We wrapped up teaching for the year last Friday with a MAG-120, our third-level class. The numerical designation of the class indicates the number of cumulative hours training with us at Massad Ayoob Group.

 All 25 students passed the extremely difficult triple-speed handgun qualification.  (Kudos to the top shot in class, Jonny Bath, who passed it with a 99% score.) They left with three certificates apiece: MAG-120, certified practitioner in handgun retention, and certified practitioner with the Persuader ™ mini-baton.

Almost all of the shooting drills were some sort of qualification, often at faster speeds than required by law enforcement.  We went to triple speed on the carbine and shotgun quals.  

This program encompasses defensive handgun and long gun, and also includes introduction to fully automatic weapons. Part of the reason for the buzz guns is that after a hundred and twenty hours with me, I think they deserve a little fun.

The Evil Princess and I usually try to take a sabbatical from teaching during the period of mid-December through the end of January. We take the time to sort out administrative stuff and also to catch up on writing.  I’m afraid that won’t happen this year: after eighteen months of COVID-closed courtrooms the dam has burst, and the expert witness side of what I do has me scheduled to testify in three trials in January.

Our teaching schedule comes alive again in February. For anyone interested in our classes around the country, information is available at http://massadayoobgroup.com

The December 2021 class and teaching team., Ya done good, folks!
Every student had to give a 10-ninute presentation to the class. Here Atty. George Lyon talks about some of the Second Amendment cases he has helped to win in DC.
MAG has great teaching teams around the country, but none are better or more experienced than our Florida crew who did the latest MAG-120!
One portion of the class had each student teaching a kid how to shoot — a completion of the learning circle, if you will. They and the kids did great.
Every single grad passed a police-type handgun qualification shooting at triple the standard speed. Note aggressive forward body postures from the StressFire (TM) shooting system to more quickly overcome recoil and get back on target.
Carbine and shotgun qualifications were shot successfully at triple speed, too.
Jonny Bath was top shot in trip speed pistol with 297 out of 300 possible points, earning a MAG challenge coin. Like each graduate, he earned MAG-120, handgun retention certification, and Persuader mini-baton certification.


  1. Looks like an exciting course! I need to begin my progression towards it!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you, Ms. Gail and everyone else!


  2. Great class, Mas – compliments to Gail for the excellent photos and the whole team for the terrific instruction.

  3. MAG-40 was excellent, but I’ll have to pass on 80 next year due to schedule conflicts. I’ll have to put it on my 2023 to-do list then follow up with the 120 the next year. (Did the rest of you mail your notes to yourself?)

  4. Great photos! They look like a bunch of patriotic, liberty-loving, Americans!

    I know you’ll do well in court. I hope justice prevails.

  5. Not asking who was the slowest or most inaccurate shooter. Willing to bet the whole platoon was pretty good. Great to see some of what goes on at the camp. Not asking what full auto weapons were fired, either. Feeling that extra intimidation factor in one’s hands is a unique experience, though. The class may be the world’s best place to do it. Lucky shooters. The ballistic vest looks like it has a chicken plate pocket? Just curious what caliber is generally considered at the penetration threshold for the plate. Not asking for a demonstration. Thank you for the article. So good to see such a group of people that I would like to have living on my block.

  6. It is a good idea to obtain one’s carry permit, in non-constitutional carry States, and obtain training too. The MAG series of classes are among the best training available for civilians IMHO. I have taken the MAG-20 and MAG-40 classes myself and they were excellent.

    We need such measures because the American Left continues to destabilize our country in multiple ways. The crime, violence and chaos that we see today are a direct result of their policies and their efforts.

    Let me give a quick lesson on how the American Left operates by isolating one series of their actions in one Blue City. The City is New York. This is a small part of what the Left did, and is still doing, to destabilize New York City.

    1) The media propagandists of the Left sit, like vultures, waiting for someone to die in such a way that they can exploit it for propaganda value. The opportunity came when George Floyd died of a drug overdose while being arrested by the police.

    2) The media vultures immediately took flight. They whipped up a narrative of racism and police brutality to inflame the people. Simultaneously, the American Left sent their Brown Shirts, Antifa and BLM, into the streets to riot and burn during a Presidential Election year. The goal for all of this was to (1) blame Trump and deny him a second term in office and (2) create conditions of chaos that they could further exploit to implement their polices. This is a prime method used by the American Left. Create a crisis and then exploit the crisis to gain further power and control. This was done with the death of George Floyd. It is also being done with the crisis on our Southern Border and with Covid-19. Create then exploit. It is the classic “one-two punch” of the American Left.

