PASSAGES — 12 Comments

  1. One can only imagine the impact this man had.

    My folks lived in Chicago in the early ’60s. I am glad they lived under the shield Mr. Manfre and his ilk provided.

    One will never know their true influence.

    A life well lived has repercussions well beyond those within the immediate sphere of influence.

    Rest well, Jack Manfre.

  2. A lot of us have hit the point where, you look to the right, look to the left, some of your compadres are no longer there. RIP for the good ones that are gone.

  3. With every passing year I find heaven a more and more attractive place. We will all be reunited again.

  4. Thank you Mas. I only had one lesson from Jack and it was sure helpful. He was an incredible man…a beautiful and heartfelt eulogy you shared. May his soul continue to progress in the next life. The visitation was lovely especially the family photos.

  5. I was at the Chicago Police Academy last Saturday for my annual Illinois Retired Officer Qualification ( IROQ). A few names like Tex and Brown were mentioned. I brought up Jack Manfre’s recent passing and his connection to the Police Academy ranges. One of the instructors also echoed my comment and acknowledged Jack’s quiet notoriety. He will be remembered and RIP.

    Bill Whelehan CPD-ret
    Sun City West, AZ

  6. Jack was one of my firearms instructors when I came on the job in 1977; he took me and one of my classmates under his wing and offered private lessons at a club range in the city. Two nights on the street I was involved in a shooting. I doubt that I would have survived if not for Jack’s tutelage. Several years ago, while shopping in s suburban grocery store, I was punched in the back, I thought by a young well muscled tough; it was just jack, saying hello to an old friend. Rest in Peace, Jack; I can hear you telling Jesus and the saints “watch the front sight, and squeeeeeeze the trigger”.

  7. I met Jack at Chapman Academy for an advanced pistol class, which he co-taught with Ray, in 1990. It was a week where I learned a lot and had a great time. I miss them both. I now have almost 41 years in law enforcement and all my heroes have moved on. God Bless them. You,too, Mas.