It is abundantly clear to anyone who looks at the evidence that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is truly, genuinely obsessed with banning firearms. He has expressed frustration of late with the prevailing prediction from all sides that the soon-to-come US Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago will reverse his beloved handgun ban, and has promised to find a way around such a decision. (Interesting…an elected leader who promises to find a way to contravene what will be established as law by the highest court in the land.)

In a recent press conference, Mayor Daley – never noted for being either articulate or self-controlled – picked up a gun that was on display as a prop and babbled about shoving it up the rectum of a reporter who asked him an innocent question. Read about it HERE, in the words of that reporter himself.

My favorite newsman in Chicago, a city long famed for great newsmen, is John Kass.  Kass is honest, logical, and street-smart. You can read his take on it HERE.

It is said that the mad Roman emperor Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned. As the city of Chicago finds itself in a tightening grip of criminal violence, Mayor Daley literally raves and threatens those who remind him that violent crime has INCREASED since his beloved handgun ban. He has even more-than-tacitly expressed the wish that one or more of the Justices become a victim of gun crime, so they can be persuaded to come over to his side of the issue. Not normal, well-adjusted thinking.

Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who said that continuing to do something proven not to work is the very definition of insanity? It would seem that the Mayor of Chicago fits more definitions of insanity than that…


  1. Mas,

    The arrogance of Daley is what I find appalling.

    To think that an elected official, who is duty bound to represent the people he was elected from and the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, would view said people and Constitution as little more than a speed bump in the road of life saddens me.


  2. It disturbs me that this is the Mayor’s first instinct when trying to articulate a response to a question he doesn’t like. How must he feel about those who openly dissent?

    Threatening to sodomize another person with a gun and pull the trigger is not demonstrative of leadership quality.

  3. It’s difficult to keep expletives out of a descriptoon of this man and his actions but I’ll do my best. He treatens to take this issue to the world court. Where does he think he live? Does he have so little regard for our system of law?Then again what should I expect from a Chicago politician, current president included, it’s hard to believe any are honest.

  4. Chicago had a lovely little General Aviation airport, Meigs Field, that was close to downtown, an excellent reliever airport for the overburdened O’Hare, just a handy little gem for the business and recreational flyer.

    Despite the fact that the city of Chicago would have to repay the millions of dollars that the FAA had spent on airport improvements, Daley sent the bulldozers in in the middle of the night to destroy the runway. He felt a park would be nicer than the airport, which provided jobs for locals as well as a serious boon to tourism.

    But the citizens of Chicage get the government they deserve; after all, they vote him in.

  5. There is no logical way to figure out why liberals do the things they do, because those creatures don’t think like normal people. With a few exceptions in the past, who would think the current resident of the White House wants to do everything in his power to destroy our nation? Yes, he was passed a country in battered condition, but instead of doing his best to improve things, he’s trying to sink us further with help from a liberal majority in the U.S. Congress and his horde of what Marxist leader Lenin correctly termed “Useful Idiots”. The mayor of Chicago is nothing but a well connected politician backed by fellow big city thugs, just as the mayor of NYC bought and paid for his office with millions of dollars from his personal fortune made by capitalist (Gasp!) means. The way some of our irrational leaders act nowadays makes me feel like the characters who saw the truth in the ‘real world’ in that John Carpenter movie THEY LIVE.

  6. Mas, as an aside the statement about repeating behaviors that do not work and expecting a different result is often known as Santayana’s dictum. From Georg Santayana, philosopher. Love your down to earth commentaries

  7. “His press aides put out a statement saying the mayor used “less than ideal” language when he suggested inserting the rifle into his critics and pulling the trigger.”

    Threatening the life of another is not “less than ideal” language. It is a threat.

    I doubt that if the tables were turned that a defense for threatening the life of a public official would be, “Your honor, I used ‘less than ideal’ language.”

    Daley’s failed policy, and his lack of respect for the law should be reason enough for the voters to oust him.

    Sadly, the vote counters are better armed than the voters.

  8. What would have happened if the reporter had picked up the rifle and said those words to the mayor? Would he have been charged with brandishing a firearms and assault? It disturbs me when an elected official can do what an ordinary citizen cannot do and have no fear of repurcussions.

  9. Do you suppose his opposition to firearms (handguns specifically) stems from the fact that he should not be trusted to responsibly handle one as evidenced by his statements in the “Chicago Reader” article?

  10. Right on Mass as always . Officials such as Mayor Richard Daley actually build their whole campaigns on such radical idiotic agendas as such as banning arms,pushing abortions, restricting religious freedoms ect.ect.ect. ! That said if any other conservative (especially southern) official said anything as rash as what Daley or even that old ugly Sotomayor lady said about others ; oh boy would the liberal media be all over that ?! Daley has no credibility and neither does Obama for that matter !

  11. Is anyone really surprised?
    Former IL Sen Obama opposed legalizing “firearms”, now siting in the WH opposing “firearms” behind closed doors… Giving Sec of State the green-light to support Mexico’s ’09 proposal to initiate the UN’s Small Arms Treaty. BTW just 10-14 days ago, Mexico now proposing to expand Tresty to target “civilian” ownership.

