Shooting is a life sport. My brother Tony Semone and I recently spent several days together at a MAG-40 ( class.  As always, he did a great job as range officer, but the man is much, much more.

Dr. Semone is an eminent neuropsychologist, famous for his work in post-traumatic stress in gunfight survivors. I was proud to have his son Mark in the class.  

In the photo he and I are reminded that shooting is a life sport. We had just finished shooting the Pace-Setter, in which the instructors shoot the qualification course in front of the students to show what will be expected of them.  

Tony had shot 299 out of 300, and I had shot 300.  We didn’t use special “orthopedic guns”: Tony was running a Glock 19 9mm and I was shooting a Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 .45. Both “bone stock.”

Did I mention that I’m 75 and Tony is 86?

Firearms are force multipliers, which means they can also be considered labor-saving devices. It’s as true in sport as it is when considering self-defense.

When I grow up, I wanna be just like Tony Semone.


  1. As a 67 year old, fairly new to the game, I feel like a little kid sometimes, who is grateful to get to hang out with the big guys.
    Long may we all run!

  2. You boys are not quite old enough to be part of the greatest generation, but I would include you in that description anyway.

  3. Glad you are both doing well – is was a treat having Tony help with the DFI course I took in Texas a few years ago. I want to be like BOTH of y’all when I grow up!!

  4. Only thing I can say other than congratulations to both of you is that I’m 75
    and I’ll be proud if I’m half as energetic as Dr. Semone at age 86.

  5. Well you are giving this soon to be 77 year old trigger puller, hope and encouragement to not let age make me give up. In a few months I will be attending one of Greg Ellifritz’s classes.
    I try to take your advice and take at least one class a year, that I can afford, and taught by a reputable instructor, so God forbid I ever need to pull that trigger on another human,I can document I try to stay competent even if I have past that three quarters of a century mark.
    Good read as always Mas ,best to you and the Mrs.

  6. It was an honor to meet Dr. Semone at the MAG 80 class that I had the ggod fortune to attend some years ago. I am now 72 and I am inspired by this article. I hope to keep shooting as long as i can. Thanks Mas and Tony.

  7. And all these years I always wanted to have at least a modicum of Massad Ayoob’s skills and knowledge, I was much younger when I first discovered Mr. Ayoob and he had all black hair!

  8. Mas,

    You can beat most people, of any age, at shooting. In order to handicap you I would suggest firing left-handed, one-handed. Your score would go down, but you would still beat most people.

  9. Mas:

    In the photograph, your mag pouches are on the right side (from your perspective) of the belt buckle. Since I ordinarily wear mine on the “weak side,” I am wondering if you are wearing a second mag pouch in the “usual spot” on the weak side, or if you have a new reloading technique. Do you mind sharing?

    Thank you.

    Shawn McCarver

    • Good to hear from you, Shawn, and as always your sharp eye is appreciated. I was reloading from two single-cell pouches in the usual place behind my left hip. As you surmised, the front right pouch was for the initial administrative load (Cold Range) and a spare in case one of the others was dropped or I needed an extra mag to make up for a misfire. The pouch was sentimental, too; it was made by the late G. William Davis, whom I first met at the 1978 IPSC National Championships in Los Angeles.

  10. Mas, you are already pretty grown up for such a young guy. You must be doing something right if you are still getting older. The secret to success is mainly being in the right place at the right time, especially if you are not.

  11. Well done to the both of you. Being just a tad older than Mas, Tony’s given me a new role model. Hope I can make it to that age in the same shape he’s apparently in.

  12. I feel so 40 fortunate to have attended Mag 40 with dad and Mas. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of the experience. Much love to dad and Mas.



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