The smiling face you see on that Christmas-y package is none other than our great grand-
daughter, Paisley.
At one year old, this was already her third modeling assignment.
Takes after her great-grandmother for beauty, methinks. You can find the products here.


  1. What a great honor! Merry Christmas to you, your wife, your kids, their kids, and all of your family!

  2. Mas and Gail – That’s great!!! She’s a cutie! You are truly blessed to be able to see another generation born into your family. Merry Christmas to the wise,old sensei and the Princess of Pixels!

  3. Such lucky Grandparents to have such a talented granddaughter. Let the kids work is what I sayπŸ˜ƒ

  4. Itzy Pop?


    I would expect to see her likeness in a Ruger or Smith and Wesson ad.

    “Not yet toilet trained? The finish on this new, Ruger SR rifle is immune to spit ups, pee, and other baby substances.

    So when you want rugged reliability, listen to Paisley and her great grandfather, Mas, and demand the SR Series of rifles from Ruger!”

    Just sayin’.

  5. “Takes after her great-grandmother for beauty, methinks.”

    Yabbut which great-grandmother? She has four.

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