The rapid establishment of “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” helped to blunt Virginia Governor Northam’s ferocious attack on gun owners’ civil rights, a/k/a “the war of Northam aggression.”

And Michael Bloomberg has pretty much confessed to bragged about his outright purchase of politicians.

Consider these things and more in this thought-provoking read.


  1. Interesting article. At the end, the author asks:

    Where are the billionaires for liberty?

    Sadly, most are not showing up. Both Bloomberg and Soros are true leftists. The personal power granted by their billions have turned them into arrogant tyrants. They surround themselves with “Yes Men” which feeds their own egos. On top of everything else, Bloomberg is probably afflicted with a Napoleon Complex too.

    People who are tyrants in their own hearts are attracted to Left-Wing Ideology because of its effort to centralize all political power in the Federal Government really appeals to them. They see themselves steering that power. Either directly, as Bloomberg tried to do by running for President, or indirectly, as both Bloomberg and Soros have done by outright buying political influence.

    Most other billionaires, even if not power-hungry leftists themselves, nevertheless feel that it is prudent to pretend to be left-wing and “woke”. They are smart enough to know that envy and “Robin Hood” policies (stealing from the rich justified by saying it is going to the poor) are fundamental to left-wing ideology.

    These billionaires have it pretty good already and they know that the left-wing barbarians will be pounding upon their gates, to steal everything they have, if they make themselves an obvious target by opposing the Left. So, they pretend to support left-wing causes as a defense strategy to protect their own wealth. By mouthing left-wing platitudes and giving to left-wing causes, they hope to “buy off” the barbarians and buy protection for themselves.

    From their point of view, it is a “cost of doing business” in America. A billionaire must pay for his own armed security (for personal protection) and he must pay extortion money to the Left to pay for political protection from the “Robin Hood” mobs that they can muster and control.

    So, few if any of America’s billionaires have the courage to stand up to and oppose the Left-Wing extortion mafia. Most pretend to be “woke” and pay the necessary money and support to buy “protection” from the Left. Others, like Bloomberg and Soros, are ego-driven tyrants who willingly support the Left to feed their own lust for power.

    Donald J. Trump is one American billionaire who has had the courage to directly stand up to and oppose the Left-Wing mafia. That is what makes him so exceptional. It also explains why the left-wing mafia has been trying to arrange a “hit” (politically) on him and take him out since the day he “came down the escalator” and announced his opposition to them.

    An American billionaire who opposes them and refuses to pay his “protection” fees? They can’t have that. What if all the other billionaires take heart and start standing up against them as well? That would threaten the flow of money that they need to operate. HELL NO! An EXAMPLE must be made of Donald J. Trump so as to keep all of the other billionaires in-line.

    That is one reason (there are others too) that the American Left’s efforts to destroy President Trump will never stop. Even after he leaves office, they will still be trying to punish him for his opposition and for failing to pay his protection dues.

    So, is it really all that surprising that there are not more billionaires standing up for liberty?

  2. Deliciously, Mickie just flushed $570,000,000. Don’t you love the zeros? The little creep. So satisfying to use the Sanctuary gambit back at ‘em. Now if a county in CA could pull it off, it would be miraculous indeed.

  3. Wait till lobby day 2021, if you thought the numbers of gun owners protesting in Richmond were large in 2020 (20,000-25,000). Our Numbers will be Legion during the next election year cycle. Over 80% of the counties and cities are 2nd amendment Sanctuaries. There will probably be few Democrats left in the General Assembly in 2022. I’ve lived in Virginia most of my adult life and I seen the tide roll in and out with gun laws. Everything that has been passed will be undone. It’s time for a Red Tide to send all Virginia Democrat’s out to sea both in State and Federal government.

    God Bless America, Long live the Republic

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  4. Excellent article. Notice how the left uses sanctuary declarations to try to make invading the USA acceptable, while the right uses sanctuary declarations against tyrants who would overturn a God-given right that was put into writing and made the law of the land in 1791.

    The left uses “sanctuary” to destroy, while the right uses it to preserve.

  5. Sometime back I read an article by a noted jurist/attorney that the 9th Circuit Court actually wasn’t the most overturned, but did come in second. Can’t recall off the top of my head who had the #1 position.

    In Virginia, we had some pleasant surprises on who stood up to block-this time-the “assault firearms” ban. (The State Crime Commission is supposed to do “further study”.) However, we still got saddled with some further restrictions. I’d like to see those “gun free” zones be required to establish safe storage areas where those who, while legally armed elsewhere, could securely store their firearms. Kinda like LEOs do if they have to enter court rooms in certain places.

    • I’d like to see those “gun free” zones be required to establish safe storage areas where those who, while legally armed elsewhere, could securely store their firearms.
      I think I’d much rather leave my gun in my car than trust someone who doesn’t think I ought to have it to “store” it.
      It would be better to require that any venue prohibiting legal carry be required to provide enough security, mass detectors and armed guards etc., to insure no one illegally carries in.
      Even though I realize any such system can be defeated.

  6. Go ahead and label me barmy…. but I hope soon for the day when NO money from outside a state can enter that state to influence local in state politics. ON WHAT BASIS can we continue to allow the likes of Soros and Bloombirg to BUY local elections, laws, etc, when he does not live there and thus has no vested interest in those laws/policies/politicians? Seems to me the ulitimate abuse of political power to sell it to the highest bidder.

    • Plenty of states have their own leftist billionaires. Bezos and Gates in WA. Gill and Stryker in CO. Lots of them in CA but I guess that is a lost cause anyway. Wynn in NV It is a trivial item for a billionaire to buy another house so this won’t work. We need the National Divorce which will hive off the Clinton Archipelago and make their efforts useless where we live.

  7. I just find it so interesting that the Sheriffs who are so hot for the constitution now are still enforcing all the rest of those unconstitutional gun laws.

    When might they become consistent?

  8. Typically, the way money is contributed is from in state political victory funds. Basically a shell operation that funnels money from various “independent donors”. Also, in funding “street money” that’s just plain cash for various uses. Then there’s the “soft money”: usually in the form of “volunteers” paid by their unions or other sources to work on campaigns or personnel “loaned” by their employers.

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