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  1. Any chance they could make a left-handed 1911 without Obama’s face on it next time? Or perhaps put the face of a famous left-handed shooter on it?

  2. What has Obama done that’s against gun rights? I hear him demonized but know of no legislation that would restrict gun ownership. He actually signed bills that expanded carry.

  3. If they positioned Piers a bit higher I might of considered it. I’ve been wanting to get my hands round his throat for years! 😉 Still you guys have him over there now. Millions of us are praying the sack of oxen offal never returns. Oh, and if you want any more lefty idiots we can send them in bulk!

  4. The left handed gun seems such a terrible waste of labor and materials. It would be nice if the likenesses portrayed on those grips were as easily replaced as the grips themselves.

  5. Well… we can think of it this way: what must Barak and Piers think of their images being on a pistol (or more, on an AR)? From their perspectives – maybe I like it after all 🙂

  6. I am a left handed shooter but you couldn’t pay me to even hold the left handed pistol. What self-respecting gun owner would even consider owning one. What were they thinking!

  7. Cavalier, you’re new here in more ways than one. Please research your topic and get back to us.

  8. “In theory, I should have an advantage, since any self-respecting holster would want that pistol to be gone from it sooner.”


    Funnier than anything I’ve heard on SNL in years (yes, I know – doesn’t say much…).

  9. While I firmly believe Moses Browning to have been a true genius and his 1911 and Browning High Power are my two favorite pistols, I wouldn’t buy this set if I hit the lottery because I can’t stand any of the four clowns on the grips. What a terrible way to deface beautiful works of art.

  10. You’re an evil, evil man, Mr. Ayoob, leading a poor woman into such temptation. I’d never heard of Cabot Guns, but I went to have a look at their other pistols after reading this post. It’s a good thing .45 ACP kills my wrist and hands these days, otherwise I’d seriously consider killing my savings account to buy their Black Diamond. I very seldom drool over a firearm, but I had to wipe down my keyboard after looking at that!

  11. They do appear to be exact mirror images, but I have it on good authority from the pro-celeb at the booth that the left one”:
    * CAN be bought with food stamps, but
    only holds 3 rounds, and
    doesn’t work. (tongue in cheek, of course).
    But my God; absolutely artful work on both !

  12. Now Mas, you have truly stomped upon my heart with this one. I was planning on buying the set and wearing them to your next class. So much for that plan.

  13. I do have reservations about guns which are “too pretty to shoot,” but darn are these handsome pistols!

  14. cavalier @January 30th, 2014: What has Obama done that’s against gun rights?

    Obama was a director of the virulently anti-gun-rights Joyce Foundation from 1994 until 2002. He was thus complicit in the Foundation’s anti-gun-rights propaganda campaign. Also, he was an Illinois state senator for much of this period, and presumably voted consistently against gun rights

  15. Not exact mirror images of the firearms. They should have had the inscriptions and engravings backwards on the left. The ideas of the left are backwards.

  16. Not that I could ever be able to afford one of these, I do see it as a slap in the face to us southpaw shooters. After a lifetime of having to wait sometimes months for back-ordered left-hand holsters for popular handguns and having to deal with right- hand controls on semi-autos, they finally make a true left-hand 1911, and feel the need to make a political statement by putting the likenesses of two people who are repugnant to gun owners on the weapon.
    I did see you can buy it as a stand-alone with plain grips, but at $5,750.00 a pop I’m priced out of the market.
    It would be nice if other 1911 manufacturers would come out with a more affordable clone, but guessing this is probably proprietary as Cabot is first to do this.

  17. Randall Firearms introduced the first mirror image 1911 many years ago. It was not a commercial success. Once you put an ambidextrous thumb safety on it, the conventional 1911 is very southpaw-friendly.

  18. Mas, I’ve tried several ambi-safeties and presently have a Colt factory offering on my ’70 series, but have never been able to work the slack in the engagement out of them.
    Not a problem when taking it off safety, but necessitating using my right to reach over and pulling up on the left side to ensure it is fully engaged and secured in the detent when re-engaging. Suggestions?

  19. Dennis, try the ambi units from Cylinder & Slide or Ed Brown Custom. I’ve never had a problem with either.

  20. Mas…one question for ya totally unrelated to this post; you didn’t happen to be an expert witness on the recent grand jury case of Fort Worth PD Officer R.A. Hoeppner, did you? As you may know, the officer was no-billed after it found he shot and killed an armed homeowner in self-defense.

    What interested me was the forensic team couldn’t positively say the rounds that killed the homeowner were fired from Hoeppner’s Glock 22 duty pistol. Regardless, as the other responding officer hadn’t fired, as well as magazine round count and Hoeppner’s admission, there was no question about the weapon involved.

    Sorry to derail the thread!

  21. Finally, modern art that I can appreciate. But who would buy those impractical beauties?

    I like to carry two handguns at the same time, and I do practice left-handed shooting with all my guns. If I wear a heavy pistol on one hip, my back starts to complain, so I wear two for balance. Charter Arms makes a left-handed snub-nose revolver I’d like to purchase some day. Obviously we want to practice reloading our single pistols quickly. But, if we have two, and get in a fight, we can empty first pistol, drop it and grab the second one. I think that’s called a “New York re-load.”

  22. cavalier, Others were wise enough to dance around your post but I am really wondering what you think. Was this a rhetorical question to stir the pot? Do you honestly, truly believe that Obama has not worked to remove our gun rights? Where do you get your news? Do you read? The President cannot according to the Constitution originate a bill. That has to be done in Congress. Obamacare should not be called Obamacare because Obama did not write the bill, He asked others in Congress to. The same is true with recent attempts to control our free use of guns. He has requested a bill but thankfully nothing made it through congress. His Administration (those people that he selected and placed) Have worked feverishly to limit and even terminate our gun rights at his request. Come, let us reason. What do you think that Obama has done to keep our gun rights? Help me out here and educate me on your views of the situation.

  23. A little before the ’08 presidential elections, as the writing was already on the wall, I quit watching TV and decided to bury my head in the sand, ostrich-like, until the nightmare was over. No national news for me – weather and big news items from the internet only. I was hoping for 4 years of that, but the country is clearly in a worse shape (percentage of mentally-challenged) than I thought.

    All this to say that there is no way in hell I’d put that face on anything I own, and especially not on a GUN! Cabot makes impressive 1911s, but I don’t know what those special editions are all about. At least they had the good taste and sense to do this on something as removable as grips.

  24. I didn’t vote for either Bush or Obama, and in hindsight, still wouldn’t. One side wants to take away my ability to defend myself, the other side wants to take away my right to my own body. To me, that’s a wash. Waste of a gun in my opinion.

  25. Wait: why insult a venerable 1911 with that SOBs anti gun faces??? I’d rather have the Ted Nugent + Bush pistol, and the face of the other two printed in a target…

    What a loss of artist time and materials.

    Except for that, these are very very nice pistols. But the leftist one deserve better grips. A Pachmayr or Hogue, maybe?