In my blog entry immediately prior to this one, the reader request came up for a link to the article I did for Backwoods Home on body language and threat recognition.  It is here.

You are invited to read, and share with those you love.  Even the people in our lives who fear weapons can benefit from seeing danger signs in time to at least exit the danger zone…I hope.

Human nature ain’t changed much since that article first appeared back in 2004. It’s the single one for which I get the most reprint requests from self-defense instructors.  Backwoods Home and I share the same policy: instructors are free to copy it for distribution to students so long as it is not condensed, redacted, or added to, and credit is given to publication and author.


  1. Good refresher! “I used to know these things before I became civilized!” Chief Dan George, ‘Outlaw Josey Wales”.

  2. Mas,
    You brought back some memories for me from the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. We had some excellent instructors and guest instructors, most of the guest instructors were still active on the road or teaching in their own departments. The points that you hit on should be of more value to everyone than you can express. Thank You for reliving the old lessons that were taught 25 years ago.

  3. Thanks, Mas. This will be good to put in my “documentation” file. It may be very helpful if I ever have to explain why I believed that an
    assailant was threat.

  4. Mr Mas I’ve been following you for a long a I can remember. Your word is gold keep up the great work. Some day I will attend one of your classes.

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