    3) having created a crisis of riots, over George Floyd’s death, in NY City plus numerous other Blue Cities, they move to exploit it. They use the police, in a limited way, to control the extent of the riots. They want the riots to be “news worthy” but they don’t want the whole city to burn (in NY anyway). So, the police use some limited force to keep the riots from getting totally out of hand.

    4) Now comes the exploitation! Having used the police as their pawns, they will now use them again for propaganda value. They charge the police with brutality. They uses their media attack dogs to claim that the NYPD used “excessive force” in quelling the riots.

    5) Having set up this narrative, with their media tools, they then demand an “investigation” into the NYPD for excessive force in dealing with the riots. This investigation, of course, is a sham. The result is foreordained before the investigation even starts. The police are guilt. The investigation drafts a report to say so. Here it is:


    6) Having found the NYPD guilty of doing their jobs, the report (of course) makes recommendations for methods to “improve” the NYPD and the criminal justice system. Well, what do you know? The recommendations are the EXACT POLICIES that the American Left has been pushing all along! What a coincidence. Here are some of the resulting recommendation:

    – Restructure the NYPD to be more subservient to the American Left
    – Increase “Diversity”
    – Remove the protections that the NYPD needs to operate
    – Decriminalize minor offenses (Boy, that sure worked great in the People Republic of California!)
    – Limit Police use of force and resulting legal protections. Attack the concept of self-defense even by law-enforcement

    As you can see, this report reads like a left-wing “wish list” of policies and NYPD restrictions.

    7) With this report “in-hand”, the American Left will move to implement these policies. They now have “justification” to implement the very policies that they were inching to implement all along.

    The chain is complete. We see the left using their media attack dogs to foment an initial crisis. This crisis was then expanded, by the Left’s Brown Shirts, into a nationwide crisis suitable for exploitation. The Left then exploited this crisis to (a) help get rid of Donald Trump, (b) put their people in Washington, D.C. and (c) at the local level (like in NY City) to hobble the police and justify further implementation of left-wing policies. Policies that are a disaster for the American People.

    Create crisis and then exploit the crisis for further political gain and control. A classic play of the American Left. When will the American People ever wake up to these games that the Leftists play? How much longer will we allow them to manipulate the American People like puppets on a string?

    It has been going on for so long, I am afraid that it won’t stop until America is in ruins. So, yes indeed. See to your arms and see to your training. You will likely need them before this is finished.

    • Esteemed TN_MAN, the “nypd-report” pretty well ignores some fundamental causes of public disturbance, such as funding whole communities of fatherless family homes, poor appreciation of the damaging role of the Media Mob in igniting riotous “peaceful” demonstrations, and too little insistence on upholding fact and logic over rumor and poor reasoning. Not to mention the need of a forgiving and grateful attitude for the difficulty and sacrifice regarding police work. Thank you for bringing the report here. I know, for one, that I would likely not have read it anywhere nearly as soon, if at all. Let us do what we can, day by day.

    • TN_MAN,

      Excellent! One knowledgeable person in NYC who would agree with you is “Jimmy from Brooklyn.” He has been studying the Left/Socialists/Communists since 1970. He goes to Communist Party meetings, and reads their literature.

      I only know him from when he calls in to talk radio shows on WABC AM 770. He may be on social media, but I don’t use social media. I don’t know his real name, but I wish he would publish a book.

      Unbelievably, I know some patriotic Americans who still vote for Democrats. It is probably too late for this to matter, but if you (the reader) vote Democrat then you must stop. You don’t have to vote for Republicans, but if you vote for Democrats you are harming this country, and ultimately, you are harming yourself. Republicans don’t do any good, but Democrats harm us. Educate yourself.

  7. Mas,

    Just wanted to wish you and Gail the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Year’s. Looking forward to seeing you both in Michigan in June.

    One quick question when you get a minute. What is the shotgun and carbine qualification? Just curious. Looked like a lot of fun.

    Good luck with all your court cases. Hopefully, the truth and you, will set the good guys free.

    Bonnie & Sam

  8. Thank you Mas for a splendid course. I sure had great time and learned plenty in addition to developing a good worklist for myself going forward. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday and don’t work to hard on your court cases. Kindly, Philippa

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