1. So, because you’ve seen a police officer approach a situation with his hand on his gun, your answer to this is that you will no longer cooperate and to call his mother names…

    So, with an attitude like that, you expect to be treated like an adult here? Really? You’ve sunk to calling his mother names? What, holding your breath until you got an answer and temper tantrums didn’t work?

    Well, good luck with that not cooperating bit. Let us know how that worked out for you when you get out.

  2. Coming from a law and order background (father was retired FBI and PD), I traditionally supported law enforcement. My attitude towards LEOs has shifted greatly during the past decade because of systemic abuses by LEOs and the absolute unwillingness of the LEO community to clean up their act and to hold themselves accountable under the same laws as everyone else. Even Mas falls into the trap of protecting his gang. LEOs hold a position of responsibility and trust BUT have been doing their best to destroy this trust — much like the Catholic Church and child molesters. AND are just as blind to the damage done by your own bad apples as the clergy have been to the molesters in the clergy ranks. Now, I see them as just another gang – no better than MS-13 or the Zetas. The problem for American civilians is that we cannot differentiate between the “good” and the “bad” LEOs. Because the good ones have failed to do their duty and uphold their oaths and clean up their ranks, we have to consider ALL LEOs to be suspect and potential threats. No good comes from working with them or helping them — that’s what YOU get when YOU treat ALL AMERICANS as terrorists and threats. We know that your trainers now teach that our American founding fathers were terrorists and that anyone who supports the American Constitution or who votes for third-party candidates like Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin are potential terrorists (we have read the garbage YOUR LEO fusion centers are publishing and teaching LEOs like the MIAC Report). I don’t fear the American military BUT I do fear LEOs – especially the young aggressive, meathead bully types so commonly hired these days.

    Pretty soon, LEOs are going to have to choose whose side they are on. Right now, you are being setup by idiot corrupt evil politicians to serve as their thugs and enforcers. One of these days, these politicians and/or some of their paid THUGS are going to push too far and trigger a civil war and second American Revolution. Collectively the entire LEO population is acting like a bunch of arrogant idiots baiting a wolverine or bashing a hornet’s nest. We now have a traitor sheriff in Indiana who seems to think house to house searches (like the Army uses in Iraq guaranteeing the continuous generation of new enemies because of blowback from killing innocents and violating their homes, persons, and rights) is a great LEO tool that they plan to use in the future and who does not honor the Constitution he swore to uphold and protect. One of these days, some politician is going to order you LEOs to go house to house to steal guns, food, money, etc under the color of corrupt (illegal or unconstitutional) government edicts. This is exactly the kind of behavior that could trigger a hot civil war overnight AND that would make EVERY LEO – including the good, the bad, and the ugly – a legitimate target. The current tactics of choice for LEOs excessively rely on intimidation, fear, and terrorizing the public but leave them extremely vulnerable to military and 4th generation warfare tactics, including sniping, ambushes, and attacks on their supporting infrastructure and even their homes. Eventually, if you push too far, the American people are not going to wait for your SWAT team thugs to attack them and are going to actively HUNT and ATTACK ALL LEOs and their enablers if this goes hot. This is insanity for all and nothing good will come from it — but ALL LEOs need to honestly examine their own insanity and foolish behavior – something that will never happen when you circle the wagons, tighten up the “blue line” making US vs THEM attitudes even harder, and label all critics as “cop haters” or “potential terrorists or cop killers”. Sadly, LEOs are their own worse enemies.

    MAS – which side are you on and if this comes to this will you arrest or shoot the corrupt politicians and their LEOs who go along or will you choose to side with them? It does not matter how good or how honorable you previously may have been — when the time comes you have to choose. Choose wrong and you destroy an entire career of being a good guy and instantly become no better than any other bad apple in the LEO community. Do you remember and believe in the oaths you took?

