You know how you hear that people get to look like their pets (or select pets which look like them)?

Well, this photo shows your expression when you realize you and your rescue dog have pretty much the same color facial hair.


  1. Looks like you both might have a little pit bull in you at your salt and pepper age…
    From a proud former pit bull owner and LFI-I grad.

  2. Wow very good likeness. Hey, come to the Sunflower Classic GSSF at Trigger Guard in October. It’s a good one. Owner operator Mike Yoder and gang would be tickled to see you. Look up numbers and comments and sure you will be impressed.

  3. My chocolate lab who will be 11 years old in March, and me at 78 are looking the same way Mass. Great picture of you guys!!

  4. Why am I not surprised that Mas is a dog lover? (As I am – as well as most other firearm owners tend to be.) Rescued dogs tend to be great!

  5. Rescue dogs tend to have the advantage of having done enough time in detention to more greatly appreciate attention and relatively greater freedom. Over the ten years or so that I have spent with my shared mongrel refugee from the shelter, the more amazed I am at how right that mutt has been about everything he thinks and does–in his own way. Brave and loyal to a fault, quick as lightning, alert 24/7, stubborn as #$%&, and smart enough to wake me up at night if he needs help to survive while securing the walled-in back yard. Hard to imagine living without 2 good dogs. Dealing with the loss of one is best done by bringing in a replacement soon enough. No gratitude is like that of a dog’s. Usually.

  6. Rescue dogs are great. Good for you Massad! We love our rescues and have had them over the last several decades. “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” – Mark Twain

  7. I have heard that dogs mirror their owners, and vice versa. (Gives Mirror Image a whole new meaning) Not only in appearance, but in disposition too. I think there is something to that. The resemblance is ‘striking’ Mas! I was so happy when I found out y’all got such a nice dog.

  8. Thanks for sharing the picture & the comment; it made me smile.
    Recalling that you appreciate good books: “Lessons from a Sheepdog,” by Phillip Keller. Perhaps the best nonfiction rescue dog story ever written. Small. Will last for about one airplane.

  9. My cat seems to be growing longer whiskers, may be putting on a bit of weight, and grows increasingly grumpy when uninvited visitors come over. I see no similarities at all.

  10. What I see is a couple faces with a great deal of character and life experience. If we’ve done it right, this is how we should look.

  11. Rescue dogs are the best. My last dog was a paid for but I considered him a rescue dog due to the conditions he was living in where I got him. Barely weined and covered with fleas and some ticks. The vet didn’t want to use any chemicals to rid him of fleas so I very carefully used powder on him and vacuumed it off right after applying it so he wouldn’t breathe it. It worked but I would suggest talking with a vet before even doing that. He ended up being my best friend and liked eating popcorn with me on rainy days and spent hours with me out in my workshop. I bought him for my young daughters and of course they said they would take care of him. I named him Also because I knew I would end up feeding him, also bathing him, also cleaning up after him, etc.. I sure miss him.
    You and your friend look like a matched pair for sure,
    jack, in The Valley Of The Sun, AZ.

    • jack,

      What a great, and true, story! You saved that poor dog, Also, from a miserable life! God bless you for it! Isn’t it also beautiful how he appreciated, and was thankful for, all you did for him.

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