Those who are using the national grief over the recent school shooting to promote their gun-banning and rights-eroding agenda must be very unhappy at some of this week’s revelations.

When they ignore the laws of time and space and tell us that we’re safe without guns because police will magically appear to protect us when needed,  they are still trying to ignore the fact that one or more deputies on the scene stood by during the murderous gunfire and did not make entry. They imply that it’s anomalous cowardice on the part of a single deputy, whose own anti-gun sheriff said he should have gone in alone and “killed the killer.”  That sheriff claims that his own “amazing leadership” is not at fault.

However, the Miami Herald has learned that the deputies were ordered to hold an outside perimeter by their captain. 

The prohibitionists say that if we should all be limited to ten-round magazines to reduce the carnage.

However, the Miami Herald has now announced that the murderer was using ten-round magazines. See this: and read to the end, please.

The prohibitionists say that a background check is the answer.  Yet the killer in this case passed a background check, because “The System” failed at multiple points.

The prohibitionists imply that we should all back their concepts of “gun control” so the teenage kids who populated the well-orchestrated “town hall” on CNN a week after the murders can feel better and safer.  If that seemed like an awfully spontaneous thing for traumatized mid-teens to accomplish on their own, your suspicions are confirmed: see

Every one of the above promises by the gun prohibition crowd has already been proven false and irrelevant to the case they are using as their lead argument.


  1. They call them ‘Progressives’. I think that ‘Regressive’ would be a more accurate moniker.

    • @ Greg Kricheff – One advantage of near total control of the news media is that the Left can manipulate language to suit their purposes. They can label their political opponents as “extremists”. Naturally, this also gives them the ability to pick favorable names for themselves. So, they like to label themselves as “Progressives”. They used to enjoy the name “liberal” but their opponents were eventually able to tarnish that term with some negative spin. So, they tend to shy away from “liberal” (a bit) nowadays.

      None of these terms are accurate. “Liberal” implies a desire for “Liberty”. “Progressive” implies a desire for “Progress”.

      Certainly, “Liberal” is wrong. Liberty is the last thing these people want for the American People. Instead, they want to bring the American People under the thumb of an all-powerful, left-wing dominated central government.

      “Progressive” is more vague. It depends upon one’s definition of progress. If “Progress” is defined as “Freedom”, “Liberty” and the “Pursuit of Happiness” then Progressive does not work either.

      However, if one defines “Progress” as the reduction of the American People from Free Citizens to Subjects of an all-powerful, central government, then YES. The Leftists are “Progressive” to the MAX!

      • Liberal is now used to identify a progressive, which is basically a totalitarian / Marxist / Fascist.
        Classic Liberal is the one that supports individual liberty and freedom, and is close to a Constitutional Conservative.
        Progressive and Liberal are names they have taken, and in many cases made it their own definition, and at times have decided it works better than saying Socialist.
        I heard one person call in on a radio show and say he had been a Progressive, thinking it meant Liberal, and thinking that was meant to be the Classic Liberal and supported individual liberty, until he continued to see the attacks on individual liberty. He may not be a Conservative now, but he did state he was not a progressive anymore.

        Progressive, unfortunately, does take some of the more reasonable sounding attributes and subvert them. The scientific advancement and social organization they want, so that science can be used to dictate the best course for people, and social organization they use as social engineering to create their idea of utopia.

        Politically, progressive only has one definition. Perhaps the better term would be to call them Marxists, Fascists or simply Totalitarians and Authoritarians.

    • Sir:

      yes. I mean Yes. I mean
      OH HELL YES!!!

      Not a snowball’s chance in Chipotle’s, of course. But … it’s a worthwhile dream.

  2. The problem is that they don’t care.

    The real effort is to is to isolate firearms owners. Once they have accomplished that, then “reasonable” confiscation can follow.

  3. It’s oh so easy to blame an inanimate object. It’s also too easy (it seems) for so-called conservatives and so-called Republicans to blame objects. Sad.

  4. There is so much wrong with this case it’s just over-whelming. The more I read the more corruption and incompetence I see. Everyday it gets worse.

