If you or someone on  your Christmas list works in emergency services or is just interested in how trained people deal with life-threatening crisis and its aftermath, I offer you “Our Thin Lines Unvarnished,” memoirs from those who have served on the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the Vancouver Police Department in Washington state.

I was brought in by the late firearms instructor Mike Kestner to teach Lethal Threat Management at the former agency many years ago, and got to know some of the people involved in the true stories found in these books. (There are two volumes, and I’ve only read the first thus far.”)

You get the honest real deal.  Survivors describing gun battles, street fights lost and won, and the emotional aftermaths.  There is stress-breaking humor, and philosophy shaped and hardened by the unforgiving reality of the streets.

You can get it, probably in time for Christmas, from Amazon.


  1. Unfortunately for me, it’s not available on Audible audiobooks. Gail told me your book Deadly Force WILL be available on Audible in the (hopefully)near future. I checked. As of today it is not yet.

  2. Sounds like a good read. I recommend “The Red Dot Club” by Robert Rangel. Also the real deal and similar stories from around LA. One can certainly learn a lot from these accounts. Will order as soon as I finish Sapiens.

  3. Increased general respect, understanding, sympathy, and compassion for law enforcement personnel and their families is bound to come from reading and studying books like “The Red Dot Club.” We suddenly have an enormous mass of poorly uninvestigated immigrants in our country that under-supported peace officers must patrol. We also have apparently corrupt politicians and other officials getting away with selling out our society and economy under a combination of unlimited, chaotic invasion and backfiring environmental miscalculation. Our Second Amendment is endlessly under threat. Our constitutional bearing of firearms is attacked through sympathizing with criminals in order to try to make acts of armed self-defense, and other legitimate peace-keeping, look wrong. Well-supported law enforcement is our best ally to help build and keep a safe society. We don’t want to be become like the many chaotic countries where self-defense has been rendered illegal. Our national press, with some notable exceptions, has too largely become a well-funded Media Mob of unscrupulous, duped, deluded propogandist “presstitutes” bent on brainwashing us towards total sponge status. Let us get push some wisdom and sanity, and achieve some enhanced peace-keeping with more and better-supplied police personnel. We apparently also need more social mental health support to keep unethical people off the streets (and out of political office, insidious fake news “reporting,” and any possibly compromised three-letter agencies) in order to help stop crime from developing and ruling. Furthermore, the older and wiser that I get, the more I realize that any public figure who would not want to honestly admit to POSSIBLY being at least a little iffy is probably a candidate for expert mental therapy.

    • “poorly uninvestigated immigrants” should be “way too extremely beyond belief poorly investigated immigrants”

    • Strategic Steve,

      I agree with you, but want to make some points.

      1. Many of our fellow citizens voted for the policies which are in place right now. We got the government we voted for, except for those who did not vote for this, and the cheating that helps Democrats win elections.

      2. You think police are the answer to crime? I think the police are too soft on crime. Also, the handcuffs are on the police, more than they are on the criminals. If police arrest a criminal, a judge will set the criminal free. What good are the police in this environment? Our government can’t do anything right, except deliver the mail. Our government has failed to educate the citizenry, our government cannot win a war, nor can it administer justice to criminals.

  4. Strategic Steve wrote:
    ‘We don’t want to be become like the many chaotic countries where self-defense has been rendered illegal.’
    As the sites (self appointed) token liberal, this is where I ask you to list these countries. When you do, I show the evidence that it’s not true.
    Why make such silly, obviously untrue and easily disproved claims?

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