  3. “Dr. Richard” writes, “”ALL LEOs (his caps in “ALL”) need to honestly examine their insanity and foolish behavior.” And,”… that’s what YOU get when YOU treat ALL AMERICANS as terrorists and threats. We know that your trainers now teach that our American founding fathers were terrorists …”

    He appears to be referring to a crackpot interpretation of a report on beyond-the-fringe militia groups, found here:

    Hit that link, and look to the left, where the official report under discussion is printed page by page. Blow up the pages and actually READ them, and you can see how bizarre the exaggerations are.

    “Dr.,” heal thyself. I think any objective person who reads your comment above can see that you’re beyond anything a tinfoil hat can help you with, and you’ve travelled far outside the borders of reality.

    And your thinly veiled threats to murder police officers and their families? Uttered from behind your yellow veil of anonymity?

    Gee…good that no one posting here is a “cop-hater”…

  4. Yes – that was one of the reports. Have you read every page of it? There have been others including one from Virginia. I particularly thought the MIAC report was overboard and making excessively broad sweeps – veterans are threats; political bumperstickers, etc. There have been youtube videos of law enforcement trainers calling the American founding fathers terrorists (search for them and you will find them). As for “thinly veiled threats to murder police officers and their families” I made no such threats – I simply pointed out that 1) the country is getting closer and closer to civil war and internal disorder that is insane and needs to be avoided and 2) LEOs are vulnerable (ask your Iraqi or Afghan LEO counterparts about how life has been in the past decade for them and their current and former colleagues). The discontent among the population is rising rapidly and will only get worse as more and more people loose their jobs and homes and have trouble paying for food and gas. Unfortunately, many are in denial and the tendancy is to belittle, insult, or marginalize those who raise or warn about future problems…

  5. “Um, that’s been the case since the National Firearms Act of 1934, and it’s just now constituting a “militarization of the police”? ”

    It isn’t correct to say that the police are being “militarized”. It is correct to say they are being “para-militarized”.

    The NFA has been in effect for a long time, and I’m sure cops have long taken advantage of their privilege to obtain NFA weapons, but it is a recent development that so many departments are ordering machine guns, machine pistols (i.e. Glock 18s), and many other weapons that don’t belong in their department all at taxpayer expense. You apparently don’t see a problem with spending tens of thousands of taxdollars on weapons that aren’t needed and that have no application in a small peaceful town – but many others sure do.

  6. “It has appalled me for these two weeks to see how many people said that because one cop might be bad, they had to assume that all cops were bad.”

    Defenders of the cops say “there are just a few bad apples”. As many readers of this site know – if you don’t remove a few bad apples then they ruin the whole bunch. As many of your readers and many other people know – the most incompetent, the most corrupt, the least honest, the least reliable people are the ones most likely to be promoted in any bureaucracy. Cops and people who are pro-cop aren’t to be trusted by anyone who has been paying attention – you defend the bodyguards of the drug dealers and gangsters and corrupt city officials – and that’s why I don’t trust you. When you defend the corrupt powers that be and when you defend their minions – then you have become corrupt yourself.

    “Some folks need to wake up and smell the hypocrisy.”

    The ironing is delicious.

  7. Mas,

    I guess since the world didn’t end yesterday, several people here have to find other predictions to make…

  8. Steve- As a former resident of California, I’ll agree with you that place is going down hill and fast. Even the “nice” areas aren’t that nice anymore. In just a few years some places were almost unrecognizable.

    Talk about really…lame… laws, CA passed a law saying it’s assault to shine a laser pointer at someone except in self defense. Maybe CA will ban pepper-spray but issue permits for people to carry laser pointers for protection. Go figure.

    Hey laser-pointers are eco-friendly, no propellants! Just make sure it’s not less than 16 inches and or uses batteries larger than AA – otherwise Class 4 Felony?

    I know a lot of decent people out in CA that have been the victims of crime and in a lot of cases violent crime. What’s CA’s solution? More gun control…yeah that’ll help.

    Budget problems in CA? Easy release 50,000 prisoners.

