1. Mas,

    Where’s the link to the essay? (I haven’t had my morning caffeine yet so I might be missing it.) Thanks!

  2. Is there an embedded link somewhere in your blog post? If so, it doesn’t show up in Safari.

  3. History teaches us that, given enough time, nations inevitably collapse due to various factors: divisive politics, cultural degeneracy and rot, lying oligarchic tyrants, gross economic inequality, despoliation of natural resources, and so on. All of these factors are glaringly present in the USA, and any one of them could tip the scale toward collapse.

    • I don’t even worry about this, never mind some crazed dictator taking over the US. I have far more trivial concerns.

      The supermarkets, gas stations, and oil delivery companies have about one day of inventory in stock, and that assumes normal demand. Almost everything that keeps us alive moves by truck. If something disrupts the diesel fuel system in this country, pretty much everything stops flowing. Those of us who live in the Northeast have seen what happens when a tiny snowfall is forecast to arrive. The shelves clear in less than a day. Since most people have done nothing to prepare for such an event, you’re going to see a LOT of hungry, cold, exhausted people who are watching their families starve. When that happens, the thin veneer of civilization is going to dissolve, leaving a world completely without a functioning police department, a justice system or any rule of law. It’s going to be a world where might makes right. If you lack any sort of preparation, you’re going to die.

  4. Well, I’d rather Germany have defeated Russia and we had more Germanic peoples on the planet, but point taken re: disarmament.

    • Really? You’re upset that the Nazis lost in Russia? Are you joking?

      • I suspect his comment is fairly tongue-in-cheek, but the argument could be made that Stalin was worse than Hitler. Hitler hated Jews, but Stalin hated everybody including Jews. Ukraine is between Germany and Moscow. What if the 20 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin had been alive and armed?

  5. The article seemed straightforward enough until the author claimed that there had been two attempts to overthrow the standing government on what eventually became American soil. The first, was the American Revolution. He claims the second was the “civil war”, actually the ‘War of Northern Aggression’, which was fought over the attempted secession of the Southern states. Once I read this revisionist account of United States history,the bloom was off the rose,and I quit reading the article.

  6. One point that jumps out, from this article, is that America has had less Civil War and invasion then most of the other countries around the world. Sure, we had the American Revolution and the Civil War. I think that, maybe, the War of 1812 should be added in, as well, since the British actually invaded us and burned Washington D.C. during that war.

    Nevertheless, America has been much more peaceful then most of the rest of the world. While we have been involved in a number of wars, they have mostly been “foreign wars”. I should also note that, because of our 2nd Amendment, American citizens have always been heavily armed. Wonder if there is a connection here? Robert Heinlein is famous for the saying that “An armed society is a polite society.” Anyone ever thought that this might be true on the national level too?

    Yes indeed. The United States and Switzerland. Two nations that are both (A) armed to the teeth and (B) have a long history of relative peacefulness.

    The anti-gunners constantly assure us that “more guns means more violence” and “more guns means more war”. So, I bet they would be quick to point out (at this point) that “correlation does not mean causation”. I reckon that it must be a considerable cause for puzzlement for the anti-gunners. However, don’t expect the anti-gunners to apply the scientific method and question their original hypothesis. After all, fanaticism is the death of reason and the scientific method requires reason above all else. Hence, it is unsuitable for use by those who are consumed by left-wing ideas like firearms prohibition.

  7. Well, the article, whether we like what it says, or how it was written, points to the very real likelihood that America will have another Civil War, or an equivilant Foreign Invasion, for us to be forced to defend ourselves from, sometime in the reasonable future.


  8. The most insidious enemy lurking within our country is the anti-gun liberal. Here is a monster who would make it easier for native criminals and foreign invaders to murder their fellow citizens by depriving those folks of the best means to defend themselves.

    Of course there are other evil groups like the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Neo Nazis, etc. who would like to destroy our peaceful American way of life, but those goblins are small in number relative to the population and they don’t try to conceal their true intentions. Liberals on the other hand are secretive and lie blatantly in their attempts to deceive the American people into believing they are working to make society safer when it’s the complete opposite of what they really want which is a Socialist utopia controlled by them. If we don’t stop those cretins now, there will be a civil war in our future, and hopefully good people will still have guns to fight it with.

