NRAAM DAY 3 — 13 Comments

  1. Many others are hoping for the best for them (us) also. And, as usual, we’re looking forward to your take on the issues.

  2. “I don’t know enough . . . about . . . the . . . issue to offer an authoritative opinion. . . . I’m waiting for more details.”

    Sorry about the ‘ . . . ‘ but I do feel that if more people took this attitude the world, and certainly the internet, would be a better place.

  3. Another honest and perfect assessment:

    ” What we did have was a gathering of tens of thousands of men, women, and kids.  Wearing ball caps, cowboy hats, yarmulkes, and turbans.  All colors, all faiths, all economic walks of life. Straight, gay, and transgender.  And all with the same appreciation of freedom and the right to defend themselves and their loved ones. ”

    Talk about tolerance & diversity …

    When the power goes out we look to those batteries.

    Recharged is great!

  4. Glad you had a good time and were able to explain that gun owners are made up of all walks of our society. I hope that everyone understands that, and can support the idea of it, also. For our country to function, properly, it takes everyone, from all walks of life, working together. When we try to exclude any one part of the group, we make our country less strong and less able to work. Thanks for you intelligence and tolerance and for trying to help the rest of us learn that also.

  5. This after the NRA was all done with their Disputing!



    Crime Report for Indianapolis after NRAAM Rolls Through Town
    Ammoland Inc. Posted on April 30, 2019 by John Crump
    NRA-ILA LEADERSHIP FORUM – Friday, April 26, 12-3 p.m.* – Lucas Oil Stadium
    NRA-ILA LEADERSHIP FORUM – Friday, April 26, 12-3 p.m.* – Lucas Oil Stadium

    Indianapolis, IN –-( This past weekend members of the National Rifle Association met in Indianapolis for the NRA Annual Meeting.

    According to a lot of left-wing politicians and media outlets, the NRA is a terrorist organization and is responsible for mass shootings across the country. In fact, during the CNN Town Hall after the Parkland shooting, NRA personality Dana Loesch was told she had blood on her hands for the shooting.

    Every day Loesch’s Twitter is filled with vile and hate by people wishing harm upon her and her children. This targeted vitriol isn’t something uniquely directed at Loesch. A few days ago, a prominent Democratic operative took to my public Facebook page to call me sick for my support of the Second Amendment.

    So, if the NRA is full of bloodthirsty monsters, and there were tens of thousands heavily armed members of the NRA in Indianapolis, then there should have been mass carnage across the city. The blood should be running through the streets of Indy.
    That brings us to the question: how many crimes were committed by NRA members last week in the host city of NRAAM?

    AmmoLand reached out to the Indianapolis Metro Police Department to see how many arrests that they could tie to the tens of thousands of visitors that came into the city for NRAAM. Unsurprisingly out of the 6125 incidents during NRAAM they could not link a single arrest to any attendees of the annual meeting with the lone exception of one intoxicated anti-Trump protestor that threw a phone at the president as he took the stage to speak to the NRA membership.

    #BREAKING: A phone was thrown at @realDonaldTrump during his introduction at the @NRA convention.

    The individual was swiftly arrested and the President continued with no problem.

    — Bradley Brewer (@realBradBrewer) April 26, 2019

    There were no mass shootings in the city over the weekend. No NRA members got into gunfights in the streets. No NRA members shot anyone in Indianapolis during the meeting for any reason. Not a single member fired their gun in anger. The membership crushed the anti-freedom narrative of the left.

    So, if these very well armed law-abiding citizens didn’t go on a shooting spree during NRAAM then what did these members of the NRA do in Indianapolis over the weekend?
    They spent money, a lot of money.

    Restaurants and hotels in Indianapolis took in millions of dollars from NRA members. Hotels across the city were booked solid for the meeting. Restaurants experienced a massive boom in food sales. At a minimum these members added $50,000,000 to the local Indianapolis economy.

    These members celebrated their constitutional right to bear arms. They celebrated their fellowship with other gun owners. They rebuked the liberal anti-gun narrative that gun owners are uncaring monsters and that gun culture is dying out in America.

    NRAAM was a massive success. The meeting showed the country the real gun culture. We as members of the Second Amendment community are not uncaring people. It is just the opposite. We care about our rights and our children’s rights.

    We understand that we are only one generation from tyranny. The Second Amendment keeps oppressive regimes in check. The Second Amendment is the only right that the government cannot take away. It can only be given away, and no matter what you think of the NRA, NRAAM showed that we are not willing to give up that right so easily.

    • WOW! What happened in Indianapolis was beautiful. We saw gun owners, peace, money and food. They have none of that in Venezuela.

      The Left is trying to kill America, but they haven’t succeeded yet. If they want a worker’s paradise, they should move to Cuba.

      Looks like most of the people in the world wish they could live here and partake of our oppression and racism.

  6. Just look at Venezuela……….Fox News reported that when their gun confiscation was implemented less than 40 firearms were voluntarily
    turned IN!!!!!!!!! That happened in 2012!!
    I did’t see any of the “regular citizens” shooting BACK!
    Be aware AMERICANS!!!

  7. NRAAM. Three days of peace and guns! (Woodstock was three days of peace and music).

  8. Somewhat unrelated but I wanted to confirm that you are scheduled to teach a 2 day class in West Covina, CA on June 22-23, 2019. Is that correct? The Event Company booking this I am not familiar with and, trusting soul that I am no longer, I wanted to just confirm with you directly before I sign up. I have long wanted to meet you and take this kind of class.

    Thank you,