1. I just read about the stabbing ! I’ve been working on the new book so I haven”t been reading blogs lately. I’m praying for his quick and complete recovery. Wow, it’s a crazy world out there beyond our big woods.

    Jackie Clay

  2. In a not totally unrelated vein, since we are talking about women shooters, I was curious to know if you have tested the Knoxx Spec-Ops shotgun stock and what you thought of it. I know that you have recommended the 20 gauge for women in the past. Thanks.

  3. Hi Mas,

    Thanks for the recommendation Mas! I’ll be picking that up for my better half. Out of curiosity, I heard from someone at that you’re coming out with the a third Stressfire book, any date on that yet?


  4. Thanks for the reminder Mas, just placed my order. Mom is attending the Women On Target program next weekend at my gun club (I coach whenever we hold one) and wants to take the NRA Basic Pistol course soon so I had wanted to get her this book.

  5. Wow! What a great source. Like old retired guys who’ve been around guns both recreationally and professionally for years, taken all kinds of classes and carried for years, you have a tendency to think there’s not a lot left to learn….boy, is that wrong. If you go to her website as you recommended, virtually the whole book is there. Well about 5:45 this am I began reading and 3 hours later I finished. This is one of the best things I’ve read in quite a while. And this book IS DEFINITELY NOT for women only. Not only is Kathy right on about just about everything, she has a great writing style. I consider this required reading at any class with women and FOR men.

  6. @David

    My fiance has a Remington 870 with a Knoxx Stock and shoots full load 12 gauge all day with it without bruising or anything. She really likes it. To me it feels pretty close to a semi 12 gauge. It’s definitely a noticeable improvement. Quite of few friends that have 870s switch to the Knoxx Stock after trying my fiance’s if that says anything.

    I’m not terribly recoil sensitive, a regular 870 doesn’t really bother me and I really can’t tell the difference in recoil between a 9mm para vs a .45ACP. But the Knoxx does soften the kick quite a bit. Hope this helps.


  7. Thanks for the tip Mas, looks like that book will be on th gift list for wife and daughters this year. I have checked out her sight (read extensively) and passed it on to my daughters as a good example of wisdom and what a “real” woman is capable of.

  8. Thanks for the tip about this book! Times two means two more Christmas presents, taken care of, without having to drive anywhere.

  9. Knox stock works great. With tactical/low recoil 12 gauge loads it is plinking level recoil. You could shoot for fun for hours.

    That said I think rem 20 gauge 11-87 far superior for home defense. The 20 handles more like a carbine indoors because it is smaller,lighter, & handier than 12.