Weather was not as stormy as predicted in Dallas on Friday, the first of the three days of the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting.  Neither were predicted protests, none in sight of the Convention Center.

The President and Vice President were well received, and their speaking arena was the only one where a “no guns” policy was enforced – by Secret Service as standard protocol, with NRA having nothing to say about it.  Media and Prohibitionists alike accused NRA of hypocrisy for not allowing guns at the conference.  Au contraire: carry is legal throughout the regular Convention Center area.

The day before NRAAM began, the Dallas Morning News carried this inspiring guest column by Stephen WIlleford, the armed citizen hero who used an AR15 to bring the Sutherland Springs church massacre to an end:  .

More to come as NRAAM continues.


  1. Isn’t amazing that all the Anti-Second Amendment protests have called for banning the AR-15. I wonder why they never mention Mr. Wiliford’s AR-15. Why? Because those morons would ban Mr. Willeford’s AR-15 too. I am glad he had his AR-15 on that sad day.

  2. AAARRRRGGghhh.. the Dallsa Mornig News have that article by Mr. Willeford behind a paywall.


  3. Great first report. We know that a select few will bash the NRA about no carry with regards to the President and Vice President. To those I say read between the lines or just remove your head from the kiester and let the sun shine in. Common sense folks plain and simple.

  4. I spoken to few who know the man. They mentioned he’s just an all round great man to meet and know. And, yes, they want to take everyone’s weapons away. That always been the goal.

  5. FYI: Here’s the Real Person, the Liberal Democrat, that NEEDS TO BE PUT ON TRIAL, & SENT TO PRISON!


    Democrat calls for gun ban, prison for holdouts
    By Fox News on in Current Events
    The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now

  6. I wouldn’t mind the gun control proscriptions if the left didn’t have such authoritarian/totalitarian predilections.

    First, though, enact into law that the police are now responsible to protect every last citizen.

    First, non-exclusive…!

  7. The national media is publishing retractions about their mistaken reporting that the NRA banned carry instead of the Secret Service. Their apologies would be a lot more convincing had they not made the identical “mistake” before at least the last two conventions.

    Somebody needs to take notes, and leave them for next year.

    • Tell a lie often enough …

      They know what they do.

      The note they leave for next year starts with:
      “Repeat again this year:”

  8. It was good to meet you again and shake your hand the first day of NRAAM. I was the guy in the scooter with the walking stick. I have taken 3 LFI courses from you, and always recommend your courses for those who want to learn more than the basics taught by the NRA.

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