1. I couldn’t access the first linked article. About the only clunker I noted in the second article is that, SFAIK, New Jersey didn’t outlaw hollow point bullets. You simply can’t carry them in your firearm outside the home, IF you’re one of the very few privileged non-law enforcement folks who can get a carry permit. At the range, in the home defense firearm, no foul.

    • WR Moore,

      I am sure what you typed about NJ’s hollow point laws is accurate. I just want to add something so this confusing topic can be even more confusing. I believe the only people who can CARRY hollow points are active duty cops, whether on- or off-duty. Reired cops can carry pistols, but not with hollow points in them.

      If I am wrong, someone please correct me. I did a few searches, but still could not find this law. I am relying on a memory of hearing a trusted source state this. I live in NJ so it is my business to know the law.

      • Retired and out of state LE can now carry hollow points in NJ. Strangely, this does not seem to apply to retired NEW JERSEY cops.

      • Thought I implied that LEOs could carry HPs on duty, guess not. Sorry about that. OTOH, there are apparently some non-hollow point expanding bullets that are legal for civilians to carry. The Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty were mentioned as examples.

      • Brother Moore is correct. And my understanding is that serving cops and cops covered under LEOSA can carry HP also.

      • WR Moore and Mas,

        Thanks for jogging my memory. Yes, I believe the bullets which fill in the cavity with plastic, such as Hornady Critical Defense and Cor Bon Pow’r Ball are legal to carry. I did hear one gun attorney say he was unsure of that, however. Maybe the courts/legislators have never ruled on that. It is true, when the cavity is filled with plastic, it is technically no longer a “hollow” point.

      • Roger, my understanding is that it comes from a New Jersey Attorney General’s opinion. For cops, the black letter law is the word of God, but opinions from the state AG are more or less the word of Moses.

  2. Um, she’s (Amy) in an expert in relationship advice who has columns in the Washington Post, New York Times, and all the other rabidly, anti-American rags going out of business in this great country speak volumes as to why I discount this BS for what it is.

  3. Yes: the inmates are running the asylum!

    And yeah: it’s hard to imagine that any American male old enough to have a gun-owning daughter, could be that squirrelly: I too wondered if it was a troll.

    What’s *not* really surprising is Amy’s response: typical of hysterical hoplophobe ignorance. Exploding hollowpoints! No wonder they’re outlawed! *What if the whole darn box suddenly exploded?!*

    Perhaps the only encouraging thing— assuming the letter is real— is that the nitwit who wrote it could have produced such a strong, sensible daughter. Maybe there is still reason to hope…

    I hope she finds a good inexpensive place to live; and companions who share her realistic sensibility.

  4. As a colleague of mine once said:

    “Ignorance is only skin deep, Stupid goes clear to the bone.”


  5. So is this the short script version of the next Dumb and Dumber movie ? No wonder I’ve never seen any of them, I can’t stay in a room with that much flatulence !

  6. That’s what you get when you read or listen to any Liberal newspapers,TV, news magazines ect. They are either drinking the cool aid themselves or are telling lies to any one who is gullible enough to believe them, to further their agenda to disarm us all.

  7. A number of the responders to the second article pose the very believable theory that Amy or crew invented Dumbfounded Father, noting that “his” righting has a definite female feel. Until I noticed those replies, I wondered how such a sissy dad could have unknowingly raised a pro-gun spawn. While it is certain that there are some pro-gun writers out there where men used to be men, there is also an alarmingly large and increasing number of Dumbfounded and dishonest Amys.

  8. I was listening to Tom Gresham’s “Gun Talk” after show Sunday, and it was suggested that the letter is a, um, creation (i.e., lie) designed to allow Amy to respond {in a hysterical manner].

    Sounds believable to me. No two people can be that stupid or ignorant, can they? 8~(

  9. I still think it was a troll. Maybe a father that was disappointed that his daughter purchased a 40 when 9mm ammo is the hot item now. Maybe it is a real letter and the young lady bought the heater after she caught dad wearing mom’s negligé and playing with a Ginsu knife. Amy’s response is every bit as ridiculous with her suspect statistics. It’s people like dad that make us all need a firearm.

  10. If this dad is for real, he could be the King of the Snowflakes.

    When the Founders began this experiment in self-government, they knew it could only work if the voters took their role seriously enough to educate themselves. This dumbed-down populace is headed for disaster.

  11. A few years ago, two friend’s daughter was having difficulty shooting. Her parents weren’t vehemently anti gun, they just didn’t own and shoot guns. Totally foreign concept to them. Let me add where my concern lay. Their daughter was a juvenile probation officer. She was provided with a J-frame S&W .38 special. She wound up going to the range with me several times and shooting most of my handguns. Comfort was the issue. She wasn’t familiar with guns or self defense. She was quite a good shot in the end and chose a short barreled M686 as a duty gun. Her parent’s reaction was relief that their daughter was comfortable with her proficiency and job. I have to brag on Julie a bit. She has been one of the best JPOs in our county for over 20 years now.

  12. I read that letter also, and it made my head hurt, so I think it must be the real deal. I get migraines on a near daily basis, but I usually have a trigger of some kind, and a letter that stupid would have to be real in order to work on my head.
    I know that there are people out there that dumb, I have encountered them when trying to discuss similar topics with friends and relatives on the social platforms.

  13. I think you guys are missing the point.

    It doesn’t matter if the column is factual, rational or intelligently written. It’s a propaganda piece designed to elicit an emotional reaction, and mislead the electorate. It succeeded beyond the writer’s wildest imagination.

    The left wants to passionately ban guns, and vacuum all of them up from civilian hands. They’ll do or say anything to bring this about. They care nothing about facts, rational analysis or intelligent discourse.

    Arguing facts in these cases is a waste of time. They care nothing about facts. We have to figure out a way to counter the propaganda, and do some of the same to support our side.

    • Chris,

      I agree with what you wrote. Some on the Left are no longer interested in talking or discussing anything. They cannot be civil. Their minds are made up and they don’t want to hear facts or counter-arguments.

  14. Ignorance knows no bounds.
    If this young lady is smart she will move out of “Dumb” Daddy’s house before his ignorance and stupidity rub off on her.
    Kudos to this young lady for making a smart and responsible choice to obtain the means to defend herself. I hope that she regularly practices and becomes proficient in handling her weapon.