anyone bold enough to arm himself with such a deadly weapon. We all know one round from an AR-15 could stop a T-Rex in its tracks. ; )

    • “Stunt” doesn’t begin to cover–
      Let’s take Binger’s actions at face value, and see where it leads.
      “Never aim at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.” He was willing to destroy the jury.
      “Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.” He was ready to shoot them.
      “All guns are always loaded.” Loaded with a direct threat, at least.

      I am at a loss to understand why Binger has not been charged with brandishing.

  14. The prosecution did their best to cheat and lie ‘legally’.

    Still didn’t work.

    Now I am actually surprised Kyle was acquitted on all charges. Not cause I thought he was guilty but cause I was afraid they would throw him to the lions to save their skins.

    That jury took guts! The news tried to follow their van so they could find where they live and either dox them or tell the radicals where they lived. Jury tampering.

    Now part to comes… lawsuits. The most vulnerable is the guy who bought the gun for Kyle (straw purchase.) Expect the gubberment to take out their fury on him. And the two creeps families… well I’m sure some bottom feeding lawyer will come to their aid and show them how much they were traumatized by the loss of these two.. things.

    • The guy who bought owned and still owns the AR in question did so legally. It was HIS, kept at HIS place, in a safe.
      There IS no Wisconsin law that would prohibit his loaning that weapon to Kyle, as he did, legally. They tried hammering Kyle on under age in possession of a dangerous weapon”, which law also defines that legal term, and the AR was NOT a “dangerous weapon”. HThus that charge got tossed, rightly, but the judge. That one’s a dead horse. WHen the rifle is returned to its rightful owner, it will go back to the guy who piurchased it. They had agreed, apparently, that once Kyle turned 18 he would buy it from the original owner, which can be a private fzce to face sale compliant with WI law.

  15. Mas:

    Most respectfully, we have disagreed on the topic that the defendant must testify in order to be acquitted of murder on multiple occasions and still got acquittals. Cases on point, Mary H, William L, Luis C and several others. That decision depends on the facts and circumstances unique to each case.

  16. I was rather surprised by this mornings AP article on the verdict. Quite even handed and factual. Considering some of the other stuff I recall their writers ginned up prior to the verdict, I except it’s a fig leaf toward damage control. I hope that Kyle finds the stamina to sue those who smeared him over the last year and change. Perhaps any legal team can use today’s article to add a few more respondents.

    I can see why Kyle might not want to see that particular firearm again, but, under the circumstances, I don’t believe I’d have left the court house without it.

  17. “The sole highlight of the Harris Administration was the full acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.”

    -Election Wizard

  18. Kyle is only technically free. Kyle is 18. Wherever he goes, he will be watched. 18 is a great age to be irresponsible and do stupid things if no one is watching closely. If he ever does anything, he will be mercilessly hounded and persecuted both by the media and the justice system.

  19. Not guilty on all counts, and yet his life is still effectively destroyed. There is no winner in a case like this, the fallout will follow him forever. You must be 100% willing to give your life to defend yourself or a loved one, because even if you win, you still lose.

      • Yes. NEVER EVER let someone else take your life! I am still here despite organized efforts by KKK & Militia.

        KR stayed in the fight, and as Atty Richardson remarked, the others came in second.

    • A similar sentiment was uttered by the defense attorney for Gerald Ung. When asked how he felt after his victory, the reply was to the effect that “In a case like this, there are no winners.”

      Strikingly similar, Mr Ung defended himself and 2 companions after one of a group of 5-6 drunken louts, who’d been harassing them, attacked Mr Ung. The attack was captured by a Fox affiliate street camera, however, the attacker-who ended up crippled for life- was politically connected. You can read about it in the Philadelphia Enquirer.

      Mr. Ung was is his last semester of Law School at Temple. I’ve occasionally wondered if he finished.

  20. KR will likely now be the subject of civil suit(s). In his corner is the fact hes basically broke- so blood from a stone. Hes also a young man with 60 more years ahead of him. Id say in most of our cases we have more to lose which is why I carry more insurance but nothing can make up for the emotional trauma. The old saying “Dont go to stupid places where stupid people are doing stupid things” is something KR had to learn the hard way.