  5. Come on. I think we all know how the well-oiled, left-wing “Blood Dance” works. Certainly, we have all seen it enough. The play-book goes as follows:

    1) Use the leftist mainstream media to glorify each and every case of mass murder. Use the coverage to inspire losers with mental problems (who are probably considering suicide anyway) to “go out in a blaze of media glory”. Also, encourage the use of semi-automatic weapons by giving that angle extra special coverage. Let’s face it, using trucks or bombs just does not “push” the proper agenda. It’s really important for semi-automatic firearms with big magazines to be used. So, really stress that when working to glorify mass murder.

    2) Sit back and wait for the seeds that the media sows to bear fruit. Wait (and hope) for the mass murder incident(s) to come. Ideally, the victims will really be ones that are useful for the cause. The best case of all is the murder of children in a school. Oh boy, that one really gets the “Dance” to hopping! The murder of black victims (Black Church) or LGTBQ victims (Gay Nightclub) is really useful too. That allows the Left to play the racist or homophobic cards. The least useful incidents are when whites are killed. Not much mileage to be gained (really) when a white church gets butchered.

    3) Once a suitable mass murder does occur, move in immediately to harvest the results. Set the media dogs loose in “full cry”. Really play up the calls for more gun control. Advance that agenda while it is hot! (As we say in Tennessee, make hay while the sun shines!). Be careful to use language and terms that always DIRECTLY connect the violence with firearms. The mass murderer is always referred to as the “Shooter”. The issue is never one of mass murder. Instead, it is always a problem of “Gun Violence”. Make sure that all the “talking heads” in the media stick to the script. The issue must always be cast so as to focus on guns. All alternatives solutions must be shut down. Make sure that all the “talking heads” agree that the only viable solution is one involving more and more gun control.

    4) Pray upon the grief of the survivors and the families of the slain. Preach the gossip of gun control to them and see if they are willing to “parrot” it back in front of the cameras. Some will see what is going on and will refuse to be used in that fashion. Discard and ignore them. However, anyone willing to be so used gets put in front of the cameras. The best of the best can even be taken to the legislature and used as direct lobbyists.

    5) Organize attacks against the gun industry, the NRA and other gun friendly groups. organize economic boycotts. Get your friends in silicon valley to use computer technology and “bots” to produce an artificial internet impression that the support for more gun control is widespread among the American people. Make sure that the wording of questions in polls is such as to encourage results showing enhanced support for gun control. Do everything possible to make it seem that severe gun control measures (even rejection of the 2nd Amendment) is a “Mainstream” position among the majority of Americans.

    6) Keep the pressure on in the hope that congress cracks and passes some more gun control measures. Whether they do or not, it does not matter. If they do, then your harvest has borne some fruit. Sit back and wait for the next incident to harvest some more. If congress does not act, it is the same. Sit back and wait for the next mass murder incident. Begin the dance and make sure to complain that congressional inaction and fear of the NRA (rather than media glorification of murder) is what is causing the cycle to continue.

    The Left really has the above procedure “down pat” at this point. Their only problem is that they have “danced the dance” so often that people (at least those with some brains) have caught onto the game!

  6. Mas is more effective outside the tent pissing in. Washington is for paycheck collectors. Wouldn’t wish politics on an honest man.

  7. Maybe candidate Mas could go on CNN for an interview and only observe them while they demonstrate the dodging of handgun ammo.

    A coup of their genius anchors could demonstrate how a rifle shooter can dodge handgun ammunition. They really said teachers with handguns could not stop a shooter with a rifle. WHY – The shooter would just dodge is slower hand gun ammunition. They really said that!

    This would accomplish two things. 1 They audience learn that CNN and the Matrix do not exist in the real world.
    2 Good guys and gals with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

    Maz could then autograph a copy of Deadly Force and give it to the surviving anchor to read before speaking with the police.

    • Handgun bullets may be slower than rifle shots, but they are still faster than Broward County deputy sheriffs’ response time in an emergency.

  8. The killer’s 10 round magazines will be credited with saving lives. I guarantee it. Even when the magazines will be found to not be the faulty link in his equipment or technique, as usual they won’t care about the facts.

