1. As a lefty myself Mas, I will say, welcome to my world! LOL
    So who generally did better, righties or lefties?

  2. Oops. I guess it says all the shooters were righthanded. Nevermind. Blonde moment I guess.

  3. While it’s hardly a real competition my gun club’s weekly “Action Pistol” night has frequent weak handed rounds of shooting.

    I find, when shooting left handed, I routinely forget which eye I’m supposed to be looking down the sights with. With a left eye that was damaged when I was a child and has significantly worse vision than my right, you can imagine the problems that can cause.

  4. Say, what grip is that on your 686? I love mine but it needs a new handle, and I like the look of what yours is wearing there….

    Great writeup! I actually LIKE shooting “wrong handed”, but it’s possible that I’m just odd.


  5. Thanks Mas, I’m going to take a 250 at Gunsite next year with my sixteen year old son. I’m right handed and intend to shoot during the class left handed for the reasons you state.

  6. Mas,

    Nice looking 686 there, but I think you should’ve broken out that Ayoob/Cannon “Street L”.

    I’d love to see a PIC of that one sometime, as you know I sold mine years ago, like the idiot I am. That’s the one gun I really have regrets selling. Instead of selling my “Street L” to buy groceries I should’ve put the dog on the BBQ. That would’ve fed me for a week back then.

    I believe the translation for dog, in Mandarin, is “the sweet meat”.


  7. Chris, it’s a round butt Hogue Monogrip. Fits my hand just right.

    Lew, I think you have a profoundly useful training experience ahead of you! Smart move.

    Biker, I’ll get a pic of the Cannon gun and post it when time permits. It still wears a Tasco red dot sight and a sleeved barrel weight from its last outing at Bianchi Cup. However, even with those accessories off, I can’t shoot it in IDPA because of the forbidden integral recoil compensator.

    best to all,

  8. Mas,

    If you ever want to sell that “Street L” I know a guy who’d like to buy it. Of course it would have to go through an FFL and all.


  9. I usually shoot a few magazines each time I got to the range left (weak) handed for the last year or so. It was after reading one of your articles about it somewhere. It made sense so I do. I’ve never been to a IDPA match or anything other than a ‘combat shoot’ one time. I do try to make the most of my range time with the various items they have there to use. I’m a believer in range time should be more than just shooting bullets into a paper target, I try to vary distance and body position as much as I can, even lying on my back before

  10. I,ve always thought shooting some offhand exersizes every range session was a great idea, this takes it to a much higher level. Great idea.

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  12. I am right handed but left eyed, so I learned many, many years ago to shoot long guns left handed (not easy with a bolt action) and pistols either way. Every time I go to the range I shoot left only, right only, left with right support, and right with left support. I carry left, but would not be at all uncomfortable with carrying right. If you get locked in to doing something (almost anything) only one way, you will be helpless if you cannot do it that way. Besides, didn’t somebody say something about variety being the spice of life?

  13. Hello, Mas; I linked over from the EOTAC forum, and finally got caught up with your blog entries.

    I’m naturally left-handed, but due to near-sightedness in my left (dominant) eye, I usually shoot right-handed. When shooting, though, I try to shoot left at least 1/3 of the time, rotating between right, both, left, both and so on.

    If you REALLY want to practice patience, try loading a magazine with the off-hand!!!