    While I never had a bad run in with an Officer in CA nor anyone I know for that matter, if CA does have more problems with Officers, I’d blame the appointed Chief who was appointed by some politician with an agenda. Usually the Chief will support the politician who appointed him if he wants to keep his job…and well you decide on the politician.

    So IF CA does have a problem with its selection process, it just might be from the city’s politics.

    And we both agree CA has a lot of problems. It’s the elected officials that are ultimately responsible and who puts them there? The majority.

    In response to the hand-on-gun, routine stops have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Especially in CA. Even here in CO, I’m not offended by an Officer keeping his hand on his sidearm. Heck, I wouldn’t blame him if he approached with a rifle.

    Would you approach an unknown situation with the potential to kill you unprepared? Might be possible to pass a law saying Officers can’t have their hand on the gun but I imagine it’ll be even harder hiring and retaining people willing to do that.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve heard of a lot of good Officers who knew some of the petty CA laws were stupid and would let good honest folks off the hook.

  9. For “citizen safety”, every enforcer needs to be disarmed and controlled during each and every encounter with his employers: we the people. Every citizen has an expectation to live through the day.

    I don’t have to hate someone, to wish that they do not kill me.
    And there have been many more Americans killed by enforcers in America these last 10 years, than have been killed by terrorists.

    So the ENFORCERS have made themselves the ‘nations TERRORISTS’.
    America need to protect themselves against this dangerous and angry gang of terrorists.

  10. @ Tim, thanks for your response!

    You are probably aware of this by now:

    I guess we have just one more so called “isolated incident” to add to the raid map here:

    The Oath Keepers will hold a memorial service on Monday at Jose Guerena’s house:

    Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident as the 372 results on the map indicate. I find it rather disheartening that Mas, Wolvie, and others are unwilling to acknowledge that there may be a problem, especially in certain locales like California and paint all commenters here with the broad brush of “cop hater.” Rather than foster a positive dialogue it only confirms those commentors fears that the their beliefs are warranted.

    I sat down with the Chief of Police and a senior sergeant who heads the SWAT team in my town to discuss perceptions with them as a veteran and former NCO with over 15 years experience under my belt. We discussed the role of the “Peace Officer” vs. the LEO, the use of discretion, the abuse of traffic citations to fill empty city coffers, and unconstitutional checkpoints. He had a Revolutionary War Union Jack flag hanging in his office. When it came to the crux of the matter, namely that the old school sergeants need to mentor the new officers and instill the proper mindset the response was that “it is hard work and it takes more time than they have available.” When asked about not running all of those DUI checkpoints that everybody is getting OT for the response is that “the Feds & state are paying for the OT through a special program and it isn’t costing the city anything” (it was inferred that it would be bad business to deny the cops of their gratuitous OT). So there you have it, denying the people free and unfettered movement, demanding their Ausweiss (papers) and infringinig on their 4th & 5th Amendment Rights is more important than mentoring the next generation of police.

    If that is the current mentality from two police officers who pride themselves on being “patriots” (hence the flag) then we are doomed!!!

  11. And I will leave you with one last post, a different perspective. or another side of the coin if you will from those who blindly support the “Enforcement” officers/revenue agents:

    Somewhere between the two (Mas’s posts here and the link above) lies reality. To discount either one in their entirety is nieve and closed-minded.

    If only both sides were willing to acknowledge this fact and work towards making some positive forward progress…instead they both must prove that they are right and anyone with differning opinions is a heretic.

  12. Steve, no one in this dialogue “blindly supports” anything, except those who feel that because there are some bad people in a given profession, all in that profession must be bad.

    Since you admit that the truth is not entirely in the Rockwell item you cited, you’re obviously not the sort of sad puppet who has been regurgitating hate-speak here and there on this thread. As I made clear earlier, the haters are a minority among the critics; I only ask the critics to apply the same critical thinking to their sources as they do to cops in general.

  13. Since this blog post specifically refers to you I thought yo would be interested:

    From the post: “I’m sorry Mr. Ayoob, the days when the police were a source of security is long gone. The “few bad apples” have managed to co-opt the system to protect themselves from consequences…”

    For what it’s worth I know ever more soldiers and veterans who feel the same. Any support we used to have for cops is very rapidly vanishing and the recent execution of the Marine in AZ by black clad ninja wannabes was the last straw for quite a few more.

