Jim Beam bourbon and the Colt .45 auto are both iconic American products.  It is possible for fools and criminals alike to abuse both. Should either manufacturer be held liable for such misdeeds?  Of course not…but the Biden administration wants to hold the firearms industry responsible for individual foolishness and evil that is beyond the control of manufacturers of ordinary products.

Please read the following, courtesy of National Review, for a good overview of the situation:

https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/03/joe-biden-plan-to-shut-down-the-firearms-industry/ .


  1. What we see now is what the National Review wanted and now they whine about it. They are not our friends.

  2. I suppose if Idiot Joe succeeds in driving all of our domestic arms makers out of business, the military can buy all of their weapons from….China? Maybe Putin will let them have a few black powder cannons and longbows. Hopefully Joe will be able to hang on his F-15s and nukes so he can be safe from the great unwashed. At least a few thousand raggedy-assed hard cases with rifles can’t defeat a national army…oh wait, yes they can. Only thing that could be worse than this guy is Kamala chuckling as she sets up the internment camps.

    • The easy solution is to completely ignore the bastards. Civil disobedience first, and if that does not work, then let the people of these The United States of America use the 2nd A for the ligitimate purpose of bringing down an abusive, tyrannical government that is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people. 2022 will either set this country on the right path to take back Congress in 2024 or not. This is the USA, not Canada, not the UK, nit Australia, not New Zealand, and certainly not commie China or any other commie hell! Anti-American Democrats, RINOs, and America haters can leave the country and go live elsewhere! No one will miss them!

    • Aunt Kamala’s internment camps are for American patriots, not criminals and the hordes of foreigners illegally invading our country.

  3. OK. So make sure I have this right. Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, murdered 3 people and injured 23 and is serving 8 life sentences. He was a mathematics professor with degrees from Harvard (BA) and University of Michigan (MA, PhD). Does this mean these institutions of “higher learning” are to be held legally responsible for his crimes? Just asking for several friends…

    • music to my ears, there. Yup. If it were not for double or even tripole standards, ol Sleepy Joe would have no standards at all at all.

      One musing, however…. recalling his idiocy involvind shotguns for home defene, he seemed to think personal possessioin and use of arms was okay. Now he’s \hell-bent to take all arms from all folks except his minions.

      To my mind this reeks of his haviing been somehow coopted, bought, cmpromised, rigged, owned, programmed, blackmailed,etc, to continually pump this sort of dribble out of his leaky mouth. WHY is he singing a very different tune only four years after he sang that last one? If his body were found soewhere I would highl suspect he’d been arkancided. Havent yet seen them so blatantly inflicing the arksnsas syndrome on their mental patients. But, who knows? These days, they are having to get rather creative.

  4. Unscrupulous feeble soiled old men should be careful who they wag their finger at threatening to take them down.

  5. Another knee jerk reaction because of the actions of the few.

    I get it, the increase in mass shootings by deranged individuals is both heartbreaking and frustrating but strangling the rights of law abiding gun owners is not, will not and never will be the solution. If an individual is bound and determined to wreak havoc, the weapon of choice is not the issue. What’s next ? Ban cars because of drunk drivers. Drunk drivers cause more death and destruction then guns do by far yet the Politicians aren’t beating the drum for stricter laws or holding automobile manufacturers liable for idiots the make the decision to drive drunk.
    I always find it interesting that the misinformed Politicians that rant and rave about guns and more gun control are the very people that are protected by, oh yea, people with guns. Their hypocrisy speaks volumes.

    Here’s a thought, how about actually making criminals that commit crimes responsible for their crimes. It sickens me to see the revolving door of the criminal justice system getting worse everyday by not enforcing the myriad of laws already on the books. How about we start there.

    The only people that love more gun control regulations are the criminals that don’t give a crap about breaking the law in the first place. Makes victim choice much easier. I prefer the example of the lion and the porcupine. “When the prey is armed, the predators think twice.

  6. We all know that the abolition of American’s right to own their own firearms is a basic part of the leftwing’s agenda to destroy our country.
    The ownership of personal weapons as guaranteed by the Second Amendment is essential to the very existence of our nation, if not materially (since jojo has F-15s and nukes) then spiritually.
    The enemies of our nation want to take away our freedoms and to best enable their antifa-styled thugs to intimidate us we need to be disarmed.
    That’s it.
    This is just another way of depriving us of our Rights.
    Why shouldn’t car manufacturers be held liable for the mis-use, abuse and criminal use of their products?
    How about the maker of a toaster that gets dropped into a bathtub, electrocuting the bather? For that matter the plumber who installed the tub and plumbing to get the water into it and the electrician as well as the powerplant that supplied the electricity.

