1. Anytime I am required to allow a website to install a cookie into my computer in order to see something, I generally assume they are more interested in collecting info about me than in getting their message out. Sorry I won’t get to see what ever you think is so funny.

  2. Glad I waited until evening to read the Ruger LCP .180 ACP review, as I surely would’ve short-circuited my keyboard with the freshly ground/brewed coffee I drink each morning. I could’ve held it in, I think, up to the 10 lb. paper-target-weight-to-allow-for-penetration part, but at that point, blooiee…ssssssssszzzzzt.

    Thanks for acquainting me with Mr. D’Allessandro’s magazine, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. And don’t forget membership in your state-level, gun rights organization. Here in Massachusetts, Gun Owners Action League fights daily to preserve our second amendment rights. They’re worth a membership for anyone who owns guns in the People’s Republic of Mass.

    Merry Christmas to all!


  4. The article about the new .180 Ruger was a hoot. Thanks for the link I needed a laugh. The magnum rifle primer and a pop rock haha.
    The sad part is that there is a ton of truth in the story.

    Take Care and Merry Christmas!

  5. On grips, let the recipient pick them – as they differ radically even in thickness. For instance, I used to sell a lot of thin grips designed for women.

  6. Good column, Mr. A. I looked at some of Eagle’s gorgeous grips and read the Ruger .180 article. That was really REALLY funny – “better than a sharp stick in the eye!!” Uh, maybe not. Good stuff.

  7. There was in real life a gun called the Lilliput, in 4.25 caliber (about .17). You can see an example here.

    It’s featured in a couple of novels by Alistair Maclean, in one of which he calls it “the smallest
    really effective automatic pistol on the market.

    I discovered years after reading this that it was more or less word for word what the contemporary Encyclopedia Britannica said about the Lilliput in its article on pistols, the problem being that I’m pretty sure the Britannica’s author meant that it was the smallest working pistol in existence, rather than the smallest manstopper.

  8. Ruger .180— gotta git me one a dos. It was good. And ammo is always good if you can’t think of any thing else.

  9. I’ve stopped by the Minature Arms collectors booths at the NRA annual meeting. These are WORKING arms with ammunition around 2mm. Gotta love a guy who will spend a year building an exact replica of a Colt SAA. They are costly but true art.

    an example…

  10. As a long term fan of Massad Ayoob’s work, a sincere thank you noting the piece on the SSCP. We thought we would offer a little break from the nightly news during the holiday season.

    For the gentleman who referenced the cookie issue. I understand your concerns, but we don’t track to anyone. The site is open to everyone, there is no associated cost and there is no required registration. We use a cookie only to stop antigun denial of service attacks and to protect against folks who pretend to operate search engines and download the content of other people’s sites. The cookie is an access count token only.

  11. I’ll tell you that the simplest things are sometimes the best for “stocking stuffers.”

    Id love to have a couple more flashlights for around the house. I especially like the streamlight 4AA model.

    It would please the heck outta me to get a couple of boxes of 38 special ammunition. I like wadcutters..especially for my S&W 642. I work a lot, and dont have time to search out the special ammo I want.

    If the giftee carries a certain autopistol, then mags are never a bad idea. One can never have enough of the glock 18 mags and it’s not easy to find 9mm Walther P-99 magazines. There are plenty of 40 caliber ones, but 9mm, not so much.

    I hit it lucky once and scored five at a discount on midway but you can never have enough spares.

    If your loved one has surefire flashlights, I’m sure they would fancy some fresh CR-123 batteries.

  12. “Id love to have a couple more flashlights for around the house. I especially like the streamlight 4AA model.”

    Consider a headband or ballcap LED type instead. Real handy for “three-handed” chores such as fueling generator, cooking, feeding baby.
    Streamlight makes a headband LED flashlight that has three brightness levels – and will run a week or two worth of nights on one set of batteries.

  13. You are making me glad I live in Florida with all that talk of paperwork. I bought a Beretta for my husband for Christmas several months back, filled out the BATFE form, and when Christmas rolled around gave it to him. No paperwork required here for selling/giving away firearms. I love it!

  14. I’m going to tell a few of my friends about your site. I’ve learned a lot reading here. Thanks!

  15. Last Christmas, my wife bought me some grips from and they were great! She didn’t quite get the 1911 grips configured right for my gun, but I was able to exchange them for a set that fit perfect… another good gift idea for shooters.