Who stands six feet, five inches tall, weighs 300 pounds, and carries a cocked and locked STI 1911 pistol? LarryCorriea02

Well, I can think of two. Owen Zastava Pitt and Larry Correia. Or maybe that’s one, ‘cause Larry created Owen as the lead protagonist in his best-selling science fiction/fantasy series of novels, and the two have a lot in common.

A little while back in this blog, when I wrote about meeting Stephen Hunter, one of my favorite writers, I mentioned that I hoped to one day meet Correia, too, because he was one of the very few writers I read in that genre. The reason was that he got his details right, did not break my “willing suspension of disbelief” … and was also funny as hell.

In person, it turns out, Larry Correia is also funny as hell in person, and totally down to earth, and of course, One of Us. What else should we expect from a guy who was associated with the coolest named gun shop in history, Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns, in his younger days?

I enjoyed heck out of his best-selling series, Monster Hunter International. In his second best-selling series, the Grimnoir Chronicles (which he describes as a blend of early 20th Century noir and steampunk), he had me in the first such novel when he made John Moses Browning one of the characters. The evil princess and I have the next two in the series as audiobooks and will be consuming them on our next long drive.

LarryCorriea01If you’re a gun person and you haven’t read Correia, you’re missing some great entertainment. Check him out – Amazon will get you to his work, and Google should get you in among his many fans – and I think you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and by the way, Larry’s last name is pronounced “Korea,” not “courier.”


  1. I agree. The Monster Hunters is entertaining urban fantasy fiction and Grimnoir series has John Moses Browning as a character!!!

  2. … so it’s Late At Night, raining hard. I’m in the middle of a werewolf scene in one of Larrys’ MHI novels…… and suddenly a coyote starts howling not 25 meters away from the house. AWESOME !!!

  3. SO, how many Cuban agents, Vanpires and evil beings of another dimension, died as a result??? I don’t think you could go more than fifteen minutes being with Larry without something like that happening…;)

  4. Mas – Glad that you did get to meet up with LC, and I’m very glad to hear that you guys got along when you did. And agreed that LC’s books are a lot of fun. Okay, they’re not great literature – but, you probably guessed that when I said they were a lot of fun . . .

  5. Mas, your fourth paragraph ends “Grimnoir Chronicles (which he.” After clicking on Comments I get a third paragraph that ends “Funny Bunny.” This is via Firefox. Thanks for the recommendations, though. I plan to look at Correia’s books now, and probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

  6. Mas, if you REALLY want to hurt yourself laughing, ask Larry about when the Cookie Monster of Sesame Street was a merc. Srsly. Scary shite.

  7. Two-Gun Steve, Firefox must be doing its own spellcheck schtick. I’m still getting the real name, Fuzzy Bunny, which sadly is no longer in business.

  8. Great literature is the stuff one is required to read to get the sheepskin in college. Monster Hunters already has me distracted from this world creeping with real monsters, so in my opinion…. This is great literature.
    Thanks Mas, for the article.

  9. Mas, you’re right. “Fuzzy Bunny” with no period. I was up too late again. “Funny Bunny” might have a more specialized clientele, with lots of pink merchandise. Odd to see the text difference between the LARRY CORREIA part to the Comments section, though.

  10. I’m getting into some serious Correia withdrawal…tell him to quit picking on hapless SJWs long enough to get some books out!!!

  11. I’ve been a fan of Larry since his books were recommended on the Gun Rights Radio Network forums about 4 years back or so. Huge fan. Yes, definitely one of us, and even some those who aren’t “of us” are fans of his (and some of the rest hate his guts simply because he tells the truth, writes good stories, and makes a crap ton of money doing so).

    Yes, VERY funny.

    And he’s also one of the most approachable guys in person. I got to finally meet him in person a little over a year ago at Salt Lake Comic-con, and it was an absolute pleasure.

    If y’all haven’t started following his blog or the MHI fangroup facebook page, it’s VERY much worth your while. Larry says he has the best fans, and I think he’s right because we simply are incapable of taking ourselves the least bit seriously.

    Larry’s Website: http://monsterhunternation.com/

    The MHI facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/99503651773/

  12. Look at that! Two of my favorite authors standing next to each other!

    I hope you two were able to get some range time together.

  13. I missed the first edition of MHI back when I was active on THR. Read it when it was released by Baen books and I’ve been reading every since. Larry is funny as all get out. And the Cookie Monster thread is a riot, with lots of fans participating too.

    Don’t let that friendly blue fuzzy exterior fool you. CM’s a straight up operator. He’s a regular gun-slinging door-kicker. I saw enough of him in REDACTED and REDACTED to know to not mess with him.

    Great to see 2 of my favorite authors get along. Great minds think alike.

  14. I met Larry at the gunshop (Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns) here in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. He attended an NRA instructors course I presented and we became friends. His passion and humor are contagious, his writing skills immense, and he represents the firearms community admirably. It is wonderful to see good people recognized as he now is.

  15. May I say, as a professional audiobook narrator, that the performances by Bronson Pinchot on the GrimNoir books and Oliver Wyman on the Monster Hunter International books are superb. I listen to them over and over, for inspiration as well as sheer pleasure.

  16. Thanks Mas, I’ve always wondered about his last name! One more small mystery solved!

    I wrote to him the last time I was in Iraq, and he hooked me up with a pair of MHI patches, that looked quite dashing on my flight helmet. 😀

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