  21. Well, it may not be over, yet. Jerry Nadler wants the DOJ to review the case. He Tweeted the following: “This heartbreaking verdict is a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent which justifies federal review by DOJ. Justice cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines looking for trouble while people engage in First Amendment-protected protest.”
    It’s a shame he doesn’t have something important to do before November 2022…

  22. I am extremely gratified with the result of this trial, for it proves even with such biased media, with lies and falsehoods, that self defense is still, perhaps a little myopically, but is still recognized as a lawful means of survival from a mob or attackers. From day one, I was convinced of Kyle’s right to defend himself. the fact that all his attackers were convicted lawbreakers prior to that night, and that they have zero regard or respect for the rights and sanctity of other people, just reinforces the right of Kyle’s actions. He would have been beaten to death by the child rapist, probably with skateboard wielder’s assistance. I do hope he sues the hind ends off all his opponents. The fact that the evil bag of jello, Nadler, is pushing for the DOJ to investigate, probably because their democratic shock troops were assaulted and the person that did it has been exonerated, means their troops are vulnerable and it might persuade others to scale back the attacks on the cities and conservatives because they might not be protected by the deep state as much as they thought they were.

    Even with clear open video evidence of a perfect self defense scenario, the fact is, that the deep state still wants their pound of flesh from this upstanding and outstanding young man, and that is disgusting and evil. What ever the DOJ manage to do, to complete the evil destruction of Kyle’s life, I sincerely hope the conservatives make it right when they regain the control of things. In the meantime, we need to throw as much support as we are able to Kyle Rittenhouse. He needs to know more than ever, there is a vast number of decent people that agree with what he did, even though he should have avoided placing himself in such a position in the first place. However, with that stated, If we, collectively, do not stand up and push back as Kyle did, with this evil continuing their attacks on all people of good character, then they will win, they will destroy all that we hold dear. It took a seventeen year old kid, to stand up to the mob, when adults should have done so. If we don’t push back, they will continue to take, until there is nothing left to push back for. I for one, do not want to live in that dark world!

    • GerryK.,

      You wrote an excellent comment. I just want to add to your mention of ” . . . clear open video evidence . . . ” I am not just picking on you, because TV anchors are saying the exact same thing you are saying. Not only was there video from multiple phones/cameras/drones, there was also AUDIO. Before everyone carried wonder gadget technology in their hands, we would be relying on eyewitness testimony, and maybe, just maybe, security camera video footage only, not AUDIO. The Golden Age of Technology is really helping us when a crime is recorded so as to be seen AND heard. Of course, I know the technology is spying on all of us, too.

  23. Justice prevailed and Kyle is free. The Left is doing what they always do-lashing out with blind rage. The DOJ must investigate! We need to destroy our current legal system! We need to ban all guns! This is modern day slavery! Defund the police! They realize that the majority of Americans disagree with their views and they also realize that in less than a year their power will evaporate at the election box. Be prepared for even crazier stuff to come in 2022.

  24. As a parent, I wouldn’t let my seventeen-year-old inject himself into this kind of a situation. I agree with the verdict. However, I still think this young man exercised very poor judgment and should have kept himself and his gun home.

    • As a former 17 year old and parent of half a dozen former 17 year olds, when they have a car and an income what a parent can let them do is rather limited.

  25. Kyle is justifiably free at the moment. But we in the gun community have to live under politicians who don’t understand or care about the law.

    The Governor of where I live (notice I didn’t say “my Governor”) is quoted: Gavin Newsom Denounces Rittenhouse Verdict: “We Just Sent the ‘Message’ That You Can ‘Kill People and Get Away With it’”

  26. I am “angry and concerned” about Pres. Biden, who immediately upon hearing the news went on record as being “angry and concerned” about the verdict.

    But mostly, my heart goes out to Kyle. PTSD, and a mountain to climb *yet* — trying to have any kind of life after what he’s just been through. I am very worried for him. It’s not just that there will be people continuing to persecute him, but that he’ll always be known for this one moment in time… when he was just 17… and lost what so many seem to take for granted. My thoughts are with him.