  9. Here, here Mas! Very well said, a great read once more.

    It really doesn’t take all that much discernment to surmise the same old globalist skunks are wearing out their same old routine of dancing in the blood, their act is so tired. Prohibitionists and their ilk are possessed of truly wrong thinking on principles of freedom and security, indeed.

  10. “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.” C.S. Lewis

  11. Fake News at its finest. And the sad part is the Fantasyland the “controllers” envision.
    Please excuse me. I’m going to go clean my AR.
    Thanks Mas.

    • First of all please do not take me wrong. I asked my husband if we needed an AR-15.He said that no, most people do not need an AR. Now
      with that being said, he used them in Vietnam and he said that an AR
      would be much better for me to fire than a hunting rifle.It doesn’t quite have the kick.And whats more I am using my Ruger 10/22 as a
      medical device.I broke my elbow a year ago and it still has not straigten out. The doctor who is pro-gun that God told me that it would
      hurt my arm to use the 22.It might help the elbow.And I am now sleeping
      with a loaded pistol on my bed.Right after thanksgiving I had some one
      breach my house and came downstairs.That one could have gone south in
      a hurry. It did not. But now I have a load gun in the house.So Yes I am very pro gun

  12. Another mass murderer who had problems with his weapon yet no one took advantage of the opportunity to fight back. The same occurred during the Pulse nightclub incident. People crammed into a restroom stall rather than take advantage of the darkness and confusion to sneak up on Omar Mateen and cut his throat with a broken bottle. Jared Loughner’s attack on Gabrielle Giffords and others ended differently. He was stopped by a woman who was less than his physical equal. She interrupted his reload by grabbing the magazine. That gave others a window of opportunity to jump on him and they were wise enough and brave enough to take advantage of it.

    A mass murderer should be thought of as a target of opportunity. That he is a target should go without question. By attacking innocent people, he has forfeited his own right to be free from attack. Stopping him takes precedence over his life and health. The only question is whether his prospective victims have an opportunity to counterattack. A futile charge that ends in the defender’s death just increases the body count. To paraphrase General George Patton, the goal is not to die in defense of your friends. The goal is to make their would be murderer die.

  13. What we have is about 30 failures of government, at every level, and a plea from the sheep to further submit to government.

    I hope people will stop spasming and learn from this.

  14. Dead on TN_MAN, as always. Mas for Congress? Hell yeah. But an honest man such as our host here wouldn’t fit in these days.

    • You are correct too, Paul. The next time that Mas goes back to Washington, D.C., he needs to take a lamp with him like Diogenes.

      The way things are in D.C., nowadays, that lamp will need an output of at least 10,000 lumens! 🙂

  15. The dust is still settling and it may be awhile before the full facts of what happened are established. But at the moments it’s “report of” and “may have.” Including “reports of” the murderer engraving swastikas on his magazines.

    In time, hopefully in time, the full facts and course of events will be established.

  16. So much wrong in this world, so many things that need to be fixed. A great read that I just finished that I feel is worth a look, Dave Grossman’s “Assassination Generation”
    It is a look at what I believe is ONE of the issues that are not properly addressed in this country. The list of what is wrong with kids today is too long to address here, I do think it starts at home with proper discipline, rules, respect and the list goes on and on.
    When I was raised I did not like how my parents limited my exposure to things they thought I was not ready for, as an adult I appreciate my parent’s wisdom in sheltering me from things I did not need to see, watch, etc when I was a child.

    Education is the most powerful thing we can give to our children, too bad some of the people who are making the big decisions are just not educated on the facts. All they are concerned about is pushing their agendas.

    It is just a very sad state of affairs, Lord help us all.

    To everyone here, stay safe.

  17. I have been trying to do my part to fight this wave of anti-gun hysteria. My actions, so far, have been:

    1) I have made another donation to the NRA.
    2) I have bought another firearm (Not that I needed another one but, hey, this is a good excuse).
    3) I have emailed my Senators and Representatives multiple times.

    The NRA has an app that makes sending an email easy. Just fill in a form with your name and address and it will identify all the people who represent you. See this link:

    It also provides a pre-written communication but I always overwrite it. I prefer to put things in my own words. In my latest email, I took the following approach:

    “As a constituent, I am writing to urge (again) that solutions, other than yet more gun control laws, be considered to help curb these incidents of mass murder as was recently demonstrated in the Florida school incident.