  9. No sooner did the communists take over than the general public was largely disarmed. When Hitler invaded them, the Russians couldn’t make enough rifles to arm all their soldiers adequately, let alone the populace.

    Britain was in much the same shape, until they were resupplied from the U.S. Gun control meant that guns weren’t available, particularly after so many were lost at Dunkirk. Local home guard units preparing for imminent German invasion were marching around with broomsticks and garden hoes. IMHO Hitler’s biggest strategic mistake was not invading England right after Dunkirk. If he had, we might have found ourselves launching D-Day from NYC.

    Note that “disasters” don’t have to be widespread. Stored food and other prepping preparedness can make a big difference in personal situations like being injured, getting sick, losing a job and such.

  10. Excellent article. I’m glad he did the math, because I can’t.

    No history of zombie apocalypses? OK, but liberals rule Europe, half of America, nearly all universities and most of the media. That’s pretty much a zombie takeover. Swedes deny their women are being raped. American liberals think gender is fluid. That makes them science-deniers. They are pretty close to being zombies.

    I can name three of the biggest preppers in history;

    1. Noah
    2. Joseph in Egypt
    3. Uncle Sam. He has underground bunkers with their own power plants, hospitals and five years’ worth of food. And we paid for those bunkers. So if preppers are crazy, then I guess Uncle Sam is the craziest prepper of all.

  11. I forgot to mention that just last year, some Americans went about 7 months without electricity. This was due to Hurricane Maria and a poor power grid. Puerto Ricans are Americans.

  12. Yes, a great read comparing the practical advice of ‘better have it and not need it’ with historical, mathematical probabilities. Kudos for that added thought process.

    Having heard more recently that most people are just ‘ 9 meals away’ from violence, “I have too much food’ or’ I have too much ammo’ said anyone, never!

    Prep away to whatever means possible for you and your loved ones.

  13. This is off-topic but another mass-murder is in the news. This one in Virginia Beach. However, I don’t expect that the Anti-American Media will be able to push their anti-gun agenda much with this one.

    If the murderer had been a White Trump Voter, or (even better), if he had been a White Nationalist or a White member of the NRA, then the media would trumpet it from the mountain tops! It would be broadcast, for weeks, in every city, village, hill and dale throughout the land! It would spawn dozens of staged protests and “Town hall” meetings!

    Unfortunately for their narrative, this murderer was (1) an African American, (2) a government employee, (3) a registered Democrat and (4) the shooting occurred in a government office building which almost certainly was a “Gun Free Zone”. So, there is no music in this story for them to “Dance in the Blood of the Victims”.

    In other words, there is no fodder here for them to effectively use. I expect that the media will just let this story die out rather quickly and quietly. The media will just go back to waiting. Maybe they will have better luck with the next one!

    • Apparently, while not a gun-free zone per se, the city employees were not allowed to be armed.

      • Mas – All I can say is “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..”

      • Every GFZ of any kind without armed security should allow trained, vetted, armed, and teamed Sheepdogs as security structure. No reason why the vetting process should not include psychological reviews.

  14. This absolutely chilling ChiCom People’s Liberation Army insider’s account of the infamous Tiananmen Square massacre that occurred three decades ago in Beijing should remind all free Americans exactly what happens in a totalitarian state to gunless (non-prepped) plebeians when tyrannical patricians who are guarded by heavily armed, amoral praetorians decide that the unarmed plebeians clamoring for freedom need to be crushed like ants.

    God bless the USA, the Second Amendment and the brave, honorable, moral LE and military men and women who continue to secure our cherished liberty without fail during what are increasingly challenging times.

    30 Years After Tiananmen, a Chinese Military Insider Warns: Never Forget

  15. I just read a very interesting opinion piece by Steven Kessler. Here is the link to it:

    Anyone who (1) reads this article and (2) who is familiar with my previous posts on this blog will note that Mr. Kessler and I are thinking the same things. I will say that Mr. Kessler’s title is too broad. Liberals (AKA Leftists) are optimists only in the sense that they are optimistic that Big Government has the ability to transform the world into some kind of left-wing, idealized utopia. Conservatives are, indeed, pessimists on that subject. Outside of their faith in Big Government and the original “goodness” of mankind (AKA self-worship), leftists are miserable people and hardly qualify for the title of being “optimists”.