    Perhaps using your stature in the RKBA community to upbraid and excoriate those bad apples publicly would help to remedy things…if you care to remedy them? Your comments over the past few posts leads me to believe otherwise though.

  14. “Steve, no one in this dialogue “blindly supports” anything,”

    I would say that you blindly support the police. I say that because you don’t see the many obvious problems with the police. Your lack of perspective comes from merging your identity with your profession. Same thing happens with many other people, i.e. doctors, who see themselves as lifesavers, although by reasonable estimates are that their mistakes kill 125,000+ people per year in this country – but dang few doctors think they as a group are a problem. Same thing is true of teachers (kids can’t read, can’t do math, don’t know any history, don’t have any skills, etc etc etc but teachers think they are doing a good or better job and are amongst the most valuable contributers to society), farmers (they generally deplete the quantity of the topsoil while destroying it’s fertility and again think they are a top notch bunch of people who as a group are not a problem), politicians (dang obvious ain’t it?), media people (they think they are journalists, guardians of the truth and deliverers of the news, yet they almost exclusively produce fluff, propaganda, advertisements, and trivial trivia i.e. sports and celebrities etc).

    I could go on and on.

    “except those who feel that because there are some bad people in a given profession, all in that profession must be bad”

    There are also those critics such as myself who believe that when the profession is bad it makes every person in it bad. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton. Politicians are all corrupt to a varying degree, even Ron Paul is corrupt. Cops, farmers, teachers, journalists all work for the state directly or indirectly, and the state is of course ruled by the politicians, and all of these professions are thus corrupted by the power they wield.

    By the way – cops are not Law Enforcement Officers. Y’all are Government Enforcement Officers. The law and the government are mutually exclusive.

  15. Mas,

    I haven’t taken the time to read through all of these, but allow me to say that, as a former San Diego police officer who also worked for CHP for over ten years and for a couple of small town departments (Putnam, CT in case you thought I was only a California fool), the incident in Pima County Arizona was way over the top, and does in fact speak to the SWAT problem of over-militarization, whether you man-up and admit it or not.

    The death of civilians in these SWAT episodes happens way too frequently to be an “exception” to the rule. And your cheesy “Tell his chief if you think he was wrong” doesn’t cut it either. You know yourself that nine times out of ten both the department and the local courts will rule in favor of the officer, even when it is an obvious case of excessive force. Like killing a citizen at the wrong address.

    I’ve got a lot of respect for your years of service, but you need to move off the Blue Line and be man enough to admit when cops – SWAT teams especially – are abusive and wrongfully lethal. You have zero credibility when you continue to push the “oh, they aren’t that bad, and if they are tell somebody” meme. Wrong is wrong, and it doesn’t help the cops who _were_ justified when you act as if they all were justified. You know it ain’t so.

  16. Reg T, if you can’t find the time to read what others are saying on the matter, you haven’t really found the credibility to address the discussion.

    You and others citing the Pima County incident as police brutality need to look at the autopsy report and particularly the recently-released helmetcam video of the incident. Apply the perceptions of your own eyes and ears, and count how many of the allegations of the critics are decisively refuted by reality.

    The sea of regurgitated Kool-Aid that has been spilled here by some should not be allowed to drown logic and critical thinking.

  17. “The sea of regurgitated Kool-Aid that has been spilled here by some should not be allowed to drown logic and critical thinking.”

