NRAAM 2018 PART III — 25 Comments

  1. At the 2012 NRA convention in St. Louis Col. North was by far the most engaging speaker there. I’m sure he won’t back down from the upcoming fight.

  2. I’m happy with him. At least he’s worn the uniform and served in places most people won’t.

  3. From what I remember, and I was very much alinve and well and somewhat involved at the time, the nonsense of the Iran Contra “situation” needed a fall guy, and it didn’t bother too many that his name happened to be Oliver North. Having followed the unfolding history in Nicaragua VERY CLOSELY for several decades, I’ve no issue with trying to help the wonderful Nicas throw off the yoke of tyranny and communism whose figurehead at the time was Daniel Ortega. the same one who is now head dog in that nation. I and many close friends sincerely wished North’s efforts at the time had been more successful, and that gentle people had been shut of Señor Ortega long before he “caved in” and held his rigged elections.

    At least North has a mind of his own, and can analise a complex situation and point the way forward. I’m with you, Mas, let’s turn him loose and see what he can do. Worst case still won’t be as bad as some we’ve seen of late. Oh, he also tends to think “outside the box” on a regular basis. I think the fomenting on the left is more fear than loathing. Let’s hope that fear is justified.. that Ollie can turn their agenda inside out.

  4. “The NRA now has the biggest gun runner of all time as it’s head”

    What, Eric Holder is the new head of the NRA? 🙂

  5. Col. north acquitted; Hillary Clinton et. al., yet to be charged and tried. I have no interest in “reaching out” to the left. Compromise has ever been a losing strategy for gun owners. The left will alienate the middle all by themselves.

  6. Got back from Dallas and heard about North. On Sunday Col North gave a brilliant and engaging 40 minute speech at the Prayer Breakfast. IMHO Pete Brownell was NOT capable of holding an audience. Nor have the last half dozen Presidents of the NRA. They got there by contributions and that was their reward. Everything was on Wayne and Chris. And I’ll bet Wayne is going to retire in next year or so. At least North understands the media, is articulate and informed. As for criticism, the hell with that. If you stick your head up publicly, ppl will take shots at you. Col North understands that and I suspect he doesn’t give a damn. Good move.

  7. As a Life Member, I was thrilled to hear of Lt. Col. North’s appointment. I have the utmost faith that he will do a fine job. I stand by him.
    Semper Fi

  8. I would love to see him lead the coup to show “Waffling” Wayne and “Compromising” Chris the door.
    #usingalittletrumpnamecalling #35yearfeduplifemember

  9. I served with the Marines in Viet Nam shortly after Colonel North’s time. Ortega’s rule in Nic may be coming to an end as all socialist dictatorships eventually do. The population has suffered as they all do and I hope they can find economic and political freedom soon.

    I’m willing to give North a try at the helm. I think he comprehends the totality of American politics and can address the needs of gun owners and promote and protect the 2nd Amendment. He may even be able to tamp down the emotions a bit as there are also democrat gun owners and new gun owners every time the left assures us, after a tragedy, that the govt will protect us. North may have the best message so far – time will tell.

  10. Having an Ex-Marine Lt.Col., as the Head of the NRA, Could be Good for the Organization, which I LOST TRUST, AND FAITH, IN MANY YEARS AGO, but Only Time Will Tell whether Ollie North will be a Real Leader, or just Another Figure Head, to Try to Convince People to Keep the NRA”s Finances Above Water, Until WE are ALL Disarmed, Dead, or in Prison??


  11. It wold make no difference who was at the helm of the NRA; it is the NRA and the “Middle of the Political Road aka MPR” that is under siege by those attacking the 2nd … It was the MPR that elected Trump; a statement in and of itself? Nor is it the NRA that is exclusive to the attack. The LE Community is no less under attack, but the first to be called in a crisis?

    The push-back by the firearms industry is a welcome occurrence; more bold than previously! Col. North is a welcome change. The piece below is just one of many examples of a trend when enough is enough. The ever rising knee jerk corporate decision process by social media vs. “business as a business” will backfire – and has. There remains that silent …

  12. It is TIME for the NRA to Stop compromising with the opposition and START Pushing for a REPEAL of existing Gun Laws!!!
    The NRA has compromised too often and every time they do WE LOSE more of our Freedomes!!
    I hope this Marine will stand tall and stop compromising and start repealing!!

  13. That’s good news. I joined the NRA in 2001 and I believe the membership then was 3 and a half million. Six million is great but it should be 60 million.

    Of course the Left will hate Col. North. Donald Trump and David Horowitz used to be on the Left and now they are hated. I heard someone on the radio say that today’s Democrat party would find they have more in common with Lee Harvey Oswald’s political views than they would with JFK’s.

    • Ideally, there would be no NRA, at least as a political lobby group, because it would have no reason to exist.

      “Shall not be infringed” seems to upset all three branches of the government…

      • TRX,

        Ideally, the government would obey its own laws. It’s curious how judges are smart enough to get through law school and pass the bar, but somehow they just don’t understand that to not infringe on a law means you leave it alone. Also, in “may issue” states, judges don’t understand that to “bear” arms means to carry them. The right to self-defense should be so obvious we shouldn’t even need a Second Amendment. Even animals have a right to self-defense.

        America is tolerant of opposing voices. That means we tolerate those who want to destroy our system. What would happen if a farmer tolerated weeds and pests?

  14. I trust Ollie with my 2nd Amendment, and 1st and 4th for that matter.

    Everybody needs to understand that the 2nd is NOT ABOUT HUNTING.

    It is about protecting ourselves against Tyranny.

    It is about protecting us from lawless marauding felons.

    It is about FREEDOM and Responsibility.

    Ollie North gets it and is an accomplished communicator.

    Gods speed Col. North.

    • Anti-gun socialists, I’m being redundant, are aware, also. Independent people with the power to resist the govt if necessary, goes against their doctrine of power to and dependence on the govt. Socialists don’t control most of the world because they don’t understand things.

  15. Until such time as Wayne LaPierre is gone from the NRA, it does not matter who is sitting in the president’s spot. Charlton Heston and R. Lee Ermey couldn’t kick that disaster out. What makes anyone think he will leave with Col. North at the “helm”.

    • Wayne isn’t perfect but he’s far better than J. Warren Cassidy who stood by and let the ‘89 ban take effect without so much as s whimper.

  16. Has anyone considered it’s the SECOND AMENDMENT? Number two? That’s not by chance.
    North? Why not? Who do you want, Schumer?
    I am the NRA. I carry the Second with my firearm every day.
    God Bless America!

  17. My favorite comment given by Col. North was in answer to a Congressman’s question in the Iran Contra Hearings, “Col. North, would you tell a lie?” The answer, “Sir, you would not want a spy who wouldn’t or couldn’t lie.” That almost brought the house down. Also, his secretary declared that “She could type.”

    He still has the wit and grace under pressure necessary to lead the NRA. I’m hoping for great things for the NRA and Col. North in the near future. The more unhappy the “Left” is the better off we are!

  18. United States Marine.
    Duty, Honor, Country.
    What more do you need to know?

    If he fails us, he has THE Gunny to answer to when he stands before before the Pearly Gates.