    Mr. Kessler approaches his position from a religious perspective. He frames it in term of “Original Sin”. I generated my view from a more scientific perspective. I believe that there is a “Social Trust” setting in the human mind that varies, like intelligence, from person to person. These individual Trust settings (lets call it the Trust Quotient or TQ instead of IQ for intelligence) ranges from very low trust in humanity to very high. I believe that this TQ value is set by genetics and early childhood experiences and becomes “locked in” as people reach maturity. People with very high trust in humanity develop the views described by Mr. Kessler. They view humanity as perfectible and Big Government as the key tool with which to create utopia on earth. These are the people that form the ranks of the leftists among us. They fill the ranks of the Marxists, the socialists, the social justice warriors, the liberal elites and the gun-grabbers.

    What does all this have to do with the topic of this blog? Very simple. These two very different views of the world (framed either religiously as Mr. Kessler did or scientifically as I do) make for a continuous source of conflict. The two worldviews are utterly incompatible. Yet, this source of conflict cannot be eliminated by reason alone since the nature of this conflict is “baked into” the mental makeup of the human mind. This conflict is a continual wellspring of civil strife, warfare, and oppression of one group of people at the hands of another. Thus, the logic, for owning firearms and prepping for social conflict, is completely reasonable given the inherently conflicted nature of the human mind.

    • TN_MAN,

      Good article. Liberals believe two contradictory ideas at the same time. They believe in perfectability and decay at the same time in the same place. Theologians know God cursed the earth. Genesis 3:17–19. Scientists believe in entropy, the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It’s the same idea. Everything everywhere is slowly breaking down. Perfection does not exist in this world. Something may look perfect, but put it under an electron microscope and you will see it’s imperfections.

      We can be deceived when we look at a growth cycle. An organic thing begins as a seed, then grows. At the time it matures to be a flower, it may appear perfect, but change then continues, and that change is ALWAYS toward decay.

      • @Roger Willco – Liberals (AKA leftists) don’t actually see the contradiction that you mention. They dream of perfectibility but suppress thoughts of decay. Thus, they avoid this conflict which is obvious to you and I.

        Leftists see themselves in a multi-generational movement toward their idealized utopia on earth. They believe that each generation makes steps toward creating the utopia. They view history as a series of campaigns toward “Social Justice”. They take a Marxist view of history that tells them that utopia is inevitable. It is just a matter of continually fighting toward the ultimate goal. The Left-Wing Utopia is their Holy Grail.

        People who oppose them (Conservatives, religious people, etc.) are simply bumps in the road. They are obstacles to be driven over and crushed by the force of the (left-wing) future.

        So, in reality, leftists reject the concepts of decay and entropy just like they reject the concept of Original Sin. As in the case of Moses, they have “climbed to the Mountain Top” and they can see the “Promised Land” (The Left-Wing Utopia) in the distance. They know that they may not reach Utopia in their lifetimes, but (someday) their children or their great, great, grandchildren will finally stand in the Eden of the Left-Wing Utopia.

        So, you are wrong that “Liberals believe in two contradictory ideas at the same time”. For a leftist, there is no conflict. There is only POLITICAL POWER and WEALTH to be seized in the NOW so that the Armies of Social Justice can continue to MARCH FORWARD toward the PROMISED LAND!

        Roger, you need to understand that it is not reasonable people that we are fighting against. We are fighting Left-Wing Fanatics who will never lay down their arms and surrender their Utopian Dreams.

      • TN_MAN,

        Well said! So the utopian Left believes evolution will bring about their utopia, just as it has supposedly brought us up from fish to amphibians to mammals to primates to humans and finally to gods. George Soros thinks he is pretty close to being a god already. Ha Ha!

        No one ever points this out, but WWII was fought over evolution. Hitler believed he might be able to speed up what evolution was already doing slowly. He would perfect the master race, and get rid of the inferior races in his lifetime, instead of waiting for natural selection to do it.

        You are correct. The utopian Left are blinded and they don’t see they are looking for perfection in a world which can never be perfect, under its current natural laws.

  16. Ironically, uncle Joe predicted what would happen and had masses of arms stashed. Then he grew mistrustful that those arms would be used against him. Their location was lost in the following purges. We know this from a handful of survivors who were helping in the Spanish Civil war.

  17. @TN_MAN is spot on re: his analysis of unusual mainstream media coverage of the recent Virginia Beach spree murders.

