As what may be the most important election of our gun-owning lives approaches, tensions are high.  We need comic relief. We can combine that with a lesson on how not to relieve tensions created by fear of “electile dysfunction.”

It’s no secret that some (though not necessarily all) of the talking heads on CNN are what is known colloquially as “jerk-offs.”  Offered in evidence.

Well, he was there in the Zoom thing for what was described as an “election simulation.” Maybe he’s hard of hearing, and it’s not his fault that “election simulation” sounds a lot like “erection stimulation.” Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to.  

Give him points for determination. He has said he’s going to “stick it out” for a while…

Will someone be so offended as to demand criminal charges of indecent exposure, or file a lawsuit alleging that they were traumatized by the incident?

If so, a key question is going to be…

…will the evidence stand up in court?


  1. Really, the Internet has become the world-wide perpetrator of POINTED gossip. I fortunately have not seen the above footage. Every ethical person should avert their eyes from such an E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G scene (pun intended), which I have not viewed, and won’t, having better things to do. Hypocrites should pluck their own eyes out rather than hounding some poor devil like the afore-mentioned journalist to a fare-thee-well. I am glad, however, that I am getting a HEADS-UP warning of another video event totally worth avoiding. I never see anything of CNN anyway, except for Fox News excerpts of it. I am just glad it wasn’t some DNC coward Heroing our POTUS in the shower. So thanks, Mas.

  2. Just a pitiful example of the liberal establishment doing what it does best.
    How could they have an “election simulation” when they don’t have the election yet? It is just an intellectual form of what little jeffrey did with his wee-wee. He was entirely appropriate as it turns out.

  3. Mas, don’t be so ‘hard on’ the folks at the Communist News Network. They’re just doing their jobs ‘jacking’ us around, giving us the ‘shaft’ and ‘coming’ on too strong making a lot of conservative heads explode.

    • “The law does not concern itself with trifles,” just for everyone’s information. Hoping here that this video that I am not viewing is not the beginning of a multi-sexual trend with burgeoning legal issues. Imagine if the Zoom “victim” were female. Many men might then feel that viewing is compulsory. I am already ready to confess to feeling legally bound to investigate if it happens. I’d hate to stimulate CNN ratings, though, so maybe I would ignore that video, too.

    • like the pore young chap got busted whilst taking his online test, and teach was “uffended” by a flash she got of his gun.. a Daisey BB gun that happened to have part of ite barrel in view. Kid got deleted, the teach and school admin wahted him permanently expelled from their ‘institution”.. which a school board very intelligently nixed. Lawsuit ongoing, last I heard.

      I’d be haivng the teach in the hooswgow for unwarranted spying on his perosnal affairs. Funny thing, they all said it was a “firearm”., and violated their “no firearms ON THE SCHOOL CAMPUS when the chap was in his own home in his own bedroom.

      What ARE those school dweebs smoking , anyway?

  4. It seems that very many people on the far-left are vile human beings as well as being stupid. They will be your future overlords if hair-sniffing Big Guy Joe wins.

    • I heard that Doctor Biden nicknamed her beloved creepy husband, who confuses her with his sister, “Little Guy”. When Joe heard what she called him, he yelled at his wife, “You lying dog faced pony soldier!”

      How does Joe Biden speak to Kamala? With a “slight Indian accent.” 😉

  5. All Leftists naturally have a strong tendency toward having a narcissistic and totalitarian personality. The thought of being the center of attention and of having the POWER to rule over and control other people’s lives is deeply appealing to the ego of a Leftist. It is (literally) what gives meaning to their lives. It explains their worship of “Big Government”. “Big Government” means “Big Power” for THEM!

    No doubt, as Jeffery Toobin entered into the role play of his “election simulation”, the thought of being a POWERFUL PERSON and of WIELDING POWER over others really “turned him on”.

    Is it any wonder that Old Toobin felt compelled to reach for the “Toobsteak”? 🙂

    • To most women, Jeffery Toobin is just a nasty little prick.

      As the lead in Casablanca said to his ex-girlfriend, “We’ll always have Phallus.”

  6. It would be one thing if he intentionally exposed himself. That would be problematic. But it sounds like the entire thing was accidental. Considering that 90% of Inet traffic is porn, and most PCs have cameras, I can understand how this might happen.

    Even though he is a liberal dirtbag, I don’t think he should be destroyed over this. Make the jokes, warn him about watching the camera direction, and move on.

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