For some time now the (rumor? Conjecture?) has been going around that given the Democrats’ increasing disenchantment with their current President, the stage has been set behind the scenes to nominate Michelle Obama to replace him on the ticket.

Perhaps a nation fed up with politicians would like the idea of a brilliant, articulate, beautiful African-American woman who has never before been a candidate for public office as their President. After all, Donald Trump hadn’t run for office before being elected in 2016.

And what if the Republicans see it coming and pre-emptively counter by nominating Candace Owens?

Stranger things have happened…


    • Amen brother. As underwhelmed I am with DJT as a husband, ONLY he will disestablish the FBI and prosecute the Deep State prix that abused their position and created for us a police state. ONLY that will sting enough for the professional government class to avoid playing politics for a while.

    • Trump’s VP pick will be very important, because I have a feeling that he will be kept from re-entering the oval office by any means necessary.

  1. Maybe Trump for President in 2024, with Candace Owen as his running mate. Ideally, I would want Trump/Ramaswamy in 2024, and Ramaswamy/Owen in 2028.

    At this point, I’ll be glad to see anyone other than a Democrat/Communist/America Hater become President. But, in November, I’ll be voting for Trump, even if he dies of natural causes before then. He deserves to win.

    • If Trump manages to die between now and the election, I am firmly convinced it will be from something oher than “natural causes”.

  2. having a tranny in the whitehouse wouldn’t surprise me at this stage of the game.

    epstein didn’t kill himself…

  3. Who the heck is Candace Owens?????? Or another viable alternative?

    I hope Michelle either sticks with her earlier “Hell No!” or views the current economic situation as one she doesn’t want to get involved in and declines less/more stridently. Right now, the O’s have plausible deniability for the current economy. Jumping in now and doubling down-if possible-and we’re definitely in Weimar Republic re-run territory. Not good for the legacy.

    Anyone know RJK Jrs position on gun control?

  4. The big problem is this. Who in that party has the guts to tell Joe not to run and start this movement publicly? They all seem like such followers nobody will have the guts to do it.

  5. Trump received $39 million in small donations to his campaign within 10 hours of his kangaroo court conviction yesterday. He probably would’ve gotten more, except so many people were logging in to give that the campaign website crashed.

    Suffice to say, Trump isn’t leaving the field.

    Candace Owen would be a great candidate sometime in the future, though.

  6. This is just rage bait Mr Ayoob. You know full well this is not going to happen. I doubt a single democrat representative is pushing for it.
    BUT you also know how vulnerable to bonkers conspiracy theories your followers are. Summed up by my farcical April Fools post came with a warning from you.

    • Anything can happen. East and West Germany can be reunited peacefully. The Soviet Union can break up peacefully, and hijackers can takeover airliners with box cutters, and fly the airliners into buildings. Men can walk on the moon. North Vietnam and Afghanistan can defeat, or at least outlast, the USA in long, guerrilla wars. A black man can become President of the United States. Twice. Japan can defeat both Russia (1905) and China (1930s and 1940s), and become a wealthy nation, despite having few natural resources. Slavery, long practiced everywhere, can be abolished, even by voting in the UK. Israel can defeat a larger Arab force which attacked it in 1967, and gain territory, in six days. Hitler can survive 40 assassination attempts. Anything can happen.

    • I hope not as well, but…. my strong conviction is that this current administration is nothing other than Barry Oh behind the Wozard’s curtain pulling strings and pushing the levers. He ciud do that far more easily if the front were his “wife” or whatever she is.

  7. I’d vote for Candice in a heartbeat! She is everything the former “First Lady” is not. Truly a brilliant, articulate, beautiful African-American woman!

    • I certainly cannot agree with ANY of the descriptors used to describe this vile, evil, vindictive, unamerican , piece of garbage. That said, she(he/it) is a perfect candidate for the party of treason!

  8. After what has happened over the past 4 years (16 actually) and especially after yesterday, I could never vote Democrat in good conscience. They are demonstrably incompetent or even malicious. Republicans share the blame with their feckless leadership. The let this happen!

  9. It doesn’t matter who the Democrats run for president. As long as there is a (D) behind their name, the faithful Dems will vote for them. They could run Mayor McCheese and the followers would place their vote for him.
    Those who are dead don’t have a choice, someone in the Democrat party votes via absentee ballot for them.

  10. It’s a moot issue. The Dems have to notify Ohio of their candidates’ identities a week before their convention, so they are meeting electronically beforehand in order to make the Ohio ballot deadline.