    It is time for a fresh approach. We need to look at solutions such as improving mental health care. Early intervention in cases of unstable mental illness. Elimination of gun free zones which are only kill zones. We need to harden our schools with improved security.

    We have tried the ‘Gun Control’ and ‘Gun Free Zone’ approach for years. This approach has been a dismal failure. As shown in this latest Florida incident, mass murderers not only ignore ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs but they are actually attracted to them. To a mass murderer, a ‘Gun Free Zone’ sign means ‘Come and Get it’.

    Look at the repeated failures of gun control in recent mass murder incidents. This kid, Cruz, had a dangerous history but managed to stay out of the background check system anyway. The Texas Church killer, prior to this latest one, should have been disqualified as well but was also missed by the system.

    Indeed, this recent Florida shooting demonstrated a host of failures. Failures by the background check system. Failures by the local police. Failures by the FBI. Failure of Gun Control. It is all failure, failure, failure and more failure!

    Yet, what is the proposed solution beloved by the news media? Yet more gun control laws. This is insane! In any rational system, when an approach demonstrates repeated failures, that approach is abandoned and something else is tried. However, gun control seems immune from such logic and reason. The more it fails, the more we are urged to cling to it!

    I am reminded of Proverbs 26:11 – As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

    I urge that a stop be put to the foolishness of gun control and urge that we move on to solutions that might actually work and save lives!

    I look forward to your response and will consider your votes on these important issues the next time I vote at the polls. Thank you.”

    Hopefully, this will help drown out some of the noise coming from the leftists and their news media lapdogs.

    • I agree about writing your own words. No matter how poorly written or expressed, they are taken more notice of as being authentic than a circular and stock letter. Those are treated as the equivalent of Spam and ignored as they are considered to be generated with little or no effort or thought.

      Handwritten is better again as it takes effort to compose a letter.

  18. I’m tired of being demonized for what madman do. I’ve enjoyed the shooting sports since the early 70’s, carried guns to high school and we never hurt anyone. You can’t legislate evildoers to stop, you cannot bring back respect that has been lost for one another and making feel good laws don’t help anything. Now in Florida you’re going to have to be 21 to buy long guns, well then change the age of taking these boys into the military and law Enforcement to 21 as well since they are not capable of owning a long gun for hunting, target shooting or self defense.

    • And 18 is too young to own a firearm, but 16 is old enough to drive an SUV. Yeah, right.

      Eleven American teenagers die each day in traffic accidents caused by distracted driving. Mainly, texting.

      So, obviously, we need to require a minimum age of 21 for driving a motor vehicle, and for owning a cell phone.

  19. I would like to know the protocols in place at the Sheriff’s Dept. I believe past protocols were to hold outside a building, secure the perimeter & only enter when sufficient backup had arrived. Rushing in lost too many LEOs. I thought however, after Sandy Hook (or maybe before) the protocols changed to enter as soon as feasible. We should find out what the protocols stated and what the LEOs trained to. After that we can properly evaluate the LEOs’ performance.

    • @ akvusn eh – Here is a link to the written protocol that was in-place in Broward County Florida:

      As you can see from Section 4.32.2(C), immediate intervention by one or more deputies is allowed but not required. This is indicated by the use of the word “may” rather than affirmative words such as “will” or “shall”.

      In effect, intervention seems to be optional based solely upon the judgment of the deputy on the scene.

      Of course, if a senior official arrived and ordered a secure perimeter rather than immediate intervention, then he assumes responsibility for any avoidable deaths from that moment forward.

      • Thank you TN_MAN! I guess we can stop blaming the deputies. As usual, “the fish stinks from the head”.

    • If you, as a police officer, are going to arrest me if I carry a gun to protect myself, you do not have the right to not run to the sound of the guns and, if necessary, die to protect me when I don’t carry a gun.

      By the way, it was Columbine after which the policy of “securing the scene” came to light.