    In essence, now that Pres Obama has Judge Sotomayor on the Supreme Ct. Is now awtg. Ms Nagals confirmation to solidify another “anti-gunner”. No wonder Mayor Daly feels empowered to demonstrate his arrogance.

  12. A few years ago, he defied the FEDERAL Aviation Administration and had Meigs Field (a small, busy airport on an island next to downtown Chicago) bulldozed * in the dead of night* so he could have a park!

    He had been wanting to close the airport for years, but couldn’t until 9/11 gave him the excuse that, “a terrorist could take off, turn and fly into a downtown building.” Grrrr.

    Keep in mind that President Obama is from there.

  13. As a former Chicago area resident who worked in the city for many years, nothing that Ritchie does surprises me. As for a threat to our Second Amendment rights, I am much more worried about Michael Bloomberg and the recently passed UN resolution. Bloomberg has the money to support his anti-gun platform and the UN resolution is especially troubling.

    Ritchie is a minor player and his behavior shows his insanity. Bloomberg on the other hand is seriously wealthy and well-spoken and is one that we should monitor closely.

    If McDonald prevails, Chicago will institute restrictions much as the District of Columbia has done. The city council will pass laws limiting the amount of ammo a firearm can hold and how the firearm can be stored and carried. The saddest story is about the motorcycle theft. There will be no effective crime control in Chicago for a long while.

  14. Mayor Daley is afraid that if the good citizens of Chicago (yes, there is a lot) are armed then the numbers of criminals that will vote for the Mayor will become endangered.

  15. Liberals don’t trust adults to keep for harming themselves and others with ‘sharp tools’. The masses are well-intentioned but wayward children in need of micro-managing by ‘shepherds’ (current leftist political idol). You can expect them to take away your blunt plastic scissors ‘on second thought’. You? Made in the image of God? They don’t think so. Da Mayor (etc.) has a wonderful plan for your life. Try not to resist, watch TV, take your soma….

  16. Isn’t it a prerequisite that you have to be a fool, a loon or a criminal to get into Chicago politics in the first place? This clown hit the trifecta.

  17. Can anyone explain to me how he keeps getting re-elected, term-after-term? It can’t be that he only insults the folks who wants the means for self-protection? He must have stirred the ire of all the pilots/aircraft owners as well. What other groups has he alienated? Can’t the Chicagoans get together and oust this buffoon?

  18. Great Article Mas. Clearly Daley is unstable and unfit to be Mayor. Anyone else who would pick up a firearm and threaten another human being like that would be arrested. This type of behavior is unacceptable especially for someone in his position. The people of Chicago need to ban together and get this nut job out of office. He is a danger to himself and others.

  19. When anti-gunners bring up Chicago gun “control”, I like to bring up something I learned on this blog….
    Retired police officers can conceal carry anywhere in the country.

    So someone like R. Lee Ermey or an Afghanistan vet couldn’t carry at all in Chicago, but Jon Burge, and Drew Peterson (if not already in jail), could.
    I don’t get many people who stop and think about that, but when I do, it’s priceless.

    From a Chicagoan who eagerly awaits Chicago’s registration being overturned, and Cook County’s AWB and Illinois’ FOID cards follow swiftly.

  20. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
    and expecting different results.
    –Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), (attributed)

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,
    and I’m not sure about the former. ~ Albert Einstein

  21. Richard Daley and his father – the Assad dynasty of Cook County.
    Equally totalitarian, equally corrupt, in an equally corrupt place.

  22. Well, I “lived” (if that is the appropriate word) in Chicago for awhile.
    From that experience I deduce the following:

    There are three classes of humans in Chicago, namely “crooks,” “cops” & “law-abiding citizens.”
    “Crooks” & “cops” get to carry weapons, including firearms.
    “Law-abiding citizens” are not allowed to carry weapons, and are thus prohibited from defending themselves against the other two classes.

  23. This Mr. Daley can count on continuing support from the cemetery precincts…thus his repeated re-elections are assured.

  24. Daley been a nut for years and a crooked as his father. As long as the citizens of Chicago sit around and complain, but don’t do anything else, nothing will change. I hope Chicago’s residents as well as the good citizens of the U.S. will wake up in time to stop this insanity. Send Mr. Daley down to the south to pull some of this crap and see if there is any resistance. Oh well, we had Jimmy Carter, so we can’t throw rocks at anyone else.

  25. I could view Daley differently if he believed in the gun control he espouses. If Richard II believed in gun control, he’d let that Chicago PD security detail go protect ALL the other residents and workers in Chicago equally, and he’d take his chances on the city’s streets like the rest of his fulltime (resident) and part-time (employed in the City) subjects.

    I’m fortunate. I live outside the City in a safe area, travel by safe (relatively) modes to safe areas. If concealed carry became an option in Illinois, I wouldn’t elbow my way in line to get a permit because my threat level is manageable. A lot of Chicago’s residents don’t have my safer (and higher priced) choices-they NEED guns in their homes and on their law-abiding persons NOW. Gun control like Chicago’s makes poor peoples’ lives disproportionately unsafe; Chicago’s poor are disproportionately black and brown; by Daley’s adherence to clearly failed policies THAT HE AVOIDS THE EFFECTS OF it should be clear whose live he values, and whose lives he only values one Tuesday every four years.

