Fed up with activists who scream at you because you own guns, and who accuse you of having blood on your hands because crazy people commit mass murders? So is Megyn Kelly. Lend your ear to her for ten minutes or so, here:

Or watch the video here.


  1. You go ……………lady! The point about mental health facilities is quite true and we also are too accepting-possibly partially due to lack of facilities- of “unusual” behavior. Decades ago I ran across a study that showed the teachers with the best behaved class rooms (and probably higher student achievement) intervened much earlier in disruptive behavior than teacher with unruly classrooms. I think there’s a message there.

    Moving on, the lady’s correct but she’s also neglecting to mention that, as a nation, we’re not properly socializing our kids. At least at the moment.

    • I like what seems to be a sheepdog mentality in Switzerland. Inappropriate shootings appear to have been very rare there. Might have a lot to do with socializing kids early and well. Switzerland looks like a country with a massive, well-regulated militia, and many citizens that are well trained, competent shooters. Right in line with the more guns, less crime idea from John Lott. Provides a lot of sheepdogs with big teeth ready to take care of any wolf or mad dog situation. Likely mental health care is well organized in Switzerland, helping greatly to deter actively stupid shooters. Israel may also have an exemplary grip on maintaining security while deescalating violence.

  2. It’s really simple.

    They don’t expect to achieve a total ban with one stroke of the pen. They plan on whittling down the ability to own a gun through a thousand tiny cuts. Ban this version. Ban that version. Permit this. Permit that. Sue here. Sue there. Arrest anyone using a gun for self defense.

    They don’t care that there are 20 million ARs. They’re patient enough to chip away at them, one gun a a time.

    • Someone at another site was posting on a similar topic, so this is fresh in my mind.

      The gun prohibitionists are playing a long game. The goal is to end all private gun ownership, but they’re content doing it one piece at a time and letting the effect build over years and decades.

      Take AR-pattern firearms, for example. Sure, they’d love an all-at-once, outright ban without grandfathering — “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in” — but that will never happen. So instead, they pass a “common sense, reasonable” ban on future sales and transfers of “assault weapons”, with grandfathering. The devil is in the details, however, and while you can keep what you already own, “transfers” includes “willing” your guns to your heirs upon your death — IOW, when you pass away, nothing that falls under the definition of “assault weapon” can legally be inherited; the government collects those.

      The end result is the same as the outright ban without grandfathering they wanted, just delayed by one generation. As the prohibitionists have been at this game for a very long time — well over a century here in America, longer elsewhere — a delay of one generation is acceptable to them.

      Stuff like that is why the prohibitionists must be fought tooth-and-nail at every step. EVERY advance will be used as a foot-hold for the next encroachment, ergo we should act accordingly.

    • Jerry Adams,

      True. Gun Free Zones are unsafe. Why do people want to be unsafe? Going about in a city unarmed is unsafe, and people should be ashamed to do it. I’m sure many people would be ashamed to go without owning health insurance or wearing a seat belt. Going around in public unarmed is like getting on a boat with no life preservers or life boats.

      Some people don’t feel safe when they are around guns, and some people don’t feel safe when they are not around guns.

  3. The same companies that make billions developing hateful, antisocial communication platforms and hyper-violent video games are the same ones that donate millions to Democrats and call for the confiscation of your guns….just sayin…

    • In any of these debates, someone brings up video games. There’s no reason to.

      Even the American Psychological Association (APA) — hardly a bastion of conservatism and Constitutional freedom — urges politicians and policy-makers to avoid attributing violent behavior to video games, as there is insufficient evidence to claim a causal link despite numerous studies intended to find one.

      Anecdotally, Mortal Kombat came out in 1992, part of a trend of new games which spurred legislative hearings by politicians and parents worried about the violent content and gore. But by then, violent crime was already trending downward, and continued its downward trend despite MK‘s popularity both in the arcade and on home consoles.

      (Perhaps coincidentally or perhaps not, the national Assault Weapon Ban of ’93 passed about the same time and has also been discredited as a causal factor in the already-present downward trend in violence; among other things, the downward trend continued after the ban sunsetted in ’04. The MK franchise was fully established by then and on its 6th canon title and 13th game overall, Mortal Kombat: Deception.)

      My two unsolicited opinions:
      1. Video games, even (perhaps especially) violent ones, are free speech protected by the First Amendment.
      2. Stylized action and fighting games — Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, and the like — rather than causing increased violence, instead contribute to increased interest in various martial arts (karate, tae kwon do, etc.), and by the time martial arts students have progressed enough to actually perform many of the “cool moves” featured in video games, they’ve also developed their self-control such that they don’t use their skills unless absolutely necessary.

      But that’s just my opinion.

  4. Top stories on every DFW media outlet right now as I type this, exactly one week after the shooting in Allen:

    Rally in Allen calls for stronger gun laws after outlet mall shooting
    Moms Demand Action renew calls for gun control laws after Allen outlets mass shooting
    Hundreds gathered in Allen demanding changes in gun laws

    How this killer was able to get a job as an armed security guard and/or could legally buy firearms after being kicked out of the Army for being mentally ill I’ll never understand. I know about the explanation (uncharacterized discharge, which will not show up on NICS or anything else. Okee dokee!) I do not understand why this is fine. Sutherland Springs church shooting – USAF screwed up big time. But let’s give the government more power over the citizenry. No one addresses mental health. No one. No one talks about the elimination of gun free zones. No one does squat about how sick our culture is right now. It’s always the gun’s fault, shut up.

    I have an AR right behind me now that isn’t shooting anyone. Let me double check. Hold on.


    Nope. Just sitting there. How come my house doesn’t look like bullet hole swiss cheese? it’s the gun, right? What am I doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong. Hello, is this thing on?