    The only Kool-aid being regurgitated around here is you, by supporting every last thing your pig brothers do. Typical pig answer, deny, deny, deny, and kill whoever the hell you want, have you not noticed the recent increase in cop killings. Why do you think that is, it sure as hell isn’t because the pigs are undergunned, more than likely it’s because more and more people realize they cannot beat the pigs except with preemptive strikes. I’ve unfortunately had more than my share of experience with egotistical pig bastards who illegally entered, and searched my home, my cars, and my person, and what were there consequences, zip, zero ,nada, and they just kept all the illegally seized property. The next uniformed government thug that enters my home will be dealt with, with extreme prejudice, I will no doubt be killed, but so will multiple pigs, time for a bar-b-que. I used to think you were someone to be respected, back when I was a kid reading my dads issues of American Rifleman, but through out the course of this blog you have shown yourself again, and again to nothing more that a sponsor of state run terrorism, which in my book makes you an enemy of the people of the highest order. Publish this response, or don’t I couldn’t really give a crap, evidently you read all the posts yourself before they are published, just know you are part of the problem, and the citizenry will be the answer.

  18. Mas,

    Here is some more regurgitated Kool-Aid for you:

    The links above (as well as the recent SWAT raid that many have been discussing) all must just be one more in a long string of “isolated incidents.” Of course according to you there is no problem here, nothing to see, so we should all just shut up and move along otherwise we are labeled “cop haters” with opinions unworthy of consideration because it is nothing more than regurgitated Kool-Aid. Instead we must all show the proper level of deference and subservience to the exalted personages in blue or else. Heaven forbid there are those of us who are not in need of police protection and are tired of that being used as an excuse to continually extort more money out of us so that cops can get their next juicy pay raise or that nice 90% paycheck at 30 years in perpetuity while my brothers in arms get a measly 50% at 20 and frequently are unfit to get a second job after they complete their time because their bodies are so beat down. And to add injury to insult, if the funding can’t be extorted through further taxation you can always shake us down through taxation by other means, namely fines. Here in California the cops are like sharks circling a bloodied and wound animal. I have seen more cops out writing tickets in the last two years than I have seen in my previous 40 years of life combined while patrols in seedier gang infested areas are neglected but what do I know…we are all just a bunch of bitter Kool-Aid drinking “cop haters” who have absolutely no justification for any of our opinions.

    Maybe you should get out and rub elbows with the hoi polloi a bit more and broaden your horizons (and your perspective) instead of drinking all of that cop Kool-Aid that you seem to have been imbibing in mass quantities at all of your tactical conferences.

    When I start seeing the majority of officers call out police misconduct and punish the abuser rather than resort to that blue wall of silence they will have my support, until then, me and a heck of a lot more like me have had more than our fill of the arrogance, pomposity, tyranny, and abuse. We understand that there are criminals and bad people in the world but we are tired of the “us vs. them” and “everyone is a perp mentality” that gets applied to peaceable citizens today just as frequently as it does to legitimate hardened criminals. The use of SWAT teams for absolutely everything is just one more symptom of this national police sickness that cops have been infected with today. We get tired of hearing how officer safety is paramount and how them returning home safely at the end of the shift is far more important than the life of one innocent citizen. If the job is too dangerous or too stressful then find another one, no one forced any of you to serve and you weren’t drafted. Unless things change soon it doesn’t bode well for the nation.

    This messed up Orwellian nation that I have left to my children and my grandchildren sickens me and I hope they forgive me for allowing it to happen. But then what do I really know, I probably just drank too much Kool-Aid!

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone by the way! Let’s not forget all of those servicemen who lost their lives on foreign soil (including my uncle and my best friend) although I know their sacrifice pails in comparison to all of you cops.

  19. Redleg:
    We didn’t need your reminder about memorial day. Frankly, your weak sarcastic comment at the end, and your whining about comparative pensions in your first paragraph, weren’t exactly a great commemoration of the sacrifices our military services have made.

    Thanks, though, for your honesty in labeling your contribution “more regurgitated Kool-Aid.” Let’s see…implication that an unintended shooting was a murder when it has been ruled by judge and jury to be accidental…a beating I myself have condemned here…a use of force on a female that the grand jury has already ruled was justified after seeing all the evidence…and your sad little pastiche of out-of-context video clips that don’t show the whole stories front OR back…yup, regurgitated Kool-Aid, originally swallowed by you from obviously prejudiced and agenda-driven spigots.

