ON THE ROAD AGAIN — 12 Comments

  1. Mas.

    In one of your books, you included a quote by some Vietnam officer that said something like “it’s better to avoid even the hint of a problem, than to have to bail yourself out of the mess afterwards.”

    Do you remember the exact quote?


    • While the advice makes sense, I don’t remember who said it, Mark. Sorry I couldn’t be more help on that.

  2. Mas
    Over the weekend I taught “stressfire” skills to a new shooter. His family is from London, so he never touched a gun before. Wow, he was shooting tight groups. He has more passion for the gun then anyone I know. Funny with a European background. I’m pretty sure he plans to take MAG-40 soon.
    The thing about your MAG classes is the people you bring in. Every MAG class I’ve attended has had some amazing students. I was surprised at the number of people with advanced degrees who attend your classes! But regardless, the like minded comarodary was remarkable and I haven’t seen that since my days in the Marines! What a unique blend of fun, learning and friendship you bring to your classroom! Hope to see you and Gail again soon!

  3. Cheers Mas,

    …and MAG-180 is over, just like that! My life is measured in weeks, not days as everything is going by too fast. Was pleased to score a 291 out of 300 on the final quadruple speed qualifier with no D hits, and to complete eight 300’s at standard speed.

    You honor us by teaching how to think and the process of completing a perfect shot. Then one has to go achieve the skill and finish with “Winning in Mind.”

    Please accept my sincerest gratitude and respect to David Maglio, Herman Gunter, Steve Denney and you for offering a safe and comprehensive learning experience. There is much to consider in danger recognition, and situational awareness, and the learning never stops…

    See you on the Kohala coast for MAG-235. I will research licensing requirements for a Rolling Rock brewery franchise!


  4. Yeah, but I’m beginning to have trouble “living fast” as old age catches up to me….. 🙁

  5. Mas – any chance you’ll put Reno, NV on your schedule? I can’t imagine the Western Nevada Pistol League (WNPL) or others wouldn’t be supportive. It would augment your motto – “living fast”!

    I have tried to make your Sacramento course several times, w/o success due to business conflicts; Mag 40 does take time. I did send a friend to your June class last year, to which she responded (inferno aside) she loved & learned from the course. Perhaps most importantly, it gave her a sense of confidence.

    • Jeff, I’m afraid we don’t have a host on the ground there in Nevada. Ours moved to a warmer state.

      • Mas – if a sound,respectable host should surface, would you be willing to return to the Reno venue for Mag 40 or any of your Mag courses?

        Since joining the ACLDN group, having carried for 5 decades, the “what if …” awareness and knowledge is ever more critical to our daily lives. Particularly as aging occurs; I am less than a year behind you!

  6. Not for me to opine on how you’ll look as a corpse, but at least you’ve got enough going for you to snag a very cool wife. Congrats on that.

    MAG 40, Hot Springs grad

  7. Good to hear that your open to learning as you teach, Mas, but you also remind me of a quotation from Horace which states: “You must amuse the reader at the same time as you teach him!” (Please forgive the ancient chauvinism;)