  20. I am puzzled by these reports that the firearm, used by the Florida School mass murderer, was unable to penetrate the “Hurricane Glass” used in the school windows.

    The normal specification for such glass is that it shall resist (a) the impact of a 9 lb. 2×4 piece of lumber moving at 50 fps or (b) resists a 2 gram (30.8 grain) steel ball bearing moving at 130 fps. These are low energy impacts with the 2×4 giving about 350 ft-lbs. of impact energy (over a fairly large impact area). The ball bearing energy is much less than that.

    In comparison, a 5.56 NATO M855 round uses a 62 grain projectile moving at 2817 fps for a muzzle impact energy of 1092 ft-lbs.

    As I see it, a 5.56 NATO round should have punched right through the Hurricane Glass unless the said glass was considerably “over-specified”. Given that this is a school building and given the Government’s propensity to build to the “low bid”, I doubt that to be true.

    So, what is the truth here? Is this story of “Hurricane Glass” stopping AR-15 rounds accurate? If so, did the murderer actually use an AR? The media all say it was an “AR Assault Weapon” but one cannot put any stock in that. We all know that the media is vastly ignorant when it come to firearms. They call anything, that is painted black and looks “scary”, an AR-15 Assault Weapon.

    If he actually did use an AR and if it actually did fail to penetrate this glass, then what kind of ammo was he using? Some kind of light varmint round that will disintegrate upon impact with any hard substance?

    I would dearly love to know EXACTLY what Make, Model and Caliber firearm was actually used along with the EXACT brand and bullet weight/type of ammo.

  21. It doesn’t matter if it was ten round mags, a bolt action or a muzzle loader. The goal is remove ALL weapons from our hands except for isolated cases like those in the UK, Australia or other countries that essentially ban law abiding citizens. have weapons except under stringent conditions.

  22. … and should these “prohibitionist” bills become laws and these events continue, will they demand that our fingers be amputated and our eyes enucleated?

  23. First we all know that magazine reliability is inversely proportional to their capacity and how many cartridges are loaded. So if the perp’s gun jammed, it may well have jammed faster if he had a 30 round magazine topped off. Not that this will sink into people who learned what little they know about guns from watching Hollywood movies.

    Second, again, so long as:

    1) Law enforcement decides to loiter outside during a shooting outrage, and
    2) it is a “gun free zone” with plenty of targets then,

    Any gun made since the Civil War, and a good number from before the Civil War, will do a lot of damage, and certainly as much as was done in the time the perp had in this case.

    There is a video on YouTube right now of some guy with an 1858 Remington Percussion Revolver firing 12 – 18 times a minute, sustained fire, using spare cylinders. Assume that the Sheriff’s Deputies in this case go back to being mall cops, people with backbone are hired, and their response time is only five minutes. 5 X 12 = more people than have been killed in any mass shooting in this country.

    So all we have to do is ban every thing made since about when Mr Colt made a revolver for a guy named Walker.

    But, come to think of it, good Red Coat soldiers could fire 3 rounds a minute from their muskets. 5 X 3 = enough people to merit wall to wall media coverage screaming that “something must be done”. So, I suppose 1700’s era flint locks have to go. And while we’re at it, ban the Foxfire books that show how to make flint lock rifles out of raw steel with a forge and anvil. And ban anvils. And hammers. And coal. But charcoal can be used too, and charcoal comes from trees. Ban trees–cut down all the trees! Black powder can be made from excrement. Ban human waste! Quick, someone pass out perpetually-holding-it pins at the Oscars–maybe a miniature likeness of an actor with their legs crossed.

    Or we can recognize that “gun free zones” are bait for mass shootings and put an end to this silliness.

    • @Jacob Morgan – Actually, you don’t need a firearm at all. Consider the equipment carried by an Archer in the ancient Roman Empire. I found this description on-line:

      “Roman archers fought using composite bows, like the horsemen of the Asian steppes. Made from layers of wood, bone, horn, and sinew, they were strong and springy, packing a lot of punch for weapons of their size. Stiffer parts on the ends of the bow and the hand grip gave the string greater leverage and kept the bow from bucking when it was fired, increasing accuracy.

