ON NEW YEAR’S EVE — 12 Comments

  1. I wish everybody a Happy New Years and remain vigilent and safe this new year.
    Support the people that will support our Constitution and 2nd amendment rights .
    Always be prepared to defend yourself and your love ones.

  2. Well it appears -fingers crossed – that 2015 passed without incident. So here’s wishing us all a Happy New Year and hoping that 2016 is better than 2015, but not as good as 2017.

  3. Mas,
    I hope you and Gail made it through the rains down there. Up here, last Monday we had a sleet and snow combo. The accumulation was only 5 in. but drifts were up to 12 in. Try walking on that! Right now temp is 20 deg.
    My trigger finger is losing it’s muscle tone!

  4. Happy and Safe New year

    We had a new grand son born just before Christmas, so we are in to help out for a few weeks. I’m in a State that my CCW is not recognized.

    My son in law has baseball bats staged all over the house. While the FBI says there are more murders with bats than all rifles not just black rifles. I’m more comfortable with .40 S&W and 00 buck with the possibility of some distance from the threat.

    Blumeberg will probably seek legislation for Bat Free Zones next.

    Looks like Executive action is next up this week. The last paragraph points out the proposed action would not have prevented anything. See below

  5. Best wishes for the new year. As we start, it seems our dear leader has some tidings of his own for us… none good. Be vigilant my friends.

  6. Whenever you cancel stuff, the terrorists have won. Arm the citizens, let the terrorists fear THEM.

    Looks like the Big O is going to pull an end around tyrant move and try to limit gun rights.

    But Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year!
    No major incidents in our (SoCal) neck of the woods other than typical party noise from neighbors. In the land of the Free, I’ll reckon it as “a good thing”. Thanks for a great year of commentary, Mas. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  8. Mas – A Happy & Healthy New Year to you, Gail and everyone else also! Glad there were no issues in NY. It was lovely to hear the John Lennon song & hope too that “the world will live as one”. Now on to the amazing possibilities of 2016…I am looking forward to the up coming year of training I am scheduled for with you among lots of other exciting opportunities with my family and friends.

  9. Happy New Year’s Mas to you and your family. Once again thank you for your continued support of the second ammendment, using you’re expertise in the defense of the good guy’s and training you offer.

  10. Happy, Healthy New Year Mas and to All! 2016 will be challenging.

    Keep up the fight! I was happy to see Nevada Vin’s posting to Breitbart’s legacy alt media! I urge all to subscribe to another – PJ Media, one of the oldest of the internet age. It is alt media that will erode MSM’s relevance and perhaps, turn the tide.

    Mas, I’m still looking forward to attending a 40 …!

  11. Of course nothing bad happened here in the U.S.A. on New Year, all thanks to the hard work done by our Dear Leader and the incredibly talented members of his regime. We can only hope that HillBilly are our next presidents so they can continue to keep America, and the rest of the world safe. Better shoot up all your hoarded ammo now, before we have to turn in our guns to the minions of the benevolent Clinton Regime sometime in early 2017.