MEMES v. TRUTH — 17 Comments

  1. I fear that the display by these democrat “lawmakers” (God help us), is but a prelude to massive demonstrations orchestrated by Move-On, SEIU, BlackLivesMatter, and various other George Soros backed organizations, in the coming months. These folks were able to make massive strides in advancing their agenda under Obama. I don’t see them fading into the background when they are so close to their goal.

    I am certainly glad that I am not a street cop in Cleveland or Philadelphia when the conventions come to town. Have no doubts that the respective police/LEO organizations are not the only ones putting the final touches to their preparations. Their goals could not be more polar opposite.

    If I lived or worked anywhere near the convention sites, I would be making contingency plans for that period of time. Of course, I’m preaching to the choir on this blog. You guys know the threats out there, and strive to be ready when the time comes, while praying it never will. Please don’t be caught with your guard down.

  2. Alas, in the People’s Republic of Connecticut there is no chance any communication with my “representatives” will bring any result or even acknowledgement that my POV is valid. Having witnessed Rosa DeLauro LIE outright that the 1994 “assault weapons ban” would make sure machine guns couldn’t be sold in gun shops and shows anymore, I gave up all hope.

    Except the hope that comes from praying, that is. 🙂

    While I know your “how stupid…” question is rhetorical, there is an answer: They *always* presume that any Republican of one who believes anything right of themselves is a rube who is married to his sister, smokes a corncob pipe while he plays a catgut fiddle on the back porch. Oh, and who makes sure to keep his guns loaded and handy to keep the rev-nooers away.

    Or is that too broad an interpretation of the caricature they see us as?

  3. Sadly, in the U.S. it seems most people’s thinking is as deep as a puddle when it comes to the Constitution and liberty. The media does have an agenda and most people consume it blindly. Most young adults care more about the latest HBO show like ‘Game of Thrones’ or the NBA finals etc. than they do about their what the country will look like in 10 years. Once the U.S. Constitutional protections guarding individual liberty are gone they will be impossible to restore. Most people will never realize what they have lost.

  4. It looks to me like they think we are all as stupid as the people who voted for them. I have nothing in common with those people, in fact, I’m not even sure that we are the same species. Science just hasn’t figured it out yet.

  5. I agree about the answer to the rhetorical question, how stupid do they think we are?

    I’m reminded of Obama’s comments about the yokels in flyover country “clinging to their guns and religion.” And the New Yorker magazine cover in 1976, “The View From 9th Avenue,” showing everything west of the Hudson River as a vast empty desert.

    I believe the Republicans were proposing a No Fly=No Buy bill, but with safeguards requiring due process for putting people on the No Fly List. But the media still repeat the official party line, claiming that the GOP is blocking common sense, reasonable gun control. And that the NRA wants ISIS and Al Qaeda to be able to buy AR-15’s in sporting goods stores and at gun shows.

    You don’t much reporting in the MSM about the Obama administration’s nuclear deal, helping Iran acquire nuclear weapons. Or how the Democrats want to import 200,000+ unvetted Middle Eastern immigrants each year.

    Speaking of obstructing common sense, reasonable legislation, no rational debate about immigration reform is allowed. One side tries to express valid concerns. (Even if 99% of immigrants are peaceable, that still leaves 2000 terrorist Trojan Horses. And there is also the problem of adding unskilled, illiterate immigrants to a stagnant economy that already has too few jobs open.) The other side yells “racism” and “Islamophobia,” and the discussion is over.

  6. I used agonize over the thought that these Liberal Left “leaders” were dumb enough to actually believe that restricting and registering guns would stop gun violence. Then I came to the realization that they are not that dumb when it comes to their “master plan” which is to disarm the populace but really smart enough to realize that if they didn’t hide their true agenda some of the masses of sheep that truly DO believe banning guns will make us all live in harmony might recoil (no pun intended) from this plan thinking that if they lost one right others might follow. These “leaders” KNOW that more laws will not stop gun violence but they don’t care. That’s not what they are trying to do.

  7. This is nutzo!!!

    Those “measures” (or whatever these loonies call what they just tried to do to the Republic and the People), would’ve been some of the most destructive suggestions ever seen since WWII era Germany. What would’ve happened if that nonsense was allowed to pass would turn the U.S.A into a police state!

    Dogs with that kind of mindset have already done it elsewhere, Canada for instance. Now it’s just like cancer, deadly to liberty. Glad it failed and may the bovine excrement stay away. I hope it’s reversible for those already placed under such conditions around the Earth.

  8. The media take on gun control is reminiscent of McCarthyism where guilt by association was enough to get one blacklisted.

  9. …and the two bills that the Democrats unanimously shot down? Didn’t violate enough due process?

    It’s funny how CNN and the MSM worded it all: “Four gun control bills were voted on: Two were voted down by congress, two were voted down by the Republicans.”

  10. I agree with Captain Bob. Once you go under the surface, Gun control has nothing at all to do with (a) preventing violence, (b) saving lives, or (c) keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. All the propaganda about such claims is purely for public consumption.