    Once that is done the nomination process is over ie the convention is little more than a party unless the Dems are willing to write off Ohio. That would make them look so foolish it could cost them other, tighter, states.

    Gropey Joe and Cackles will be the candidates because the Dems bizarrely thought there would be no consequences to missing the Ohio deadline…until they realized that there are consequences.

  11. 😵‍💫 will Barry keep using the hidden Mike to communicate to her earpiece like he is currently doing with Joe? 🤣

  12. I am pretty sure Pres. Biden will not be on the ticket. Ms. Obama would be a good sacrificial lamb for the Dems. A not very serious career politician and points for nominating a black woman.
    When Pres. Trump wins a third time and takes office for a second time, if he is good at choosing a VP running mate the GOP (non-RINOS) could be in power for at least 12 years. Gov. Burgum is my suggestion.

    • A not very serious career politician and points for nominating a black woman.

      And when she loses, the Dems will get to scream “Ray-ciz-um!” at the GOP for the rest of eternity.

      Even if she loses, The Narrative[TM] wins, so they win. “Sacrificial lamb”, indeed.

  13. As of right now, Donald Trump is the Republican candidate and Biden is the Democrat candidate. There are folks who do not like either candidate but it would take a “seismic shift” to change this picture. Something like the sudden death of one or both of these candidates.

    If Biden was to suddenly expire (or go into a coma), the situation remains grim for the Dims. The Dims have a threadbare bench from which to draw. Harris has negatives just as great (maybe greater) then Biden. Gov. Newsom is sometimes put forward as a possible candidate. However, California is (basically) a failed and bankrupt State kept afloat only with Federal dollars. What would Newsom run on? Vote for me America. I ran California into the ground and I can finish the job that Biden started and do the same for the rest of America too? He is open to attacks based upon his dismal performance as Governor.

    Leftists dream of the Obama years. Obama fooled a lot of people. The best description that I ever saw, for Obama, is this one: “Obama was a blank screen upon which people could project their hopes and desires”. Because of his “Blank Screen” nature, Leftists (from all over the World), look with fondness back on the days of the Obama Administration.

    There is a desire, among leftists, to recapture that old Obama “Blank Screen” magic. Since they are constitutionally precluded from getting the “Messiah” back in person, they think that his better half will be the NEXT BEST THING. These are the people pushing for Michelle to run.

    Just two problems: How do you shove Biden, Harris, Newsom, Hillary, and the other professional political grifters away from the trough? Second, how do you get Michelle to run. She has the GOOD LIFE right now and (so I hear) has no interest (at all) in jumping back into the DC snake-pit.

    As for replacing Trump, IMHO, the Dims are scared to do it. They have spent (literally) years and billions of dollars brainwashing weak-minded Americans into being “Trump Haters”. TDS is a real thing and it works in the favor of the Dims. If they do an “Epstein” on Trump (i.e. stick him in prison and then arrange a “suicide” or even a “natural death” for him), what then?

    The Trump supporters will be enraged and motivated and the Republicans will pick a replacement who does not have the negatives that the Dims have built up on Trump. The Republican will win in a landslide despite all the Dims efforts to cheat.

    No, the Dims will try to force Donald Trump to run his campaign from a jail cell. They will use his bogus conviction to whip up even more TDS among their brainwashed followers. However, for right now, it is hard to see how either party can replace the current candidates.

    Something may be done at the VP level. The Dims should replace Harris. Just about anything else would be better. Trump’s VP choice could be an asset if selected wisely. Unfortunately, Trump’s record of selecting people to help him is spotty at best.

    I don’t see Michelle getting into the race. That is just more “Blank Screen” projecting by a certain segment of the Dims. I have remarked before about how leftists live in a fantasy World of their own creation. The Michelle candidacy is just another “Left-Wing Fantasy” that some of the Dims are dreaming up.

      • @ larryarnold – “The same platform Biden will use.”

        That platform does not really gain the Dims anything. Sure, to the TDS, Trump-hating base of the Democrat Party, that sounds like a “knock-out punch”. However, these people were always going to vote for Biden. Their votes won’t be changed.

        To the rest of America, that is a weak argument. Everybody (who is not a Dim and who has at least a few neurons firing) knows that the New York trial was a staged “Show Trial”. The old USSR could not have done it better. Most people cannot even state the law that Trump was supposed to have broken or explain how a misdemeanor got jumped up into 34 felonies.