    • they can repeal, abolish, negate, remove that pesky SecondArticle of Ammendment, but theywilln NEVER remove our God’given right to arms. That predates this and every other government, is not subject to any government, and does not derive from any government. So any government attempting to remove that right has a long uphill push. And in the end, somehow someone somewhere will sometime exact payback. Then what? Their security blanket will now be useless rags.

  7. To me what they are attempting to do is the same as suing GM or Ford because their cars will exceed the speed limit.

    • The “Big Guy” belongs in the big house too as he’s committed more serious illegal acts over a period of five decades than the rest of his crime family.

  8. Biden is windier than a sack full of bag pipes……most folks suffering from dementia get confused to the point they anger easily……what the “lib”tards are are doing to Biden is nothing short of elder abuse.

    • Unka Joey has hold of the strings, or rather they have hold of him. When his handlers pull, he moves the way they tell him to. He’s an empty suit. Sometimes he rins on autopilot, most of the time his handlers pull the strings and he dances.

    • I don’t agree with the continued assessment that the Gropey Dope is suffering from later stage dementia. He is, and ALWAYS has been a braindead moron. Look at his past, 47+ years in politics and EVERY clip you’ll see of him in action, you can tell, the elevator doesn’t just stop before it gets to the penthouse, it’s an empty shaft with no car in it!

  9. Most are missing the entire point! This has nothing to do with “gun crimes” or public safety. It is about disarming the citizens of the USA, the only deterrent to a full blown communist dictatorship.

    Never forget, an armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject!

  10. Liability…

    IF my colt doesn’t go bang when it aught to,
    yep the manufacturer is liable for any and all injury to me.
    Likely the ammo maker too.
    Neither performed ad is should..

    On the other hand if a bad guy uses it to hurt someone that’s
    not liability. WE stall call that criminal use or intent.

    The anti-gun lobby wants to recreate prohibition for guns…
    we know how that worked out.


  11. It is off-topic but I thought that I would highlight this report:


    If the facts in this story are correct (often doubtful with the propagandists at yahoo) then it highlights why you do not want to be openly armed when the police arrive after a justified shooting. With the police under constant attack, by the Antifa/BLM mob and the media propagandists of the American Left, they may tend to “shoot first and then ask questions later”.

    It is really wise to holster your firearm or, if a long gun, lay it aside before the police arrive on the scene. Otherwise, the tragedy can be magnified by additional errors as appears to be the case here.

    Mas, perhaps there is an “Ayoob File” here? Looks like a case that could teach a valuable lesson.

    • Cops shooting the wrong people predates Antifa and BLM. Sometimes, the wrong people are other cops. Private citizens are advised to be very sure they know who is who before coming to a stranger’s rescue. Cops need to be equally careful. Every year, private citizens come to the aid of cops who are losing fights with suspects. That’s not going to continue if these Good Samaritans end up getting shot by other cops.

    • My recollection from two MAG 40 classes a couple of years apart as well as the video from Armed Citizens Legal Defense is that this topic is well-covered. This is a horrible double tragedy. Hero-citizen took the perp down and should NEVER have picked up his AR-15. Much better to back off, check area, and holster his pistol. The responding officer who shot the hero-citizen could not see the halo over his head (as Mas has taken great pains to point out to his classes). This officer had a call of shots fired, officer down, and saw a man holding an AR-15. What would a reasonable person conclude? Horrible mistake made, nevertheless. Local news has yet to mention if he issued a verbal warning. I could not help but believe that if said citizen had taken Mas’s class he would probably be alive today. Don’t be this guy.

  12. When will decent people finally tire of this? It should be an automatic ticket home for any legislator that supports this or any anti-human rights issue. Gun confiscation or control in all it’s forms should be the third rail of politics. It certainly became so for many in the Clinton gun ban era.

    • The best defense is often a good offense. The surest way to deter opponents is to hit them quicker, lower, and harder than they can expect, and get them off their feet. Let’s pour the coals on the facetious people like Sleepy Joe and the rest of the Phony Fish! We know what can legally be done with criminals and lunatics, so let us appropriately make sure something is done daily! We can completely reverse the current wave of crime and goofiness by employing the Constitution and other legal guidelines, similar to the way that Texas is handling the great Biden Boondoggle. Honest elections are the first step back towards political sanity and require our full attention.

  13. Some people contribute good things to society. Some people don’t contribute much, but they don’t do much harm either. Criminals, politicians with harmful policies, and those who vote for them are slowly destroying this country. They are like a vine which climbs a tree, spreads its leaves over the tree’s leaves, then weakens the tree until it eventually falls. They are like a gardener who waters the weeds and steps on the vegetables.

    We need to stop being nice to criminals and their Democrat enablers. These people are slowly killing us. They are not our fellow citizens, they are our enemies. We can start by shunning them.