    Gun control is about the left-wing ideology of disarmament. The concept of disarming the people so as to make them harmless and helpless and (therefore) dependent upon the State. A State under the control of the left-wing elites.

    It is a simple matter to show that this is true. For example, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical mistakes. At least 10 times more people die each year in the U.S. due to this cause than due to gun shot injuries. And that is counting all gun shot deaths (murder, suicide, justifiable homicide, – every single one).

    A mere 10% reduction in deaths due to medical mistakes would save more lives than abolishing guns completely (as if such a thing could be done!) so that the death rate due to gun-fire dropped to zero point zero.

    Clearly, if saving lives were the goal, a greater “bang for the buck” (please excuse the pun) could be easily realized by dropping gun control and really focusing on ways and means to reduce medical mistake deaths.

    Where are all the left-wing groups who focus on this area? Why are the democrats not staging “sit-ins” to reduce these deaths?

    The answer is simple. They don’t give a flip about people dying. All the noise about gun control saving lives is just smoke and mirrors. The truth is that the disarmament of the people is a political dream of the left while actually saving lives (by reducing medical mistakes or in any other area) is not.

    The true and only goal of left-wing gun control is the disarmament of the people! All the justifications, studies, statistics, etc. put forth by the left-wingers are just rationalizations and justifications developed to support their political endgame.

  11. More proof related to my post above:

    So now we see people criminalized by the left for exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights. It is all part of the left-wing mentality that:

    1) Gun owners are crazy, dangerous people who need to be closely watched and monitored. They need to all be registered by the Government (FBI).
    2) The mere act of owned a firearm is (or ought to be) a criminal act.
    3) The mere desire to own a firearm is (in and of itself) proof of mental instability.
    4) And the ultimate conclusion: Just as the left thought with the Prohibition of Alcohol, the “final solution” (to echo the Nazis) is to confiscate all firearms and to ban their further sale to or ownership by the American People. Complete disarmament is ultimate answer.

    Don’t believe for even one nano-second that the left is actually concerned with “common sense” solutions or saving lives. All of that is smoke and mirrors. Complete disarmament and total dependence upon the State is the goal.

  12. Further proof that the left-wing mentality is focused on disarmament of the population and is using crime and terrorism as an excuse to enact it. In Australia, the gun-grabbers have long since seized control and are implementing the left-wing disarmament dream.

    First they restricted semi-automatic firearms.

    Then they restricted pump-action firearms.

    Recently, they moved to restrict level action firearms. See this story:

    As far as I know, there are no cases of lever action guns being misused in either crime or terrorism. Nevertheless, the left uses unsubstantiated fears of such events to always grab for more.

    In a few more years, they will add bolt action firearms to the list.

    Then they will “determine” that rapid fire double-barrel guns are too dangerous so they will be restricted too.

    When they have finally stripped the population down to single shot firearms, there won’t be enough gun owners left to oppose their “final solution”. This, of course, will effectively be a complete ban with just enough exceptions so that they will still claim that it is not.

    It is “defeat in detail” for the gun-owners of down under. The leftist gun-grabbers truly have them “down under” their thumb.

    This is why we must never compromise our 2nd Amendment Rights. Any yielding, no matter how small, only encourages the left to grab for more. They won’t stop until it is all gone. Their ideology won’t let them stop.

  13. Oh Tn_MAN, you are so right!!!!!
    We all need to read the book, “Gun Control in the third Reich” by Stephen P. Halbrook.
    It definitely, states why Government want to disarm their people!!!!!!
    They even took guns away from WWI heroes!

  14. I agree with all of the above posts. David Horowitz used to be a left-wing radical in the 1960s. Then he saw the light, and became a conservative. He wrote a book entitled, “Radical Son.” He says the Left is following a dream to create a utopia here on earth. I believe the useful idiots actually think the utopia is possible. I’m sure those at the top, the really smart liberals, believe that utopia is impossible for everyone. However, they think they can create a society where they are at the top, and the pawns beneath them will do the work they need done. So, it won’t be a utopia for everyone, but it will be a utopia for those at the top. This is their delusion.

    Now they lie to get their way. Socialists/Communists/Statists of the past used violence to have their way. The Socialists in Western Europe and the USA are Fabian Socialists and they don’t want to use violence. At least not yet. As they see their dream approaching, will they use violence to bring it about, or will they not go that far? It looks to me like they know they will need to use violence at some point, because not all of us are willing to follow their brilliant leadership. They view us as unenlightened, and since we resist their plans, I’m sure they view us as evil and backward.

    Be prepared. I thank God our Founders had the foresight to put the Second Amendment in writing. What if the National Rifle Association had not been founded long ago in 1871? We would probably be like Europe and Australia are today without the NRA.

  15. There is no such thing as “reasonable” gun control because gun grabbers are not reasonable. Those creatures are either stupid or evil, or both.

    Crazy California senator Feinstein once spoke the truth inadvertently, when she said something to the effect, that if she could have it her way, she would ban ALL guns, and have them confiscated and destroyed (except for the ones she owns and has a license to carry concealed). How do you spell hypocrite?