      Against unarmored foes, such as the Germanic tribesmen of central Europe, they used broad-headed arrows that maximized damage, slicing through flesh and veins.

      As well as their bows and arrows, each archer had a bracer to protect his wrist from the bowstring. They also had leather finger guards or a metal thumb ring for pulling the string. They wore chainmail or leather armor and carried a sword for close quarters fighting.”

      Consider, for a moment, the carnage that a trained Roman Archer (with plenty of broad-head arrows available and a nice high vantage-point) could inflict on crowded, unarmed students. This is 2,000 year old technology.

      A Leftist always blames the tool rather than the man because his ideology (which is based upon the false idea of the innate goodness of humanity) forces him to do so. The tool becomes the whipping boy that must take the blame for the human’s sins.

      It represents the “Hot Air” that keeps the balloon of left-wing ideology afloat. Otherwise, it would come crashing back to Earth. The Leftists can’t have that so they scream that it is all the tool’s fault. It is sick and it is stupid.

      • Bows mainly made of wood–another reason to ban trees! Cut ’em all down!

        And I hear that them there bows come with built in silencers. The horror of it all.

        More seriously though, point well taken.

  24. “To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law abiding that their rights depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless.”

    – Lysander Spooner

  25. The gladly unarmed, “progressive” author of the Washington Post op-ed linked below reveals that he actually hates guns more than he values his own life or the lives of his wife and their close friends.

    The more I ponder the staggering illogic of the author’s decisions to surrender on two separate occasions to armed, dangerous, sociopathic predators, the more I comprehend that his worrisome mindset is shared by many “progressive” public school teachers across the nation.

    During the past two weeks, leftist educators have been proclaiming loudly their subjective, visceral hatred of guns, gun owners and the NRA. Simultaneously, they have been announcing that their job descriptions do not include taking decisive actions, to include bearing arms, to protect and defend the schoolchildren whom they proclaim to love.

    The leftist progressives mentioned above are selfish “Somebody Elsers” who believe that “Somebody Else” should always have to take selfless, sometimes dangerous actions in response to “in extremis” situations. They gnash their teeth and wring their hands about incurring “legal liability”, but they never consider that the core concept of “moral accountability” must comprise part of the mindset of individual responsibility of an honorable person.

    “Somebody Elsers” thrive in Western European nations and in those U.S. states where governors and legislatures fear free constituents. “Somebody Elsers” appear to prefer experiencing violent deaths at the hands of sociopathic evil doers as opposed to enjoying life as men and women who are free to defend themselves. Will some one please explain to me this bizarre development?

    “I’ve had guns pointed at me. I’m glad I didn’t have one.”

    • Curtis – Sheep don’t want fangs and claws. They don’t know what to do with them . Those things are used by the sheep’s predators. They are used by the wolves and lions. Fangs and claws scare them.

    • We suffered through a ban from 1994 through 2014 with no effect on idiot killers or their methods. All a ban does is insure that the criminal element in our midst will have them and we won’t.

      • Yes, and our then Montana Federal Senator, Max Bacus, who had been telling Montana Voter’s, for years, how much he valued, and Supported, the 2nd Amendment, was among the few present in the Senate Committee, that voted to allow that Gun-Ban Bill, out of Committee, and on to the then Democratically majority Senate Floor, where easily passed into the Federal Law of the Land!


      • Buzz, I like your posts. Just a minor correction. The Clinton Assault Weapon Ban was 1994 through 2004, not 2014. I remember watching that ban sunset with glee. I actually was working in a small TV news room, and at least one of my colleagues predicted crime would go up. Now it has been almost 14 years since the ban sunsetted, and like you said, the ban has had no effect on crime.

  26. Just out of curiosity do we know what brand make and model of this AR-15 that the murderer used.

    • Who cares what “brand/make” it is. As to “model” it is an AR-15 they are all functionally the same. They may have different shaped barrel shrouds or stocks which have nothing, zip, zero to do with overall function. They are semi-automatic carbines which look like the military version, but they do not function like the military versions. They do not have ‘select fire’ which means the operator may select 3 shot burst or full auto.

  27. I have shared this with my friend and mentor John Farnham.
    Recently I was speaking with some friends at a local gun shop.

