1. I wish I could miss work to be there Mas. Maybe one of these days I’ll get organized and find a way to get your MAG classes taught here in Northern Nevada..

  2. Here’s an idea someone should have thought of back in 1994, the time of the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban. Sheeple don’t understand the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic. So, some organization, like the NRA, should produce a 30-second commercial. In it we would see a petite police woman in uniform holding an M-16. She would say, “This is semi-automatic.” Then fire that scary-looking weapon. Then she would move the switch, and say, “This is fully-automatic.” Then fire the weapon again, emptying the magazine. The camera should zoom in on her trigger finger when she is pressing every shot in semi-auto. Maybe if a commercial like this was given a lot of airtime, people would become slightly educated. But then again, maybe I’m just suffering from an attack of optimism.

  3. Mas
    It was great meeting you in person today at NRAAM!
    Thanks for your autographed book and conversation.
    Really appreciated!