    We live in a country full of tyrants and idiots. I don’t know what to do about it.

  5. A wise man once said something along the lines of ‘a handgun is for defending your life, a shotgun is for defending your home, and a rifle is for defending your freedom.”
    Is it any wonder then why, despite their minor appearance in homicide, Obama and the deep state so desperately want the AR-15 banned?

    • Is it any wonder then why, despite their minor appearance in homicide, Obama and the deep state so desperately want the AR-15 banned?

      Followed by “Saturday Night Specials” (a.k.a. inexpensive handguns) and “pocket cannons” (a.k.a. large-bore handguns) and every other kind of “life-defending” gun, after the “freedom-defending” guns are gone.

      And finally, followed by “sporting arms” that aren’t “sporting” enough — e.g. repeating rifles and shotguns — and every other “home-defending” gun, after the “life-defending” guns are gone. Single-shots and double-barrels will be “allowed” (until they’re not) for “sporting purposes”, provided they’re licensed and registered, but nobody “needs” anything that holds more than two shots, amirite?

      The goal is always a total and complete ban on private gun ownership. Period. Full stop. They’ll get there piece-meal if they have to, but that’s the goal.

  6. Quote of the Day:

    “Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire

    The American Left does not want to solve the problem of these mass murder events. Let me repeat this so that it will absolutely clear. The American Left DOES NOT WANT TO SOLVE the problem of mass murders or, more broadly, crime-in-general.

    These mass murder events (and the explosion of crime-in-general) is perceived as being useful to the advancement of the American Left. They are tools, in the Left’s tool box, to increase their power and control. They serve at least two vital purposes for the American Left.

    1) The American Left wants, very much, to negate the 2nd Amendment, and to disarm the American People. This is a necessary step to convert American Citizens into Subjects (serfs) under the control of an all-powerful Leftist Central Government. An armed population is likely, to (ultimately) destroy the Leftist State. The Left can never rest easy, in power, with a populations of Armed Citizens out there in-the-wild. The best way to convince the American People to unilaterally disarm and (voluntarily) lock themselves in the Left’s Chains is by FEAR. The Left loves FEAR. It is the best tool in their tool box. Covid-19 showed just how effective FEAR can be as a power-advancement tool. So, these mass murder events, and crime-in-general, stoke FEAR in the American People. The Left sees this FEAR as THE TOOL to disarm and enslave the population. Therefore, their claims to want to put an end to mass murders and to crime is the height of deceit. It is a “Hitler-Size” lie. Every mass murder, every crime, is music to their ears. They laugh and dance as each one occurs because each one is another step toward locking in their total control over the American People.

    2) The Gun Control debate serves as another point of division of the American People. The Left knows that it must keep the People divided into tribal groups that continually war with each other. That keeps the People from uniting and attacking their True Enemy (The Leftist, Global Elites who sit at the top and rob us blind). That is why the Left continually divides us over issues of Race, Class, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Abortion, etc. Firearms Prohibition is just one more layer of division.

    So, the American Left is quite happy with the way things are going. Every time these AR rifles fire (and kill the innocent – especially children), it is “Music to the Ears” of the American Left. That is why they continually “hijack” the debate and lock out any discussion of real solutions that might work. It is why they keep the focus, like a laser beam, on Firearms Prohibition. They DON”T WANT real Solutions! They want us disarmed!

    What they really want is everlasting Political Power. They want to be “On Top” (and raking in the money, power, and graft) FOREVER!

    Solving the problems of the American People does not help them. Rather, it hurts them!

    What gives them strength and pleasure is our WEAKNESS and PAIN!

    Anyone who believes, that those arguing for Firearms Prohibition, are doing so in good faith is being foolish. It is like believing that a starving wolf would want to be a vegetarian! 🙂

    • Quite right. The Left has neither desire nor intention of solving the problem of violent crime and mass killings. These things are useful for driving fear, and in turn driving the Leftist agenda.

      George Orwell coined the term “Newspeak”, as a desire to control the language, and thereby control the debates and the very thoughts of the nation’s subjects (not citizens). The American Left is no different. Look how they steer the debate over what to do about the problem of violent crime and mass killings: It’s always about “gun control”. Never about criminal control, hardening soft targets, or empowering normal people to defend themselves against criminals — these options are off-limits, not up for debate, not allowed to even be discussed.

      For all the Left’s talk about “empowering women and minorities”, nowhere are women and minorities more helpless against rapists, thugs, and murderers than in Leftist strongholds.

      The only logical explanation is that that is how they want it.

  7. The gaslighting about guns and crime has been ongoing since the 1960s to make owning guns and knowing how to use guns the abnormal position. We have to take back the culture, plain and simple, and social media has made that nearly impossible. The only thing that seems to work is to back large, unwieldy organizations such as NRA, SAF or the manufacturers’ association, and doing that also gives the gun-grabbers something to target. Ordinary gun owners need to work in their own communities, and among their friends, to end the irrational fear of guns and other inanimate objects. If a friend opposes your right to defend yourself, why are they your friend? Have you tried to explain things to them or show them why you aren’t afraid of guns in the home? It may be time to start evaluating relationships with businesses, for example, that have put up a “gun-free zone” sign. It differs by state, but if your state allows individual carry, why would you patronize a store or other business that prohibited that individual carry ability. Why support people who work against the things you value? Why continue to support family members who oppose a basic right like self defense? Their poor judgement and/or ignorance likely spills over onto other decisions in their lives, and you empower them by allowing their ignorance to go unchallenged. Lawful and responsible gun owners are going to have to start making hard choices, and those will have to continue until the cultural propaganda against self defense is put down completely and discredited.


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