When the President is in town, extraordinary measures are taken and some roads get closed, so it took us a while to get from our hotel to the massive conference center in Indianapolis where the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting is being held.  The first thing the Evil Princess and I did was cast our votes for Anthony Colandro in hopes of putting him on the board of directors.  I’ve known Anthony for many years and he’s an adamant, role-breaking advocate for law-abiding armed citizens.

The President’s speech was well received by the membership. You can watch it in full, here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n85kv6H19Co .

The internecine intrigue mentioned here yesterday grows. Please read this, from the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/26/business/nra-wayne-lapierre-oliver-north.html .

And Chuck Norris having replaced the late Lee “the Gunny” Ermey as a spokesperson for Glock, that company’s booth is once again setting the record for longest line of autograph seekers.

And, oh yeah, there was some cool new hardware:

Seismic is a new brand of heavy bullet for caliber ammunition. Here I’m holding their 12 gauge rifled slug, ready to load at right, and expanded at left.
Here’s a prototype of a new shoulder holster from Galco, to be called the Parabellum. Galco also has a new ankle rig for first aid gear — trauma dressing, tourniquet, quick clotting agent — that would be awfully handy for routine wear around the farm or ranch.


  1. Is it just me or is the amount of swag down? My T-shirt money stacked up and bought a knife. The Rex booth has a very interesting new striker gun.

  2. Ankle rig first aid gear is an important item for motorcycle riders, too. Tourniquet can be easily accessed for yourself or another if it’s on body…. kinda like a gun. Does a lot more good when you can get to it. Thanks, Mas!

  3. What in the wide world of (shooting) sports is going on? Is North’s stepping down a protest, is LaPierre & Co. Setting the NRA up to be killed by the NY AG? Tell us straight, please, Mas!

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