    A gentleman entered and purchased 6 pepper spray units, signed he, his wife, and his 17 year old son up for handgun training classes, asked for alarm recommendations, and started the paperwork to get a purchase permits for both handguns and long guns.

    In these days of outrage and sorrow over the Florida shooting, why would anyone make this move?

    It appears that he and his wife had recently returned home from a short evening out only to find their home had been invaded. Not just invaded, but severely damaged.

    The invaders had torn up the furniture and the residents belongings. They had damaged the walls with blood and feces, had written wild incoherent messages on the walls with these substances.

    THEY HAD INVADED HIS HOME. Like an invading army.

    Like any invader they had brought terror and destruction upon the innocent. Yes, invaders,not burglars, thieves, or any other polite name. They were invaders. The only way to combat invaders is to fight back. He was determined not to allow it to happen again. What would have happened if his children had been there alone? His wife? What if they had all been there?

    He should have made this decision long before this. He should have been prepared before the invaders descended upon his home and family. Will it be enough or soon enough? Only time will tell.

    The message here is, don’t wait. Don’t be driven by what has happened. Be determined it won’t happen to you.

    Don’t wait. do it now.

  28. It looks like the Florida Senate has rushed to “do something” in response to the Broward mass-murder incident. They passed a package that included various things such as addressing mental health, arming some teachers, etc. As a bone to the rabid leftist dogs, it also raises the legal age to buy a rifle to 21. See the link below:

    And what is the headline in the left-wing press?

    The headline is: Florida Senate Passes Restrictions on Gun Sales

    Notice how nothing else done by the bill gets mentioned. You have to read the fine print of the story to even know that it does anything else. That headline shows what is important to the leftist media.

    I’ve said it before, give the leftist gun-grabbers an inch and they will run a mile with it. It is much better to never give that inch (at all) since each one moves America further along on the path to Firearms Prohibition and the fall of our Constitutional Rights.

    • TN_MAN,

      “I’ve said it before, give the leftist gun-grabbers an inch and they will run a mile with it.”

      Just for fun, I want to translate what you said for our International readers. “I’ve said it before, give the leftist gun-grabbers 2.54 centimeters and they will run 1.60934 kilometers with it.”

  29. Mas,

    It’s amazing how simple and clear things become when we know the facts. Why can’t the media report that the rifle jammed, and ten-round magazines were used? Since guns are in the news every day, whether in relation to wars or police work, journalists should all be very knowledgeable about guns. I guess they avoid the facts, because they want the readers to be confused and fed propaganda.

    I want to make a totally absurd illustration of how much some people hate guns. Imagine one deputy had managed to fire one bullet which wounded the mass murderer in Parkland, FL. Now the mass murderer and the deputy stand before the judge in a court room. The judge says, “Nikolas Cruz, you took a gun to a school, murdered 17 people and wounded 15 or 16. You are guilty of first degree murder.” Then the judge turns to the deputy and says, “Deputy, you took a gun to a school, and did the same thing as Nikolas Cruz. You shot him, so you are guilty of attempted murder.”

    Now for another absurdity. Imagine I am speeding 15 mph over the speed limit. The cop pulls me over and says, “You were speeding 15 mph over the limit.” I respond, “Yes, sir, and you caught up to me, so you must have been going more than 15 mph over the speed limit. Now you are going to give me a ticket, you hypocrite.”

    These two absurd arguments probably make sense to a few of the more insane liberals out there.

  30. Haunting Dispatch Recordings from Parkland: “Shots Inside…Stay Away” –

    As I reviewed this written transcript from Erick Erickson’s (highly respected conservative radio host and writer) radio show, tears of frustration welled up in my eyes.

    An initial public assumption of why responding Broward County Deputy Sheriffs had failed to “move to the sound of the guns” inside Parkland HS without a second’s hesitation suddenly became a nauseating, undeniable reality that will not be able to be whitewashed from Broward County Sheriff’s Office history by any post-incident investigation conducted by federal, state or local agencies with political agendas to protect.

    Read the brutal, unpolished text of the relevant Broward County Sheriff’s Office radio traffic, and then try not to weep out of frustration.

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