NRA Voting Members: Please Consider Owen “Buz” Mills — No Comments

  1. Sounds like a plan. I never know who to vote for anyway.

    Also, I don’t know how widespread Dunham’s sporting goods is, but we have them all over michigan and it seems that by company policy they are now required to keep a record of the name, drivers license #, and specific items purchased for all ammo sales. I, for one, no longer wish to spend my money there and would urge others to look nto this and make the same choice. I have no desire to voluntarily enter into a back door registry.

  2. I guess I’ll trust you on this one….

    We get three magazines here for some reason… I feel like I live in OH, three votes… LOL One is a duplicate, I tried calling months ago, but they still send them. Oh well.

  3. Massad,

    Could you give some insight about the gun ban upheld by the Supreme Court today as it pertains to people with domestic violence charges in their past? I’ve read some articles on it but I would like an easy to understand explanation of what this means for citizens with a charge in their distant past. Thank you.

  4. This is unrelated to Mas’s blog entry, but you guys need to know this! The liberal newspaper The Arkansas Times published in the editor’s blog the list of CC permit holders NAMES and ADDRESSES. The link to the roll was pulled after a day or two, but the info was still out there. IF your state has CC, check to see how much info is public domain!!!
    Read about it here

    and here

    and here