1. I disagree, it’s not hypocrisy. Media likes the ratings covering these events brings so it behooves them to inspire more events. If it bleeds it leads.

  2. It’s more like the NAZI Propaganda of the 1930s!
    Beat the Country, and the People, Hard enough, and Long enough, so that enough of them come to “Believe It Themselves”, then they “Give Up”, and “Accept It”, or at least “Go Along With It”, then the Dictator Government has “Won”!!


    • Because They are Afraid of Armed Citizen’s, who may become tired of Their Corrupt, & Crooked, way of Governing, & Shoot them, or Overthrow Their Little Dictatorship, Sending them to Prison Forever!!


      • Maybe if our political leaders at all levels of government would clean up after themselves, and show a and effort to foster a respect for a government “…OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE..”, they might not need to fear the constituency they are stabbing in the back.

      • Well, in my 80+ years, I’ve not encountered a “Career Politician” who’s in it for anything other than the “Power”, & Getting Personally as Rich as he/she can by Staying in Public Office as Long as they Can, while “Selling” the Power, & “Authority” of that Office to the “Highest Bidders”!!

  3. For decades now, an increasing number of Americans will not place any blame on foul-behaving people (and the lowlifes who raised them) in our society, and instead focus on banning inanimate objects misused by angry sickos. Most of these prohibitionists seem to live in an altered state and fervently dream of a Utopian world forever free of violence and unpleasant experiences. All it takes, apparently, is the passage of draconian laws–and nirvana will be achieved.

  4. My great-uncle told me long ago: “Violent crime is a friend of Government, because people are like sheep.”

    “The more frightened the sheep become, the louder they cry out for their shepherd to save them! Even though, it is the same shepherd that will shear them…and kill them.”

  5. I agree We (gun owners) have get in their face and change their way of thinking . I don`t think we are close to a civil war, But I can see one coming down the road . Thank`s Massad for posting

    • Then when “They Come for YOUR Guns”, as the NAZI’s did in the 1930s, YOU’LL either Turn them All over, or be shot down, during the Government’s “No Knock, Mid-Night, Kick in the Door” Current Entry Format, You’re Saying!

  6. Not hypocrisy. Rather the media has become the core element of the Left and really sets the leftist agenda more than politicians do. They are acting in accord with their beliefs.