1. Is there any chance the five hour lecture will be made available on CD or DVD.

      • I’ll bet it will find a solid market. I’d certainly buy that set. Reading a book is one thing, hearing the guy tell it in his own voice would be yet anohter. How many can attend each of these live events? How many can afford the travel and time off toGO?

        His lectures on audio WOULD find a market.

  2. Massad Ayoob is, himself, an American hero. Thanks for teaching the crowd.

  3. I’ve studied the case extensively as well Mas and have seen many of the crime scene photographs including the ones of the bad guys. I hope you and EP make it to Ed’s lecture, let us remember that both offenders’ toxicology screens were negative and yet they were able to cause all this havoc and sorrow. I look forward to your AH article in a bit too.

  4. Just finished the book. Excellent, highly recommend for multiple reasons. Lyn

  5. The Older PI’s Who taught me what to do, in such a Situation, Stressed That “YOU Only Need One Round, Per Bad Guy, so long as You Don’t Miss, and That YOU Deliver it to a Fatal Area, of the Target”!


  6. I just finished reading the book. It’s a must read. Like Newhall, a watershed incident we must learn from. And it’s great that we have the opportunity to meet and listen to the insights of this hero.

  7. I too wish for a CD/DVD.
    Please pass that on for me.

    Living out here in the sticks it’s a bit of an issue traveling, and I really want to hear it direct.

  8. I’d hope that a DVD would be available. I’d love to attend, but I’ve got some issues that will probably prevent it and will be buying the book.

  9. Looking forward to it. Some people may tire of hearing about it, but it seems that every lesson is in that incident.

    Everyone who had a back up gun used it. At least a couple of people needed a back up gun and did not have one. At least one person was struck in their strong hand. A basically perfect shot to center mass did not stop the fight. And much of the shooting (and good guy missing) was beyond the stereotypical 7 yards.

    But the biggest tactical issue seemed to me to be that the two long guns that showed up for the fight (for the good guys) were full-length shot guns. Backseat queens, only one of which got in the fight. If every good guy car that day had a long gun of some sort that was handy, it may have been over fast. A Colt Commando, an MP5, a folding stock / short barrel 870, whatever. Even old paratrooper M1 Carbines could have done wonders. Anything that could have ridden up in the font seat. The bad guys had a compact rifle in the front seat, and the good guys did not.

    It is with amusement that the FBI blamed the 9mm, took a hacksaw to its 870’s, and then reissued the 9mm.

    But it always did impress me, and I am sure everyone, that Mireles suffered such a horrific wound but then got up on his feet and killed the sociopaths. Sheer force of will. Congressional Medal of Honor level grit. Can not wait to hear more.

  10. One of the other surviving FBI agents in that gunfight was John Hanlon. Massad Ayoob interviews him about that gunfight at Look for the “Gunfight survivors” tab. Look for show “065 John Hanlon remembers.”