MOTHER’S DAY — No Comments

  1. Well my wife and I got our CCW permits almost as soon as we were old enough to. Her first gun was a Remington 870, second gun was a Kimber 1911. She claimed my C60 as well… can’t complain here other than the fact I have more guns to clean and my knives occasionally go missing…

  2. Mas, my mother was born in 1911, and carried a pistol till the day she died in 1982. AND she could out shoot most of the men (and me too). Glad to see women coming back to the ranges and hunting.

  3. My wife and I found out this past year that she can’t be a mom. 🙁

    So she’s taken up shooting and discovered that the bigger the bang, the happier she is. 🙂

  4. I found out yesterday (after 40 years) that my 65-year-old mother likes shooting trap! You go Mom!

  5. Mas, I concur, it has been my recent experience with local ccw classes. Ladies make up approximately 65% of my classes in the last three years. I am glad to have them as students and to know that 400 more ladies are prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones. Ladies are generally better students because they usually don’t have any deeply held “bad” habits or preconceived notions regarding gun handling techniques.

  6. Our kiddo lives across country, so Mothers’ Day is not something we can celebrate as she’d wish . The RedHaired Devil and I will spend it on the range.

  7. My wife, a mother of thirty years, recently took her CCW class and has her application in for her license. Happy mothers day!

  8. Tommorrow the Mom’s, and on June 9, the daughters (National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day). Women are discovering the joys of shooting at all ages.

  9. My mom carries two .50 caliber Desert Eagles in twin shoulder holsters, but when she goes out, switches to bigger guns and adds a snub nosed S&W .500 in an ankle holster for a backup.

  10. Mas,
    My maternal grandparents had a small ranch outside of Albuquerque, NM. During WWII all 3 of the boys went off to serve their country, Grandpa was a security guard at a government installation and my mother was working at Los Alamos. That just let Grandma Shortie (that is what all the cousins called her as she stood 4’11” and might have weighed 90 lbs) to mind the ranch.
    A cougar was making off with her chickens and got Grandma Shortie a bit riled. Now, there are two versions of the story, one has her killing the cougar with a .38 pistol and the other has her killing it with a M92 Winchester. I don’t know which one it was, but the pelt was on her cedar chest until the day that she died.
    The moral here is “Don’t mess with Grandma Shortie”.

  11. Your “Right-On’ about what you Say about Sarah Palin ! Anyone Not sure what to get mom for Mothers-Day; I tell them to get her a Ruger LC9.
    Now thats a Gift !!!

  12. I am a mom who just acquired her very own gun – a Gen 4 Glock 19! And for my Mother’s Day gift I got to take it out to the range for the very first time and shoot 100 rounds while my husband watched our little boys. My other gift is to take the holster class I’ve been longing to sign up for. (I completed two basic courses already.)

    I can’t believe how many women are shooting. I see them all over the internet, at the ranges, in the gun shops… And men are so welcoming and so happy to include us. The men honestly mean well, and they truly want us to be able to protect ourselves.

    Thanks for all you do for the gun community, Sir. I have leaned heavily on your writings to learn all I can to be a safe shooter and gun owner. I knew that if I couldn’t do this safely, I would not do it at all. And because you walked me through all the facets of being responsible with a gun in your books, I knew that I could have one. Thank you once again,


  13. My wife,

    “Mom” to six, ( three her own by blood, my three by request ), wanted a SIG P 225 to augment her Detective Special and Hi-Power. I also got her a piece of jewelry – she got both in an early celebration last week.

    Guess which got more smiles? ( a hint – its 9 x 19 ).

    What a mom.

    best to all



  14. I bought my wife a Ruger sp101 .357 w/ 2 inch barrel as an early Mother’s Day gift. She has already put 100+ rounds downrange, and wonders what took so long to get her a handgun.

  15. See all the PINK Browning “buckmark” stickers and decals on cars and minivans lately? They are the antigun lobby’s worst nightmare – come true. Far more PINK “buckmark” stickers on cars and minivans now than even five years ago.

  16. Looking at getting my first gun at age 44…….trying to decide between a small purse-size 380 with a laser sight or a larger 9mm…..