  14. James Winters is correct in his comment above. The end goal of the leftists is firearms prohibition. The totalitarians can never sit easy on the seat of power while the American People have arms in their hands. If the American People are ever disarmed, like the people in China and North Korea are disarmed, then we will be serfs to the State as are the Chinese and Koreans. That is the end goal of the Global Left. To stamp out all individual liberty and to reduce all the Peoples of the World into being mere units that serve an (ultimate) all-powerful global government.

    When Leftists swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, it is a lie from the beginning. None of them have any loyalty to the Constitution. That is made “plain as day” by their every action. The venal among them are only loyal to their own corruption and self-serving power. The idealists among them are only loyal to global Marxist ideology. None of them care a whit about the Constitution. In their book, it is an old and outdated document written by dead white racists more than two centuries ago. Swearing an oath to defend it is mere playacting to them. A necessary pretense that they must make to fool the gullible public and go through a meaningless ceremony to assume power. From their point-of-view, whatever it takes (whether it be swear an oath or stand on their head) to assume power, is what they will do. Because Power is the end goal. Power = Security and Wealth and a well-fed ego. A corrupt Leftist seeks nothing more.

    They already have the Constitution torn and bleeding. The only real obstruction to perpetual POWER is the 2nd Amendment and the multitude of arms that are still in the hands of the American People. So the Left is going wild to disarm us. Any excuse, any strategy, any argument, any method of indoctrination, any type of propaganda campaign that will push toward disarming the American people will be implemented going forward. If they can implement registration followed by confiscation then they will go for it. If they can scare people with fears of mass shootings to make them surrender their arms, then they will do that. If they can used Red Flag laws or BATFE regulations to help, then they will do that. If they can manufacture frivolous lawsuits and bankrupt the firearms industry and 2A groups like the NRA, then they will do that.

    No stone will be left unturned in their efforts to disarm the American People. It is the final stairway that they must ascend in order to sit on the Throne of POWER. Whatever it takes to get there, they will do.

    Always remember, that they do not look at Communist China with fear. Rather, our totalitarian elites look at the ChiComs with ENVY. They LUST EVERYDAY for the kind of control that the ChiCom elite enjoy over their people. They are working Night and Day to put the American People in that same boat!

    In summary, the acts of the American Left have nothing to do with stopping crime or “Gun Violence”. Quite the contrary, the American Left is encouraging crime and violence with their every action. They welcome crime and violence since the chaos that it creates gives them the excuse that they need to turn the thumb-screws down harder on the American People. Furthermore, the fear that it creates serves to stampede the weak-minded sheep, among the American People, into surrendering their liberties.

    Only a fool believes the lies and propaganda of the Left. Only a fool believes that firearm-prohibition has anything to do with helping to curb violence. This is a Power-grab that is being built upon a Gun-grab. Nothing else!

  15. Just curious about what brought this up. The article is more than a year old (March 2020). If something more timely has happened regarding Biden and this topic, shouldn’t we be responding to that rather than this old news?

  16. Here is something more recent straight from President Biden’s staff regarding his. and Kamala’s “plan,” released on June 23, 2021. It’s long but… there’s plenty to make a person grind their teeth. Meaning, you won’t have to read far before it gets you cussing about how stupid their reasoning is.


    • @ Joe B – You are correct. I only had to skim this document to be reduced to grinding my teeth. As I noted in my comment above “No stone will be left unturned in their efforts to disarm the American People.”

      Will the American People ever wake up to our current danger? Will we open our eyes and see that the trade of our freedoms for the pretended security of the globalist’s chains is a devil’s bargain? Or are we all weak-minded sheep that are easily stampeded into tossing our freedoms to the wind?

      Are we a free people who stand on our own feet? Or are we slaves who gratefully fall on our knees and extend our hands so that the chains of the totalitarians can be placed on our wrists?

      I suppose time will tell. About half of the American People already seem happy to be serfs as long as there is food in the fridge, the TV is playing, and the welfare check arrives on-time. Furthermore, our public indoctrination (ex-education) system is super busy manufacturing new generations of brain-washed serfs every day.

      Do we have enough people who still have the American Spirit of Freedom in their soul to hold onto the idea of America as the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”?

      It seems a near thing to me. The herds of sheep have multiplied until they are a plague upon the land.

  17. This all changes every election cycle. What is happening now is the loss of trust in our voting system. This is devastating to our country. It’s happening in front of our very eyes and ears. Americans are even considering a socialist government?? It is happening. Using electronic voting tabulation devises is a clear threat to our system of voting. When Americans start thinking their vote doesn’t matter, we’re in serious trouble. When Americans allow the removal of our great history, how this country got to where we are……our country is doomed. The answer is quite simple. Voter ID, absentee voting for military overseas only and paper ballots counted by hand with MILITARY security. I’m pretty sure the framers of our Constitution never considered a foreign country could infiltrate and steal an election. Hope for the best……prepare for the worst?

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