    In the Washington Post’s softball coverage about the background of the spree murderer who was shot down by Virginia Beach Police, no photograph of the spree murderer is displayed, nor is his voter affiliation revealed. These two, specific, glaring omissions could not have been accidental. The mainstream media are clearly afraid of any inconvenient facts that do not align perfectly with their agenda.

    “To many who knew of him, Virginia Beach gunman was ‘a mystery’ “

    As Virginia’s Democrat Governor (who recently danced around nimbly to escape a “black face” scandal that revealed his hidden racial bias and prejudice) scrambled yesterday to refresh plans to bring draconian gun and magazine controls to Virginia, the Washington Post painted the big bad GOP wolf in Virginia as the maniacal enabler of high capacity magazine possession by Virginia’s gun owners. Yeah. Way to go, mainstream media. Way to go. Ugh.

    “In January, Virginia GOP killed bill to ban sales of large-capacity magazines”

    • Curtis – Yes! The murderer in this case is an embarrassment to the media’s firearms-prohibition narrative. So, in a self-proclaimed attempt to “discourage” future mass-murders, they are seeking to suppress information about the trigger-man. Instead, they want to “control the narrative” (they admit it) and focus on the “victims”. See this story:

      They are also trying to squeeze out a little “gun-control” juice from this rotten fruit. Since the murderer also did not oblige them by using one of those nasty, god-awful assault weapon things, they are trying to focus on his “large capacity” pistol magazines instead. They want to “cherry pick” out the pieces of this story that are OK for the gun-control narrative while sweeping the parts, that don’t fit, under the rug.

      It is the Standard Operating Propaganda (SOP) Technique for the Anti-American Media.

      • @TN_MAN

        Here we go, down the Democrat Disarmament Water Slide in VA, with now “woke” progressive, but previous dancing “black face” minstrel Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) gleefully running the Commonwealth of Virginia’s anti-Second Amendment carnival ride.

        “Virginia Gov. Northam will convene special session of legislature to take up gun control”

      • Curtis – Yes, it is predictable, left-wing behavior. It is becoming common for prominent Leftists, who get into trouble, to play the “NRA-Fighter” Card. You see, if one is in trouble, then one needs to get some positive press coverage going. The best way to do that, with Today’s Anti-America Media, is to parrot back to the Press their dearest PC crap. The most valued subjects, to the Leftist Media, are Pro-Abortion and Anti-gun stances.

        When Harvey Weinstein was called out for being a sexual predator, what was the first thing he did? He promised to get help for his sexual addiction and then he played the NRA-Fighter Card and promised to dedicate his life to opposing the NRA. He hoped to jinn up that good press coverage for being a NRA-hater but his predatory actions were so repulsive that it did not save him from disgrace. Still, he thought that it was worth a try.

        The same thing with Sheriff Scott Israel. After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Sheriff Israel played the NRA-Fighter Card in an effort to generate good press coverage for himself while deflecting blame from his office. He hoped to shift blame from his own failings and place the blame on guns instead. If you remember, he put on a “dog and pony show” for the press in CNN’s infamous anti-gun “Town Hall” event. However, no amount of NRA bashing could change the results of the investigative report of that incident. The report listed Sheriff Israel’s incompetence in great detail and he was removed from office by Florida’s Governor.

        Now we see the same thing with Governor Ralph Northam. He was caught in his “black face” minstrel scandal. So, to generate that “Good Press” that he needs to survive, he is speaking loudly about his love of killing babies and beating the drum for more and more “Gun Control”. He is playing that “NRA-Fighter Card” in hopes of saving his @$$.

        The American Left is truly predictable. Their first thought, upon getting into trouble, is to lie their way out of it and to swing “Hard Left” so as to milk some love from the Anti-American Media. We will have to wait until his next election to see if it saves Governor Northam or not!

  18. I wonder if the whole hippie counter culture event with the Weathermen, Black Panthers, and the other groups of the time shouldn’t be counted as “revolutionary event”? The actors at that time certainly considered it so. If one does, the math becomes even more frightening, at basically even odds as of right now.

    • sota,

      I agree with you. The counter-culture became mainstream, or close to it. However, the culture changed a bit from hippies to yuppies, because we all love America’s wealth, and we don’t want to give that up.

      In my view, 1968 was the watershed year. America was different before that year, then changed, and never went back.