  26. Since the natural rights argument would have no meaning for mob Boss Daley, I’d ask him two questions:1. Why is he allowed to have body guards with machine guns? 2? Why is a city like, say, Miami so much safer than Chicago? Miami is huge, is home to large drug operations, has real bad parts of town, but the violence isn’t near as bad as Chicago. Could it be because Florida has half way decent freedom concerning firearms? There is Concealed carry, no “assault weapons” ban, no FID, etc. If such a question has been posed to him, I’m unaware of it.

  27. If the mayor is openly advocating armed violence against a member of the Supreme Court, doesn’t that make him a terrorist?
    Where is Eric Holder while this is happening? Isn’t Holder derelict in his duties for failing, neglecting, or refusing to prosecute Daley for blatant advocacy of terrorist activity?
    There seems to be a double standard at play here.
    Obviously, none of these people can be trusted.
    Or, another possibility is that the whole “war on terror” is a patent ruse operating as a rationale for depriving Americans of their freedoms.

  28. For those of you who “Don’t Understand” why Daley is taking actions that provably hurt his community. He is not arrogant. He is not evil. He is not stupid. He is simply mistaken.
    Daley believes that Black people should not have guns. He believes they are too stupid to own guns, and that they will all shoot each other at a higher rate if they are allowed to legally own guns. He thinks Blacks are a violent race. Yes. Daley is a self hating Black. He is racist. That is all there is to it.

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  30. If you listen to the story about the motorcycle theft you will hear that the off duty cop who was killed was defended by his ex-cop father – who – surprise – was “allowed” to carry a gun as a civilian because he is an Ex-cop. That ex-cop shot both the perps – killing one on the spot.

    Just think how different this story would be if that man had not been an ex-cop – father and son would be dead and the perps would be riding around on their free motorcycle.

    If citizens in Chicago cannot carry guns than neither should ex-cops – take that Mayor Daley and shove it up – you know – the place you threatened to put the rifle barrel into the reporter who asked a question you didn’t want to hear.

  31. To be honest, nothing that comes out of Chicago really surprises me. It’s sad that there’s someone like Daley in office. Chicago just spews out wonderful politicians.

    Like a few others here have mentioned, the UN Small Arms Treaty really worries me. It seems like that’s the anti-gunners’ last ditch effort to ban guns and that there just might be some loop-holes that will allow it to happen.

    It’s kind of fun and funny trying to have a logical discussion with anti-gunners. Some seem to be just ill-informed and with careful reasoning can see guns aren’t actually a bad thing, the people who use them are.

    But there are a lot who will simply lose control and become very upset and angry with you. Usually it’s the die-hard liberals in my experience, that will even resort to calling you racist etc if you try and have a reasonable conversation (with no mention of race either…).

    When there’s no point continuing the conversation with them (and for laughs) I’ll occasionally end it with “Well I raised my guns well then because not a single one has got up and shot someone.”

    Coming from a martial arts background, I learned at an early age that a weapon is merely a tool and has no moral inclination of its own. Thus it is subject to the will of its wielder. With power comes responsibility.

    Unless you’re a politician…

  32. Stinky, Daley looks like a white boy to me. So, that wouldn’t make him self-hating, that just makes him racist.

  33. Mr. Ayoob, not really sure where to go with this.

    I have been a certified outboard motor mechanic for the last ten years. I lost my job eleven months ago.

    The wife of the owner of the dealership where I worked walked through the shop for the first time in several years and saw a picture I had on my toolbox. It was a picture I cut out of the American Rifleman magazine of an American Paratrooper hanging from a steeple. I put the picture inside of a magnetized holder and it was inside the lid of my top box, not on the outside. I put the picture there to remind me of when I’m thinking I had a rough day that it was nothing at all in comparison to those that sacrificed so much more.

    Point being, she was the largest campaign contributer to the Obama camp from Collin County, Texas. Needless to say, she demanded I take it down because of where it came from. I didn’t and so I lost my job. I have been making ends meet doing odd jobs and boat work at the marina’s in the DFW/Texoma metroplex, but I do not feel that it is right to lose a job because of my personal beliefs.

  34. Daley is not mentally prepared to own a gun himself as evidenced by his actions. No responsible gun owner would ever point a gun loaded or unloaded at a person that is not threatening him/her with deadly force. Not even during instruction do we point guns at each other unless we state that this is a specific exercise and goal we are trying to achieve. It is difficult to understand that a leader would not want his citizens armed to protect themselves in such an unruly city. I would rather the felon raping me and bludgeoning me to death be shot with my 1911. I would rather the person that attacks my daughter and grandson with deadly force be shot in the chest several times instead of them. I doubt Daley and his dingos would be readily available to protect me with his foam noodles. I’m glad I live in the Southwest … they say location is everything.