1. I’m saddened whenever our side loses someone good like them. It’ll be hard to fill those voids.

    Being a young’un in the gun world, it means I get to enjoy the Golden Age of it. But at the same time it makes it far too easy to take the hard earned knowledge that’s been accumulated over the past 60 something years for granted. The knowledge these gentlemen undoubtedly contributed to.

    Shooters never leave the range, they just go home to reload.

    Rest In Peace.

  2. A lot of losses of late. 🙁 May they rest in peace, and God bless their families.

  3. Charlie was a fine gentleman, and he gave me great info on firearms over the years…we had an ongoing “chat” about the .45 vs. the 10mm – guess which one Charlie preferred?…in any case, his passing leaves a large void. We will miss, and remember him, brother in arms…Jack

  4. I’m very sorry to hear this. Charlie Cutshaw was a friend of my brother. I was fortunate enough to meet him several years ago at a gun range where he was testing a couple of Armalite rifles, which he graciously allowed me to shoot. He was one of my favorite gun writers & undoubtedly one of the best. I did not know Dan or Steve, but the passing of all three of these gentlemen is a huge loss to us all. They will be missed.

  5. I have to second Mas’ comments on Stephen Camp. I never met him either, but learned much from his website and posts. His courtesy and patience in his posts was exemplary. He will be missed (as will Charlie and Dan–I just was not as familiar with them).

  6. Mas:

    I didn’t know your editor, but I definitely knew of Stephen and Charlie. I was fortunate to meet the former online; he was always a gentleman in our correspondence and very helpful. Charlie’s gun reviews were entertaining and informative.

    Learning how these great men died reminds me of something you may have written awhile back: statistically speaking, health problems or household and workplace accidents are much likely to take us from this earth than a violent confrontation.

    This post reminds me we should all spend as much or more time taking care of ourselves and practicing safe ways to work and play as we do shooting and training.

    RIP, kind sirs!


  7. Mas:

    I just noticed Stephen suffered from a brain aneurysm, the same condition that killed my mother in ’98. As I learned back then, all the workouts and diets in the world won’t help a hill of beans with something like that!


  8. Mas, take care of yourself that you stay with us and keep us up to date.
    For me getting old is not too bad thus far, subject to change however.
    Stay cool,
    Ken tapp

  9. Is this the Ken Tapp from Winchester,Ky ? If it is I have wondered where you were and how you were doing. Hope your health is holding up. Would like to hear from you when you have the time.

  10. Ernie Dunn: Yep! Ken Tapp from Winchester, KY….my uncle! I talked to him a couple of weeks ago. He’s doing well and still shooting (not professionally though!). We’ve been exchanging emails this week…he’s helping me with my problem with shooting…right handed but left eye dominant! I love his ideas that he sends to me! I will let him know that you inquired about him! Hope you are doing well also.

    Laryn Tapp Martin

  11. Mr Tapp,
    I too have been wondering how you have been doing. I watched you shoot years ago and wished I could have spent time learning from you.
    Lane Crawley,
    Georgetown, Ky