        The Dims hoped that their “Show Trial” Conviction would spread TDS among the general population. I don’t expect it to have that effect. It was so obviously a staged and political event that it has no shock or sway value outside of those that, already, hate Trump with a passion.

        In fact, this staged event seems to be backfiring. See these links:

      • Tn_Man: I didn’t say it would succeed. But the progressives went to a whole bunch of trouble to set it up. I don’t think they can resist.
        Besides, the leftmedia will assure them it’s working.

      • @TN_MAN: Most people cannot even state the law that Trump was supposed to have broken or explain how a misdemeanor got jumped up into 34 felonies.

        It’s not clear that the jury can state the law that Trump was supposed to have broken. And they’re the ones who convicted him!

        The whole trial stinks to high heaven. It’s not just how a misdemeanor got jumped to 34 felonies. It’s also how the judge was hand-selected instead of randomly chosen, how he remained on the trial after he was exposed to have donated to Democrats and anti-Trump orgs (which as a judge he’s not allowed to do), how he allowed the prosecution to run rough-shod over the defense (and hamstrung the defense’s objections), and issued jury instructions that openly defied SCOTUS (they didn’t have to find unanimous guilt — 4 out of 12 was enough for some of the charges! — they didn’t have to state what law was broken, etc.). It’s also how they charged Trump with violations of federal law in STATE court, AFTER the feds declined to prosecute because they couldn’t find any federal law that had been broken.

        I keep telling people who are celebrating this conviction: Whether you like Trump or hate him, you should be VERY concerned over the state of our “justice” system after this.

  14. If she does it would be Barry’s 3rd term
    As president. He’s running the idiot there now and would have been running Hillary had she won. A bigger risk is the house and senate. We need all 3 to save the country.

  15. I plan to hold my nose and vote for Trump. But why do we have to choose between Trump and Biden? I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Was George Washington the lesser of two evils? How about Abraham Lincoln?

    Come on folks. We can do better.

  16. Considering we don’t know who is running things, and all their cohorts who haven’t been prosecuted, anything is possible. We are living the kind of history that us d to be taught in public schools.

  17. Michelle would just be Barry with a frown and even more hate for America. At least the 2 conventions may be worth watching this year.

  18. Owens would be a disaster. She’s de facto all in with the Hamas supporters – repeatedly denouncing Israel while making generalized allusions to “genocide”. This has been reported in many sources, right as well as left. (E.g. PJ Media, NY Post, Town Hall).

    And who says Michelle Obama is “brilliant”, other then liberal media sycophants? She and Barack are probably fairly smart (IQs about 115), but a long way from “brilliant”. Both of them were promoted well above their actual merits by an establishment desperate to elevate blacks.

    • Indeed, things have come to such a pass (in this country) with corrupt officials, politicians, and judges populating every level of Government, that I am convinced that only desperate action can set things right again.

      Perhaps it is time to re-examine the ideas of H.L Mencken on the topic of holding members of the Administrative State accountable for their corruption. Frankly, his essay on this topic is starting to sound good to me :-). See this link:

      • Yes, great article. I notice it was written almost exactly 100 years ago. It reminds me of the movie, “Magnum Force.” The police decided to bring about what “the system” would bring about, if it was not filled with corrupt people. If justice was meted out like H.L. Mencken proposes, justice would be much swifter than it is today.

        We live in a Golden Age of Technology, but a Dark Age of Justice. Quality products require quality ingredients or raw materials. You can’t make a great civilization when you have inferior, corrupt humans in it.

      • @ Roger Willco – “I notice it was written almost exactly 100 years ago.”

        Yes, back then the USA was still a well-run country.

        Even so, H.L Mencken thought it was bad enough to pen this kind of suggestion. Can you imagine what H.L Mencken would write today (if he was still alive) upon seeing the rampant corruption we currently have at every level of Government?

        “Quality products require quality ingredients or raw materials.”

        Quote of the Day:

        “Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.” – Immanuel Kant

  19. Damn, ol’, H.L. give whole new meaning to the term “curmudgeon”. A snowflake would either pass out or go up in flames reading that.

    However, I’ve had experience with government administrative types who “are on a mission” to use the position to drive their personal viewpoints. I could occupy a page or two with the short comings of other types, but the whole thing can be summarized by the statement that their positions are virtually permanent. There does need to be a more expedient way to clear out the dead wood, incompetent and petty tyrants.

  20. From what little I know of her, I would have no problem with Candace Owens, and I think the Democrats should just go ahead and nominate AOC for balance. Who knows? As Mas said, stranger things have happened.


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