    Amidst your verbal spew (calling police “pigs” half a dozen times and presenting your thinly veiled threat to kill cops), you somehow managed to avoid mentioning just what the situation was that caused law enforcement to serve a warrant for you. I wonder why that was? 🙂

    There has been some discussion here as to the distinction between “critics” and “haters.” Thank you for being the example that helps draw the “bright line” distinguishing the two.

  20. The problem with Judges and Juries … is that far to many people are partial and get quivering loins at the mention of copdom.

    Anyone can go the and note that the majority of cops who ARE caught and ARE held accountable, are given a slap on the wrist. Otherwise, heads are turned and no one saw anything, or it is dealt with internally rather than through the justice system.

    Mas, why don’t you just Man up and admit it.

    Get those dollars out of your head and maybe it wouldn’t be so foggy and … partial.

  21. Mas,

    I’ve read an incredible amount of information on this topic, just not willing to waste my time reading all of your sycophantic followers praise your closed-mind approach to what is an obvious problem these days. I only spent fifteen years in law enforcement, so I guess my limited time doesn’t count. Besides, I get the feeling you don’t think much of Californians, even in law enforcement.

    Your mind is obviously closed. Too bad you don’t possess the cojones to admit you’ve been pouring the kool-aid for far too long. I’ve never read you do anything except apologize for officers that have been investigated for excessive force, and you make it obvious here you never will. I guess you might be one of those officers with one year of experience, thirty times. So much for the respect I use to hold you in.

  22. So long, Reg. I hope your next drive-by is more fun for you, wherever it may be. If the poor research you exhibited here is a reflection of your investigative skills, your leaving law enforcement was in the best interest of all.

    Curtis, if you really think judges — and your fellow citizens on juries — render verdicts after reviewing the real evidence because they have “quivering loins,” I guess you better go back to slurping the Kool-Aid elsewhere. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to help someone with an attitude like yours.

  23. No, they just review the evidence that the prosecution wants them to see presented in such a manner as to insure a conviction since that seems to be far more important that justice…especially when the aggrieved party happens to be government or a government agent:

    That is if it even gets that far. Ask Detective Bruch, he’ll tell you:

    And then the judge fails to give all the rules to the jury, namely that they not only have the right to try the case but to try the law as well:

    How many sane people do you think would convict a person for having a butt stock 1/4″ too short when told they have the right to acquit because the law is idiotic? Especially if they were told how many years the penalty for a conviction will be? Ah, but the judge forbids telling them what the punishment is for a conviction and any other such pertinent information which would allow them to make a reasoned common sense decision. Is that justice to you?

    You know, now one here was ever looking for you to throw police in general under the bus, just to acknowledge that some commenters had some valid points, gripes, and complaints and perhaps that indeed, in some areas Law Enforcement may have some issues. Instead you chose to circle the wagons and write all the negative commentors off with ad hominem labels and then you are mad that you get the same thing back.

    You set the tone to this discussion from day one, period. I am man enough to admit that there are problems in the military and discuss them rationally. I am not a “kool-aid” drinker and I can rationally debate the subject when warranted. You threw away that opportunity here from the get go and made it obvious that your loyalty to your brothers in blue (even those who don’t deserve it) outweighs anything else and that’s a real shame.

    So many people in the RKBA community looked up to you, many who have had bad encounters with police because they believe in and exercise RKBA, and your unwillingness to even listen to and tell them you understood where they were coming from was a real wake up call.

    This was my final post as I can see I have been wasting my time here.

