1. Northwest Safety First looks like they really have their stuff together, along with Gottlieb and the Hayes. I’d like to get on a fast jet-ski right now (Ha!) and make the trip to N.S.F in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands just to see the area where the author Ernest K. Gann reportedly chose to spend much of his time. I know some Canadians from B.C (not D.C.!) who got so fed up with Canadian gun laws that they moved to a nearby northwest Washington county. Thanks to people like Alan Gottlieb, we may be spared in the U.S. the home firearms inspections, road checkpoint stops, and confiscations that obtain in Canada now. Marty and Gila are godsends in the areas of safety education and providing avenues of legal recourse for John Q. Public for when the wet wash hits the rotor blades in a self-defense encounter. Thank you, thank you all.

  2. For anyone wishing they could attend this type of training but are unable to due to available free time or financial reasons the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network has a free monthly journal which is a wonderful resource. You do not have to be a member to read the journal online. Marty Hayes is President and Mas is a contributor and a member of the Advisory Board.

    I began reading the current months journal and some back issues about 3 years ago and became a network member after about 6 month and have renewed and continue to be a member. You do not have to be a member to read the journal or the back issues.

    In addition to the feature article the attorney’s question of the month provides different perspectives and some in depth points that shed light on issues you might never have been aware of. The book reviews have resulted in my reading some good books I would not have otherwise known about.

    The archived issues are available back to 2008.

    Additionally, along the right side as you scroll down there are links to key past key topic stories.

  3. Mas, I would really like to read these cases where defendants lied to the police after a successful defense against attackers.

  4. David, those were Marty’s cases. You can reach him at Firearms Academy of Seattle for the details; Google will get you there.