1. If I recall correctly, Chicago is the only Illinois city with home rule – able to pass its own ordinances and largely control itself. It’s time – long past time – for the state legislature to strip Chicago of home rule, for its overall political corruption as much as anything else.

  2. Guy’s ya gotta figure that the security contracts controlled by the poltical “machine” in IL reach into the 7 figures maybe more. Now if “everybody” had a gun what would they be worth? People being defence less is worth millions to the Pols in kick backs for security. 😉

  3. If Mayor Daley Jr. does not have a valid Illinois FOID card, he could be charged with a Class-4 Felony for holding that rifle during his now famous video-taped press conference.

  4. What a shame that assaults on our freedom and liberals gone mad bound and determined to take our country apart piece by piece make up our daily news fare. When true heroes like John Finn, until his passing the other day the oldest living winner, gets mention briefly and then just disappears from the collective consciousness. I would much rather read of men and women like him than the antics of Mayor Daley.

  5. Sorry I just realized I left out a key detail…should have read as this…

    …until his passing the other day the oldest living Congressional Medal of Honor winner,…

  6. Long Island Mike, so would I.

    I’d also much rather hear about this dear old soul than mourning the loss of another brave officer gunned down in the line of duty (I live in phoenix, and we’re currently reeling from the loss of Officer Travis Murphy, killed this week).

    Such is the world we live in.

  7. I’m in agreement with L.I. Mike. Let’s read about real heroes like Chief Flynn.

    Daley will just drive you nuts. I bet that the city charges the Korean war vet with possession of a weapon without a permit if not with homicide.

    Matt( first post): Illinois does allow “home rule”. In most cases, cities and suburbs can set an additional sales tax in addition to state and county sales taxes. In addition, they can ban weapons as Skokie and Morton Grove have done in the past. If you look carefully at a map, you’ll see that Richard Daley (Ritchie’s father) annexed a strip of land from the city proper to O’Hare airport in order to collect taxes from the airport itself. The fun never stops in Chicago.

  8. to long island Mike,

    there is no such medal as the “congressional medal of honor”. there is the “Medal of Honor” presented by the Military. it is an insult to say that congress has anything to do with the “Medal of Honor”. today on Memorial Day honor the Veterans with the proper respect.

  9. If Chicago has the b@lls to charge this hero, I’d be happy to travel there and meet up with the thousands of others who I imagine would be happy to shut that cesspool down for awhile. Charging that man would be beyond wrong.

  10. nightowl…I won’t get into an argument over this. I’ll let those who have won it speak to the issue. God Bless all our service members past and present.

  11. This mindset is one of the reasons that IL is broke (they haven’t paid many vendors for the last several months).
    I don’t care what any court,hypocrite politician,judge,governor,supreme court,global tyrannical leader says about the legality of guns,they’re mine,I’m keeping them,GET USED TO IT.

  12. My 77 year old Grandmother lived in a rough part of Detroit in the 1970s. She and a room mate were home one evening when a drifter started breaking through her back door. They both screamed and yelled, but he kept on coming. My grandmother then picked up a S&W .38 she had bought following the passing away of her husband, and holding it in her arthritic hands, fired once and killed the intruder.

    If Daley had had his way back then, she and her room mate would have been just another tragic statistic–and who knows how many others would have suffered the same fate by her would-be assailant had she not owned and used a handgun?

    But of course, the rules are different for him and his elitist ilk. They deserve the protection of bodyguards and personal guns–we ordinary folk don’t.

  13. I agree with uncle dave: An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

  14. The only group of people in the history of this country who were uniformly denied the right to own a weapon – in the laws of the various states – were slaves. Its easy to research. That should turn on a few lightbulbs. Someone here in the South has started a movement of trying to get people to start sending bananas to the Whtehouse in recognition of the fact we are becoming a banana republic.

  15. Richard Daley Junior does not have his father’s intelligence and social skills. It sounds like a joke but it’s true.

  16. “The only group of people in the history of this country who were uniformly denied the right to own a weapon – in the laws of the various states – were slaves. ”

    Not exactly correct. During the military occupation of the former Confederate states, known euphemistically as “Reconstruction”, former Confederate soldiers were barred from keeping and bearing arms. These laws became the basis for prohibitions on carrying concealed sidearms, and those laws are still in effect in many southern states.

  17. “You know you are under miltary occupation when they strip you of your weapons.” Bogumil Jarmulak, Pastor in Poland.

    “The only group of people in the history of this country who were uniformly denied the right to own a weapon … were slaves.” This is a false statement.

    Jay Pia, You don’t know your history very well. All southern men after the War of Northeren Aggression, also had their weapons striped from their hands by Lincoln’s Occupation Army of Grant and Sherman. The plains Indians also had their weapons taken by the Army of Occupation. And now any community who whims to do so can, by law, take your weapons. Just look and New Orleans after Katrina. Thanks to the tax feeders in state issued costumes.

    Rather than sending banana’s to the White house eat the bananas and send the peels in empty ammo boxes as a warning.

    Keep your powder dry!

  18. Chicago has long played by its own rules when it comes to the laws that apply to the rest of us; Al Capone, the Crime syndicate, the Kennedy election, and so on up to the Obama financial network shown at .

    They’ve opted to usurp state and federal control over gun-owners in the city, and now they’re picking on a victim who defended himself from a criminal that they wouldn’t stop.

    Not only are police under NO obligation to protect people from criminals, but likewise the federal courts have said that citizens have NO right to use guns for self-defense– but the 2nd Amendment is ONLY to keep the fed from depleting its own draft-pool of armed citizens (US v Cruikshank).

    So basically the law makes the people into sheep waiting for the wolves.
    This attitude of “prosecute the victim” is clearly more of Obama’s “benevolvent dictatorship,” i.e. where he pretends that he’s so good to the people by protecting them after disarming them.

    This victim’s lawyer should be kicking this upstairs to the state supreme court for violating Article I, Section 22 of the Illinois State Constitution: i.e. ” RIGHT TO ARMS: Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” So any infringements that don’t protect the public from immediate danger, are unconstitutional and void.
    Unfortunately, most lawyers wouldn’t knowa constitution from constipation.