Well, not all that new, but not widely known.  The Evil Princess and I enjoy shooting Glock matches, hosted by the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation.  A third of each run is Bianchi Cup style 8” diameter falling plates shot from eleven yards, four plate racks per entry.  A third is the Five-To-Glock stage, shot on that many buff-colored cardboard targets at various ranges, the targets being the tombstone-shaped NRA D-1 developed originally for Bianchi Cup by my late mentor Ray Chapman. Finally, there’s the Glock M, an array of four D-1 cardboards and one piece of steel.

GSSF was designed for outdoor ranges. Fragments of lead or jacket coming off steel play hell with the lights on indoor ranges.  For indoor shooting, the GSSF folks came up with their gallery match, which of course can be shot outdoors too.  You only get one target at a time to shoot at, and it’s in five- and ten-shot sequences at fixed time.

The Princess and I were planning to shoot one of those, the last of the season, not far from where we live.  Unfortunately, something came up and we couldn’t make it.  I had been psyched up to shoot the darn thing, and E.P. came up with the idea to just shoot it for fun on our range, video it, and make a tutorial out of it.

So, we did.  I blew a shot, dammit, but such is life.  Give it a try; you can shoot it on most any indoor or outdoor range and see how you stack up. You only have to use a Glock pistol if you’re at an official Glock match.

Video follows, run time about twelve minutes. For info go to www.gssfonline.com.  There might just be a GSSF Indoor League shooting near you already, and most anyplace in the continental US, you can find a regular GSSF match within a day’s drive.  Lots of fun, and very friendly to newcomers to competitive shooting.


  1. Maas
    Managed super senior @ BR&P club in March. Could do better if they let me use my revolver

  2. I’ve had the hat for several years but have never been able to attend a nearby GSSF match. However, I can and will duplicate this game at my local range. Thanks for the tutelage Mas.

  3. Police matches in California might want to go for 100 rounds per shooter, with the looong magazines, the way the mass robberies have been going lately.

  4. Thanks Mas. I’ll try this game next trip to my indoor range. 75ft is going to be ugly…
    Is your 19 a gen 3 or 4? Can the gen 4 be retrofitted with the NY trigger?



  5. Ira, that particular G19 is a Gen3. I’ve found overall that the geometry inside the Gen4 is just enough different that while the NY-1 modification will work, it is enough heavier in pull than the earlier models to pass the point of diminishing returns, IMHO.

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