  27. What is Biden thinking? He’s telling the nation that matters like these cannot be determined by the courts, but should be dealt with by the conventional press and by social media?

    If we really *can’t* trust the courts, then…

    Well, there is no “then.” The Executive Branch should be reminding the constituency to support the Judicial Branch, not telling them that, as a mob, they should ignore it. (Right?)

  28. Tried by twelve instead of carried by six.

    Kyle displayed a level of unconscious competence in his firearm manipulations under extreme duress we should aspire to.

    Kudos to the Jurors that no doubt got an education in this process & deliberations. They came to the correct conclusion. Amen. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

  29. Rittenhouse’s use of force was found to be justified under the law. This is very old law going back hundreds of years to English Common Law.

    The American Left does not accept this verdict. They despise America, as founded, and they also despise the Common Law Principles dating to its founding.

    In their eyes, Rittenhouse is guilty of violating a HIGHER LAW. His real crime was to violate the “Safari Principle”. Sadly, the Left-Wing “Safari Principle” has nothing to do with hunting big game in Africa. It means something else entirely. See this link for an explanation:

    So, his REAL CRIME was OPPOSING the AMERICAN LEFT. In their eyes, that is an unpardonable crime that deserves, and must be punished by, absolute destruction of the GUILTY INDIVIDUAL.

    In their eyes, Kyle Rittenhouse’s guilt is obvious and they are FURIOUS that he is ducking PUNISHMENT!!!

    If all of the above seems crazy to you, just remember that these people are clinically insane (as I noted in a previous post).

    • Friend TN_MAN, I never heard of the “Safari Principle” until now. It would be hilarious if it were not so dangerous. Thank you for the update. If I had your generous arsenal, I would carry both your .400 Jeffery AND a 12-gauge when getting out of the car in Safari-land. Might be a serious challenge for dual-wield, but one could use slings for alternating between each self-protection device. The natives are definitely getting restless out there, no slurs intended. Actually, most people can be considered natives of the place that they live. Remember “The Asphalt Jungle?” Up with hospitality, forgiveness, and impartial justice, and down with hostility! (Grrr! and @#$%&!)

  30. This again restores my faith in juries. I’ve been a criminal defense attorney for 44+ years and have tried hundreds of felony cases. It’s my experience that in spite of the efforts of judges, prosecutors, or defense attorneys to lead them astray juries almost always manage to get it right. I wasn’t surprised by the verdict.

  31. Happy to see that Kyle Rittenhouse avoided being legally lynched by justice system. Now he should file defamatory lawsuits against ALL those who told lies about him, including the POTUS, Aunt Kamala, big mouthed Demoncrat politicians, the fake news media, liberal celebrities, self proclaimed legal/social experts, and big tech. Rittenhouse should become the first billionaire winner of lawsuits.

    The next step is to disbar those shyster prosecutors for pulling a ‘Clinton/Obama’ which is, blatantly lying constantly. Not much luck with that though, as state prosecutors are considered law enforcement and are allowed to spew falsehoods in the performance of their duties. Police can lie to suspects, but not the other way.

    I hope the courageous members of the Rittenhouse jury and their families remain stay from the crazy and vengeful nuts who wish to harm them. Mas, you may want to consider offering a discount to the members of the Rittenhouse jury for your classes to help them prepare for any violent actions against them.

    • Tom, I’d be happy to offer a free class to a Rittenhouse juror (I teach in that area most years). That would, however, require them to shed their anonymity with someone they don’t know, which I very much doubt most of them are likely to do in the current hostile atmosphere.

      • They can register as John or Mary Smith to stay below the radar of those wishing them harm. However, if they are discovered, having a completion diploma for a shooting class from the great Massad Ayoob should discourage any scumbag(s) from taking them on. However no amount of shooting skills will help if one is ambushed and shot from behind or at long range with a scoped rifle

        John Wick should take one of Mas’ classes so he won’t have to use so many rounds to down his opponents. Ammo is expensive nowadays.

  32. Mas — I’ve been reading your stuff for years — always valuable and to the point, even if I didn’t always agree 100%. Seems to me that KR was being railroaded the same way lots of successful defenders have been railroaded [as per your many accounts]. By chance, KR didn’t make any of the trivial mistakes that some have made that ruined their defences.