  24. Mas,
    Yes goddammit I am absolutely a cop hater, I come by my hate honestly. I wish I knew why the pigs (the nicest term I can come up with that will get printed) busted down my door illegally, they never had a warrant. I had lived in the house a grand total of nine days, maybe they were after the previous resident, maybe they just wanted to abuse an elderly woman and her sons, who knows, it matters not, they entered illegally. They threw down and zipcuffed my elderly mother (or whatever you call those zip-ties you pigs love to cut citizens wrists with nowadays) , used my zipcuffed brother as a punching bag, and threatened every one else in the house with violence, and incarceration, if we didn’t acquiesce to demands to sign a confession, and consent to search, which none of us were stupid enough to sign. Why would they need that if they had a warrant? Is this the kind of scum you think is not a problem? Just as you invented the “warrant” so to have they become so adept at doing what they do, they cover up, intimidate, and lie their asses off. And since there is no redress in the legal system against the state supported terrorists such as yourself, the only thing I can do is protect myself, and my property from whomever shall enter uninvited. Plus if you had the slightest shred of reading comprehension you would have realized I was not addressing a single episode, but a lifetime of abuse of power, and complete disregard for The Constitution of The United States of America. I’ve grown tired of your hackneyed regurgitation of the pigs bible. The refusal to admit that people other than yourself have valid opinions, and experiences is sickening, any person with with the slightest hint of integrity (which obviously leaves you out) would be more than willing to admit that some pigs overstep the bounds of civilized society, Constitutional law, and decent human behavior, and their brothers in uniform do nothing. So you can keep your condescending comments, and emoticons to yourself, and stick your attitude, and this blog directly up your ass.

  25. Redleg, since you want that to be your last post here, I’ll do all I can to help you keep the resolution.

    TL, after an adult lifetime that has included looking into a lot of allegations of police transgressions — some genuine, many unfounded — your story doesn’t ring true.

    Advice to you both: wherever you do your next drive-by postings, actually READ what the guy you’re attacking really SAID. Might keep you from making obvious idiots of yourselves in public.

    By the way, TL, if I can have enough self-control to keep from calling you “asshole,” you can try to have enough to refrain from using “pig.” Fair warning: the next post that uses that term will be deleted from here.

  26. Mas,

    If you are going to sling the “kool-aid” defense around, don’t chastise others who sling it your way. Obviously, you are getting a little wobbly now that your conscience has been pricked.

    One of my favorite cop sayings: “I absolutely defend the second amendment! But of course, I will have to arrest you if you are carrying a unregistered gun and/or carrying without the proper permission slip.”

    Hypocrites. Everyone of you.

    None of you believe in the constitution you claim you took an oath to uphold in its original purpose and intent, and are perfectly willing to accept and enforce the Police State versions as interpreted by your Masters.

    Like I said Mas, just MAN up and admit that you never took your oath seriously to the constitution as written.

    Those who take the Kings coin are the Kings men.

    Man up and be a Patriot Mas.

  27. Curtis, you just don’t get it. A middle school kid in Civics 101 would know that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are interpreted by the US Supreme Court, which in its two recent landmark decisions, Heller v. District of Columbia and McDonald v. Chicago, explicitly said that the right could be regulated by law. If you don’t like the laws, work to change them, as I and others do.

    Folks, in the three years plus that I’ve had this blog, I’ve never closed a thread and can count the number of comments I’ve deleted on one hand. Those have generally involved some sort of racially- or religiously-based hate speech.

    Of the hundreds of comments that have come in on this issue over the last month, there are only three that haven’t seen the light of day. One was a personal question about recent caselaw in a midwestern state, answered by email. One was an attack on another commentator. I’m fair game, but those who post here are not, and a message calling the poster a “tool” was deleted. Last night brought an obscenity-ridden diatribe by TL671, who is probably still wiping foam off his mouth somewhere, and will probably be disappointed when he doesn’t see me in hell as he says he will. That one didn’t get approved, either.

    I kicked this around with the Backwoods Home blog administrators last night, and have to agree that this thread has run its course. For the last several comments, it has gone away from criticism and descended far below the level of intelligent discourse.

    Criticism is welcome here, and I thank the many who contributed to thoughtful discussion. A handful of mindless haters, however, have become “the rotten apples that spoil the barrel” that some of them ironically mentioned earlier.

    Thus, for the first time here, I have to say: discussion closed and locked.

    In hopes of logical discussion down the road,