    Would you say that, aside from the extraordinary hostile media coverage, the Rittenhouse case was unusual in terms of prosecutorial malfeasance? Or was it fairly typical? People [idiots] are angry that KR was acquitted…but should they rather be angry about how many decent people got undeserved convictions?

  33. Here is a prime example of how the Anti-American Media lies by means of a misleading headline:

    These Media propagandists know that many low-information readers will not read beyond the headline. In other words, a lot of people will skim the headline but move on without reading the included story.

    So, the media will mislead with the headline but be careful to not put anything in the body of the story that can be labeled as a deliberate falsehood.

    As you can see from this story, the headline boldly (and falsely) proclaims that the Rittenhouse verdict was, as a matter of law, wrong. There are (as Attorney Andrew Blanca notes all the time) standards that define self-defense. Depending upon the laws of a particular State, there are either four (4) of five (5) legal standards to meet. These are:

    1) Innocence of defender
    2) Imminence of threat
    3) Proportionality of opposing force
    4)Reasonableness of Actions by defender

    and some State add:

    5) Avoidance of trouble by defender

    The headline LOUDLY PROCLAIMES that Rittenhouse VIOLATED these Standards. That is a black LIE. As attorney Andrew Blanca repeatedly pointed out, in his coverage of this case, Rittenhouse met every one of these standards. You can read his many articles, on this case, here:

    Having lied to his readers in the headline, the author of the article goes on to discuss self-defense in general terms. Thus giving the appearance of accuracy and fairness. Notice, however, that he writes NOTHING to back up his lying headline. The article utterly FAILS to point out any violation made by Rittenhouse. It really does not discuss him, in depth, at all.

    That is how it is done folks. These propagandists do it all the time. Lie like the blazes in the headline but then cover themselves by not including any direct falsehoods in the body of the story itself. The accuracy of the body of the story is what keeps them out of libel court and allows them to publish it and then say that they STAND behind their story.

    As I noted, this is a favorite tactic of the propagandists that pass themselves off as journalists in America today.

    I reckon that calling themselves journalists or reporters, instead of propagandists, is really their BIGGEST LIE of all!

    • As the late Adolf Hitler was claimed to have said, “If you want people to believe a lie, tell the biggest one, tell it loudly, and tell it often.” It sure seemed to have worked with the German people of the 1930’s and early 1940’s. The current Demoncrat Party and most American media organizations have used this tactic very successfully.

  34. It turned out to be a sidelight, but to me the most unprofessional thing the prosecutor did was to indict Rittenhouse for the misdemeanor illegally carrying.

    IANAL, but it seems like if the prosecution charges a defendant with an offense, it darn well better be able to point out where in Wisconsin law that offense is. The video of the judge calling the prosecutor’s bluff was worth the rest of the trial.

    I’m guessing he included it in case the rest of the case fell apart, so the jury could at least find Rittenhouse guilty of something. Or because the media is still saying it was an “illegal gun.”

  35. I would have to agree with all that has been previously written.
    I missed most of the trial, so I can’t comment in detail. However, when the prosecutor picked up the AR-15 and pointed it at the jury, I was dumbfounded by the lack of sights. It had the usual picatinny rail with a partial on the gas block. Where were the sights? In another still photo the AR had what looked like an EOTECH holographic sight. Presumably the EOTECH was removed prior to the trial?

  36. I was a prosecutor for a little over ten years. I have prosecuted felonies and misdemeanors. I have also defended both. I am an expert on firearms law and the law of self defense in the State of Washington. The prosecution of this case was unethical. Taking into consideration the Law of Self Defense, the case should not have been filed. What was wholly unethical was the prosecutor’s comment on the defendant’s post-arrest silence, the withholding of evidence and threatening the jurors by pointing an AR-15 at the jurors. He should be disbarred.

  37. I’m pleasantly surprised by the verdict.

    I thought for sure the jury would find him guilty of something. I’m going to lift a glass Jameson’s to KR and his defense team tonight. I also would love to read your summary of this case and agree there’s more there than one article. It could probably fill a whole book by itself.

    May the season bring you many blessings.

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